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Top 10 Patrick Ewing Cards to Collect

Top 10 Patrick Ewing Cards to Collect

It is easy to forget just how dominant Patrick Ewing was in college and during his NBA career. The lack of championship rings has seemingly softened the mainstream appreciation of the former All-Star. However, basketball fans and collectors do value his contributions to the game and there is a reason why Patrick Ewing cards maintain strong interest after so many years.

Throughout his 17-year career, Patrick Ewing enjoyed both individual and team success. Ewing was an 11-time All-Star and an Olympic Gold Medalist in 1992, as a member of the original "Dream Team." Although the New York Knicks were regularly in the playoff hunt, and Ewing helped carry the team to the 1994 and 1999 NBA Finals, he was unable to bring a championship back to New York. Patrick Ewing ended his career with one-year stints on the Seattle SuperSonics and Orlando Magic, and retired following the 2001-01 season. Ewing was ultimately elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2008.

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While Patrick Ewing cards remain popular among collectors, there is a general lack of certified autographs for the former center. The majority of Patrick Ewing autographs came in 2003-04 products, and those tend to be the most sought-after cards of the group.

The following list documents some of the best Patrick Ewing cards available today. The cards were selected based on a combination of rarity, popularity and value. While no list can be considered definite, we feel confident that any of these Patrick Ewing cards would make a solid addition to a personal collection.

Top Patrick Ewing Basketball Cards of All-Time

1985-86 Star Patrick Ewing XRC #166

Another instance of a popular card that comes from a non-traditional brand, the 1985-86 Star Co. card for Patrick Ewing remains a fan favorite. Although it does maintain good values, it is not viewed as favorably as Patrick Ewing's Fleer rookie card, despite appearing a year before the Fleer card. The light blue border is not an ideal choice based on the Knicks color scheme, but the full-sized image showcases the giant that is Patrick Ewing. Also, look at those short shorts!

Top 10 Patrick Ewing Cards to Collect 1

1986-87 Fleer Patrick Ewing RC #32

Easily one his most popular cards, 1986-87 Fleer has the official Patrick Ewing rookie card. The card is likely familiar to all basketball collectors as the deep checklist and timeless layout has become immortalized in the hobby.

Top 10 Patrick Ewing Cards to Collect 2

1986-87 Fleer Stickers Patrick Ewing #6

Included in the same product as his rookie card, the Patrick Ewing Stickers insert features an entirely different design from the rookie and is the sole insert found in 1986-87 Fleer. The image that was chosen for the card is actually the exact same image from his fist Star card.

Top 10 Patrick Ewing Cards to Collect 3

1987-88 Fleer Patrick Ewing #37

Not nearly as valuable as his previous cards, 1987-88 Fleer represents a great budget option for collectors to obtain an early Patrick Ewing card. While it does have a retro design, the simple layout still remains appealing after all these years.

Top 10 Patrick Ewing Cards to Collect 4

1997-98 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Patrick Ewing #26

The great success of Precious Metal Gems marked a huge moment for a card industry that was already in flux. These rare parallels are some of the most valuable cards from the 1990s and have been copied and rebooted many times. Limited to a total of 100 numbered cards, the first 10 are green and the remaining 90 are red.

Top 10 Patrick Ewing Cards to Collect 5Top 10 Patrick Ewing Cards to Collect 6

1997-98 Upper Deck Game Jersey Patrick Ewing #GJ20 Jersey Relic

Another monumental concept that still remains prevalent in the hobby today, Upper Deck Game Jersey cards were game-changers. Patrick Ewing was among 22 players featured in this set and all cards remain highly sought-after by collectors.

Top 10 Patrick Ewing Cards to Collect 7

2003-04 Exquisite Collection Exquisite Patches Patrick Ewing Autograph Patch #/100

Few brands have revolutionized the industry like Exquisite basketball. It all started with 2003-04 Exquisite, arguably one of the greatest modern sets ever released. There are several autographed Patrick Ewing cards available in this product, and all are appealing options. The Patrick Ewing Exquisite Patches autographed card is numbered to 100 and can be seen below. Featuring a horizontal layout, the card includes a nice patch and on-card autograph. Limited Logos is another popular autographed Exquisite option for Patrick Ewing cards.

Top 10 Patrick Ewing Cards to Collect 8

2003-04 SP Signature Edition Signatures Patrick Ewing Autograph #PE

With a few more splashes of color, the SP Signature Edition Signatures is one of the boldest-looking autographed Patrick Ewing cards. The gold parallel, numbered to 50, is pictured below.

Top 10 Patrick Ewing Cards to Collect 9

2003-04 Ultimate Collection Signatures Patrick Ewing Autograph #PE

2003-04 Ultimate Collection features another autographed Patrick Ewing cards with a horizontal layout. The very simple design allows the image of Ewing and his on-card signature to be the main focus for the card. A gold parallel adds further intrigue and is numbered to 33, which is Ewing's jersey number.

Another '03-04 NBA product, 2003-04 SP Authentic, offers a similar Patrick Ewing autograph card in both layout and design.

Top 10 Patrick Ewing Cards to Collect 10

2012-13 Leaf Metal Patrick Ewing Autographed Patch #/99

Outside of 2003-04 basketball products, few other options are available for collectors to pull autographed Patrick Ewing cards. An emerging player in the basketball card industry, Leaf managed to secure Ewing for inclusion in 2012-13 Leaf Metal Basketball and collectors have shown great interest in the cards. Despite not being NBA-licensed, Leaf averted the air-brushed jersey routine by including a small headshot of Ewing, set above a jersey patch and on-card signature. The base card is blue and numbered to 99. Several parallels are also available, including Orange (#/20), Red (#/5) and Gold (1/1).

Top 10 Patrick Ewing Cards to Collect 11Top 10 Patrick Ewing Cards to Collect 12

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