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2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Kris Bryant Superfractor Autograph Could Be Yours for $90K

2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Kris Bryant Superfractor Autograph Could Be Yours for $90K

You can stop busting packs looking for the 2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Kris Bryant Superfractor Autograph. It was pulled from a jumbo case of 2014 Bowman Chrome, graded 9.5 by BGS and listed on eBay. The asking price? $89,999. (Update: The card has sold although no price has been released. The buyer was Prospect Rush, a company that plans to include it in an upcoming repurchase product.)

2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Kris Bryant Superfractor Autograph Could Be Yours for $90K 1

If that gasp you just heard wasn't your own, it was from every non-collector out there who thinks spending five figures, let alone almost six, on a prospect's baseball card is nuts.

But this is Kris Bryant, one of the most highly touted prospects in some time who knows how to smash home runs. And he's a nice guy to boot.

As far as Kris Bryant cards go, this and his 2014 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Autograph are likely the holy grail of holy grails. Due to the odd distribution of the 2013 Bowman Draft autographs, which weren't released until 2014, some gravitate to the first-to-market cards from 2014 Bowman Baseball.

The 2013 Bowman Draft Kris Bryant Autographs didn't show up until a couple of months later in 2014 Bowman Inception. They continued to surface in other products like 2014 Bowman Platinum and 2014 Bowman Chrome.

The card was pulled from a case purchased at Neuhart Cards, a card shop in Delaware, Ohio. The card shop is selling the card for their customer. While a lot of high-end listings also come with a "Best Offer" option, the 2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Kris Bryant Superfractor Autograph doesn't.

Last May, the redemption for the 2014 Bowman Chrome Kris Bryant Superfractor Autograph was listed on eBay for $25,000 but failed to sell. At the time, Bryant was regarded as one of baseball's top prospects, but not nearly on the level that he is now. The Cubs' superstar-in-waiting is coming off a hot Spring Training in which he hit nine home runs. While Bryant was sent to the minors, it's likely he'll get called up soon.

The Bowman Superfractor has become the cornerstone of modern prospecting. It started with the 2010 Bowman Chrome Stephen Strasburg Superfractor that changed hands a couple of times for as much as $25,000. Since then, Bryce Harper, Yasiel Puig and Jose Abreu have all had Superfractors that have sold for huge amounts. However, it's likely that the 2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Kris Bryant Superfractor Autograph trumps all of them.

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The buyer is prospect. They are releasing their 2015 prospect rush draft boxes in late May with an asking price of about $3,000 each box (80 cards). There will only be 300 boxes produced with serial numbers. 5 raffle tickets will be among those 300 boxes and there will be a drawing for 1 of those tickets to receive this Kris Bryant card. Kind of like the golden ticket in willy wonka


Yeah, because $25,000 is a much saner price for flimsy cardboard. Maroon.


Good luck with that! I’m not even sure someone with 100 grand lying around would even approach that price for what is really just a flimsy cardboard. The seller needs to come back to earth a bit and at the least offer a buy it now option. You might get 25 grand for it.

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