Evolution of Nike's Air Jordan Shoe Series: 1984-2014

Evolution of Nike’s Air Jordan Shoe Series: 1984-2014

Shoes were just shoes for the first 80 some odd years of the 20th century. Then in the mid-80's, Nike released a pair of shoes featuring a certain ex-Tarheel...

As legend has it, the legendary sneaker series almost never lifted off. Soon after Michael Jordan debuted the Air Jordan I, the NBA stepped in and banned the shoe because they featured "non-regulation" colors. Suffice it to say, Jordan didn't listen and thusly, the great basketball shoe boom began.

Below is a look at each and every pair of Air Jordan shoes released by Nike, a total of 29 in all (not counting variations). Next to each pair is Nike's motto for the shoe and the year in which they debuted.

Air Jordan I Image - "Notorious" - 1984-85

AirJordan1 Image

Air Jordan II Image - "Italian Stalion" - 1987

AirJordan2 GALLERY Image

Air Jordan III Image - "Gotta Be the Shoes" - 1988

AirJordan3 GALLERY Image

Air Jordan IV Image - "Taking Flight" - 1989

AirJordan4 GALLERY Image

Air Jordan V Image - "The Fighter" - 1990

AirJordan5 GALLERY Image

Air Jordan VI Image - "Promised Land" - 1991

AirJordan6 GALLERY Image

Air Jordan VII Image - "Pure Gold" - 1992


Air Jordan VIII Image - "Strap In" - 1993

AirJordan8 GALLERY Image

Air Jordan IX Image - "Perfect Harmony" - 1994

AirJordan9 GALLERY Image

Air Jordan X Image - "The Legacy Continues" - 1995

AirJordan10 GALLERY Image

Air Jordan XI Image - "Class Act" - 1996

AirJordan11 GALLERY Image

Air Jordan XII Image - "The Dynasty Continues" - 1997


Air Jordan XIII Image - "Black Cat Pounces" - 1998

AirJordan13 GALLERY Image

Air Jordan XIV Image - "Race Ready" - 1999

AirJordan14 GALLERY Image

Air Jordan XV Image - "Speed of Sound" - 2000

AirJordan15 GALLERY Image

Air Jordan XVI Image - "Marching On" - 2001


Air Jordan XVII Image - "Jazzed Up" - 2002


Air Jordan XVIII Image - "Last Dance" - 2003


Air Jordan XIX Image - "Full Flex" - 2004


Air Jordan XX Image - "Living Greatness" - 2005

AIrJordan20 GALLERy Image

Air Jordan XX1 Image - "Performance Luxury DNA" - 2006


Air Jordan XX2 Image - "Hit the Afterburners" - 2007


Air Jordan XX3 Image - "The Number of Greatness" - 2008

AirJordanXX3 GALLERY Image

Air Jordan 2009 Image- "Beyond" - 2009

AirJordan2009 GALLERY Image

Air Jordan 2010 Image- "Full Speed Ahead" - 2010


Air Jordan 2011 Image - 2011

AIRJORDAN 2011 Image

Air Jordan 2012 - "Choose Your Flight"

2012 Nike Air Jordan Image

Air Jordan XX8 - "Dare to Fly"

Air Jordan XX8 Image

Air Jordan XX9 -  Releases September 2014

Air Jordan XX9 Image

Air Jordan XX9 2 Image Air Jordan XX9 1 Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
1712565715334040 1 Image
2811999668954040 1 Image
Vtg OG 2013 Nike Air Jordan V 5 s sz 7y VII Laney Retro Laser Fear Laser Fire DS
2813992571694040 1 Image
Vtg OG 2012 Nike Air Jordan VII 7 s sz 10.5 X Retro Olympic USA Dream Team
1713735745274040 1 Image
Nike Air Jordan 2011 All-Star White Red Fly Wade Miami Heat V 436771-602 SZ 9
2715630792434040 1 Image
Vtg OG 2013 Nike Air Jordan I 1 s High OG sz 12 XII Chicago Retro Bred Banned
2912045927314040 1 Image
Vtg OG 2011 Nike Air Jordan XI 11 s sz 11 IX Concord Retro Bred Space Jam
2912045939814040 1 Image
Vtg OG 2012 Nike Air Jordan XIV 14 s sz 11 XI Candy Cane Retro Last Shot White
2715630886144040 1 Image
Vtg OG 2013 Nike Air Jordan XII 12 s sz 11 XI Gamma Retro Playoff Flu Game Taxi
3214990029444040 1 Image
Nike Air Jordan 11 Xi Low Custom Bred Redbottoms 2011. Mens 7.5 Foamposite
2910485432884040 1 Image
Vtg OG 2013 Nike Air Jordan V 5 s sz 11 XI Grape Retro All Star Fire Red Laser
1711640853354040 1 Image
Nike Air Jordan Retro V 'Laney' QS DS Limited Rare 2013 Fear Gamma IV 10.5
2912046050824040 1 Image
Vtg OG 2013 Nike Air Jordan XI 11 s sz 11 XII Gamma Retro Bred Space Jam Concord
2814228635234040 1 Image
2013 Air Jordan 8 Playoffs DS
2813993112134040 1 Image
Vtg OG 2012 Nike Air Jordan XI 11 s sz 10.5 IX Bred Retro Concord Christmas
2811999826704040 1 Image
Vtg OG 2013 Nike Air Jordan V 5 s sz 6.5y X Laney Retro Laser Fear Laser Fire DS
2813993153354040 1 Image
Vtg OG 2013 Nike Air Jordan V 5 s sz 11 XI 3lab5 Retro BIN 23 Tokyo Laser Mars
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  1. I am loving the Nike Jordans, my husband says if he and his kids can’t wear Jordans then it don’t make sense :) he has always worn them and now he even has me crazy about them and I’m a more flipflop/ sandal type girl. Also would love 2 know and see more of the jordan sneaker boots, especially love a cute pink and white pair my sis in law has a picture of. Keep bring the hot styles.

  2. I love the Jordans Phat low the most. Got 6 of them. The hightops is not my thing.

  3. Extremely helpful page… trying to figure this out in a store is impossible. thank you!

  4. Nice organization. Earlier model looks better than newer ones. :)

  5. You do not have a picture of the first Air Jordan. The first Air Jordan was white and was really just the Nike Air Airship model. I have pictures of both shoes in a folder on Facebook Dean Holsman.

  6. The Air Jordan XX8 “Dare to Fly” looks sick!!

  7. Trying to locate Nike air size 12 item 173134-141-00 UPC 1062442

  8. Jordan needs to produce more to put out in stores so that stores wont have to sell tickets or raffles. There should be enough for everyone that wants to purchase if they want. Thats one reason that people are starting to not want to buy. It cause a lot of conflick.

  9. I like the early jordans but the later ones aren’t as appealing visually. Although the Jordan 2010′s are a return to form.

  10. I agree Deidre. Especially considering the violence and even murders that have occurred as a result of people fighting to get them on release day (or night). I like that there is scarcity because it creates value, but certainly there has to be a better way to deal with it then this

  11. picture of the bred 12′s is fake

  12. no such thing as “bred” 12′s, they are call “flu game” 12′s lmfao

  13. There were 2 versions of the first jordans, i.e. the red white and blacks (shown above, first picture) and the red and blacks (not shown). Jordan would usually wear the latter with his away/road uniform, but very seldom wore the former. Instead, at home he would typically don the the version shown in the 2nd pic with the black front. This version however, was not available to the public. As a side note, my friend bought a pair of the red / blacks, and I bought the red/white/blacks, then we swapped one and had the cool mismatching one on each foot.

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