Topps Now Star Wars Mandalorian Trading Cards - Season 2: Chapter 16

Topps Now Star Wars Mandalorian Trading Cards – Season 2: Chapter 16

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Topps Now Star Wars Mandalorian allows collectors to follow the Disney+ series on cardboard. A new set is released each week with images from The Mandalorian, which debuted on November 12, 2019.

The print-to-order cards are sold directly from Topps' online store.

Topps Now Star Wars Mandalorian Set Details

Topps Now Star Wars Mandalorian highlights five key moments from each episode (aka chapter) of The Mandalorian. The action from every chapter is issued as a five-card set that sells for $19.99.

Topps Now Star Wars Mandalorian Trading Cards - Season 2: Chapter 16 1

The first season contains eight chapters, so that works out to 40 cards. For Season 2, there should also be 40 cards.

Unlike standard Topps Now cards available for just 24 hours, the selling period lasts for one week.

Topps Now Star Wars Mandalorian Trading Cards - Season 2: Chapter 16 2

There are also low-numbered cast autograph cards randomly issued that are available separately at a higher price.

View available Star Wars cards on Topps.

Released ahead of the series, Topps produced an individual poster card for The Mandalorian that sold 974 copies and a 10-card trailer set that sold 1,425 copies.

The seven-card trailer set for Season 2 totaled 1,482 copies.

In addition, while not officially part of Topps Now Star Wars Mandalorian, we added the eBay-exclusive art set from November/December 2020.

Topps Now Star Wars Mandalorian Checklist

Print runs (PR) added when known.



2020 Topps Now Star Wars Mandalorian Season 2 Set Checklist

Topps Now Star Wars Mandalorian Trading Cards - Season 2: Chapter 16 3

Chapter 9 Set - PR=1,527
1 Gamorreans Prepare to Fight
2 "What brings you here stranger?"
3 The Child Looks On
4 Plotting with Tusken Raiders
5 The Krayt Dragon Fights Back
Chapter 10 Set - PR=1,540
6 Offering Safe Passage
7 Forbidden Snack
8 Flanked By X-Wings
9 The Razor Crest Takes On Damage
10 Ice Spiders Attack
Chapter 11 Set - PR=1,459
11 A Happy Reunion
12 Meeting Bo-Katan
13 Food Fight
14 Planning The Raid
15 Overtaking The Imperial Gozanti
Chapter 12 Set - PR=1,468
16 Return To Nevarro
17 A New Student
18 Paying Off Debts
19 Speeder Bike In Pursuit
20 A Familiar Foe Returns
Chapter 13 Set - PR=1,982
21 In Search Of Information
22 An Offer Of Beskar
23 A Strong Attachment
24 Ahsoka Vs. The Magistrate
25 "May The Force Be With You"
Chapter 14 Set - PR=1,844
26 Connecting With The Force
27 "I Want My Armor Back"
28 Boba Fett Takes Out Stormtroopers
29 Dark Troopers On A Mission
30 Moff Gideon Confronts The Child
Chapter 15 Set - PR=TBA
31 Reunited With An Old Enemy
32 Surveying The Rhydonium Facility
33 Fighting Off Pirates
34 Behind Enemy Lines
35 Snipers At The Ready
Chapter 16 Set - Buy on Topps.
36 Recruiting For The Rescue Mission
37 Aboard Dr. Pershing’s Imperial Cruiser
38 Activating The Dark Troopers
39 Confrontation On The Bridge
40 A New Journey Awaits


2020 Topps Star Wars The Mandalorian Art eBay Exclusive Checklist

10 cards. PR=4,442 sets.
Topps Now Star Wars Mandalorian Trading Cards - Season 2: Chapter 16 4

1 Mandalorian
2 The Child
3 Kuill and Blurrg
4 Cara Dune
5 Greef Karga
6 IG-11
7 The Armorer
8 Jawas
9 Incinerator
10 Mando



2019 Topps Now Star Wars Mandalorian Season 1 Set Checklist

Topps Now Star Wars Mandalorian Trading Cards - Season 2: Chapter 16 5

Chapter 1 Set - PR=714
1 The Mythrol Discovers He is Wanted
2 The Razor Crest Attacked
3 The Mandalorian Draws his Weapon
4 Kuiil Leads the Way
5 IG-11 is After the Bounty
Chapter 2 Set - PR=553
6 Fighting off Trandoshan Warriors
7 The Mandalorian Repairs his Armor
8 Scaling the Sandcrawler
9 Fighting the Beast
10 Recovering the Egg
Chapter 3 Set - PR=1,315
11 Returning to The Client
12 The Child Looks On
13 Delivering the Bounty
14 Backup Arrives
15 This is the Way
Chapter 4 Set - PR=1,004
16 Landing on Sorgan
17 Cara Dune and the Mandalorian Meet
18 Ready for Battle
19 Facing the AT-ST Raider
20 Leaving the Village
Chapter 5 Set - PR=1,179
21 Meeting Mechanic Peli Motto
22 The Mark - Assassin Fennec Shand
23 Toro Calican and the Mandalorian Ride Off
24 Showdown with Shand
25 The Child Survives the Shootout
Chapter 6 Set - PR=998
26 Attacked by Security Droids
27 The Mandalorian and Mercenaries Confronted
28 Sneaking Up Behind Mayfield
29 Saved by The Mandalorian
30 Tracked by the New Republic
Chapter 7 Set - PR=884
31 Discussing the Situation on Navarro
32 Bringing The Mandalorian In
33 The Client Hears from Moff Gideon
34 Moff Gideon Demands The Child
35 Imperial Troopers Assemble
Chapter 8 Set - PR=2,219
36 Taking out the Stormtroopers
37 Receiving the Jetpack
38 IG-11's Sacrifice
39 TIE Fighter Trouble
40 A Clan of Two


Autographs Set Checklist

3 cards. Issued separately. Buy on eBay.
AUTOGRAPH VERSIONS: Base #/49, Purple #/25, Red #/10, Orange #/5, Gold 1/1.
Topps Now Star Wars Mandalorian Trading Cards - Season 2: Chapter 16 6

GC-A/E Gina Carano as Cara Dune
GE-A/E Giancarlo Esposito as Moff Gideon
OA-A/E Omid Abtahi as Dr. Pershing


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