Topps Living Set Star Wars Trading Cards Checklist

Topps Living Set Star Wars Trading Cards Checklist

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If you want something new from the Star Wars collecting world that still looks very familiar, Topps Living Set Star Wars brings another online-only option to check out. Per Topps, "The Star Wars Living Set continues the Topps tradition of creating cross-generational products that can be collected and traded for years to come."

Joining Living Set Baseball and Living Set Champions League Soccer, the Star Wars-inspired set is the third option from the artistic brand.

Topps Living Set Star Wars Trading Cards Details

Similar in concept to the other Living Set releases, Topps Living Set Star Wars does switch things up a bit. If you are wondering how there are enough names to make what is essentially a never-ending set, the weekly lineup is only two cards rather than the three found for soccer and baseball. The program also allows for one subject card per film or series, which greatly opens up the room to make many different cards for the same characters.

Priced at $7.99 per card or $11.99 for the two-card bundle, Topps Living Set Star Wars displays the artwork of Kris Penix. Penix is a well-known name in the Star Wars trading card world. A blast of nostalgia comes from the main design, which is the blue starfield border used in 1977 Topps Star Wars Series 1. Topps also frequently uses this design in many of their other Star Wars sets.

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As seen below, the infamous Darth Vader starts off the line. Printed on 16-point vintage stock, each card also notes the specific movie or series.

Topps Living Set Star Wars Trading Cards Checklist 1

Card backs provide a simple character synopsis done on the '77 back design.

Topps Living Set Star Wars Trading Cards Checklist 2

Every card is sold for one week and then it is no longer available. Just the cards ordered during the timeframe are produced. Once sales end, the final print run is revealed. Check back for regular updates to the Topps Living Set Star Wars checklist.

Topps Living Set Star Wars Checklist

Print runs (PR) listed as known. Buy active Topps Living Set Star Wars cards.
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2019 Topps Living Set Star Wars Checklist

Topps Living Set Star Wars Trading Cards Checklist 3


1 Darth Vader - A New Hope (PR=3,909)
2 Nien Nunb - Return of the Jedi (PR=2,888)
3 R2-D2 - A New Hope (PR=2,710)
4 Stormtrooper - A New Hope (PR=2,601)
5 Bossk - The Empire Strikes Back (PR=2,205)
6 Val - Solo (PR=2,161)
7 Queen Amidala - The Phatom Menance (PR=2,038)
8 Death Star Gunner - A New Hope (PR=1,922)
9 Grand Admiral Thrawn - Rebels (PR=1,760)
10 Uncle Owen Lars - A New Hope (PR=1,721)
11 Wedge Antillies - Return of the Jedi (PR=1,662)
12 Dengar - The Empire Strikes Back (PR=1,641)
13 Jar Jar Binks - The Phantom Menace (PR=1,692)
14 Moloch - Solo (PR=1,565)
15 Orson Krennic - Rogue One (PR=1,385)
16 Jawa - A New Hope (PR=1,441)
17 Lando Calrissian - The Empire Strikes Back (PR=1,427)
18 Rancor - Return of the Jedi (PR=1,405)
19 Ezra Bridger - Rebels (PR=1,375)
20 Admiral Piett - The Empire Strikes Back (PR=1,378)
21 Han Solo - A New Hope (PR=2,376)
22 Tasu Leech - The Force Awakens (PR=1,501)
23 Mon Mothma - Return of the Jedi (PR=1,435)
24 Wampa - The Empire Strikes Back (PR=1,454)
25 Darth Maul - The Phantom Menace (PR=1,739)
26 Tallie Lintra - The Last Jedi (PR=1,493)
27 Shaak Ti - The Clone Wars (PR=1,311)
28 Quay Tolsite - Solo (PR=1,307)
29 BB-8: The Force Awakens (PR=1,502)
30 4-LOM: The Empire Strikes Back (PR=1,356)
31 Aurra Sing - The Clone Wars (PR=1,343)
32 Tobias Beckett - Solo (PR=1,395)
33 Wicket W. Warrick - Return of the Jedi (PR=1,390)
34 Scout Trooper - Return of the Jedi (PR=1,283)
35 General Hux - The Force Awakens (PR=1,170)
36 Dak Ralter - The Empire Strikes Back (PR=1,164)
37 Bail Organa - Revenge of the Sith (PR=1,124)
38 Gamorrean Guard - Return of the Jedi (PR=1,161)
39 Sebulba - The Phantom Menace (PR=1,101)
40 Kanan Jarrus - Rebels (PR=1,086)
41 K-2SO - Rogue One (PR=1,151)
42 Echo Base Trooper - The Empire Strikes Back (PR=1,136)
43 Maz Kanata - The Force Awakens (PR=1,122)
44 Captain Needa - The Empire Strikes Back (PR=1,108)
45 Salacious B. Crumb - The Force Awakens (PR=1,090)
46 Chirrut Îmwe - Rogue One (PR=1,102)
47 Rey - The Force Awakens (PR=1,503)
48 Savage Opress - The Clone Wars (PR=1,114)
49 Captain Phasma - The Last Jedi (PR=1,011)
50 Cliegg Lars - Attack of the Clones (PR=938)
51 L3-37 - Solo (PR=902)
52 Nute Gunray - The Phantom Menance (PR=985)
53 General Grievous - Revenge of the Sith (PR=TBA)
54 Saw Gerrera - Rogue One (PR=TBA)
55 Finn - The Force Awakens - Shop at Topps
56 Imperial Pilots - A New Hope - Shop at Topps

Topps Living Set Star Wars Trading Cards Checklist 4
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