10 Best Albert Pujols Rookie Cards

10 Best Albert Pujols Rookie Cards

Albert Pujols rookie cards are some of the most popular and most valuable in the modern hobby. When he burst onto the MLB scene, he didn't have any rookie cards. Together with Ichiro Suzuki, who also didn't have any rookies when he debuted with the Mariners, he set the hobby on fire in 2001. Collectors busted packs frantically, looking for whatever they could find from the pair.

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There are more than 40 different Albert Pujols rookie cards to choose from, all of which remain popular today. However, some are more so than others. Here's a list of the future Hall of Famer's 10 best rookie cards.

Top 10 Albert Pujols Rookie Cards

10. 2001 Fleer Showcase Albert Pujols RC #121 #/500

The 2001 Fleer Showcase Albert Pujols rookie card is part of the short-printed Avant Card subset. Numbered to 500, the card has a wild artistic look. This is very different take on the foil-heavy Flair Showcase line that preceded it.

Albert Pujols Rookie Cards - 2001 Fleer Showcase

9. 2001 Upper Deck Gold Glove Albert Pujols RC #130 #/500

As the name suggests, 2001 Upper Deck Gold Glove relies heavily on a fielding theme for both the design and many of its inserts. A close-up of a glove acts as the border for this card. The slugger stands, watching a ball soar. It's a sharp shot. The card itself also stands out among the dozens of other Albert Pujols rookie cards. However, the big driving force of the card is the limited print run of 500 numbered cards.

2001 Upper Deck Gold Glove Albert Pujols RC

8. 2001 E-X Albert Pujols RC #131 #/499

The 2001 E-X Albert Pujols is actually found in packs of 2001 Fleer Platinum XRC. Limited to 499 copies, it's tough to find. The E-X brand, distinct since its inception has aged well. This is one Pujols rookie that could gain greater notoriety down the road.

2001 E-X Albert Pujols RC

7. 2001 Leaf Limited Albert Pujols RC #367 #/250 Game-Used Jersey

A classy foil card in its own right, the 2001 Leaf Limited Albert Pujols also comes with a diamond-shaped game-used jersey piece. Limited to 250 copies, the card doesn't pop up often. The low print run is also a big part of what makes this card so desirable.

2001 Leaf Limited Albert Pujols RC Jersey

6. 2001 Leaf Certified Materials Albert Pujols RC #158 #/200 Game-Used Hat

With a print run of just 200 numbered copies, 2001 Leaf Certified Material has the honor of having the rarest Albert Pujols rookie card. The horizontal card has a tiny piece of a game-worn hat. At the time, game-used cards were coming into their own as a common part of the hobby. Cards like this were able to get by, simply because of the presence of a swatch and not the overall design.

5. 2001 SP Authentic Albert Pujols RC #126 #/1250

No autographs, no memorabilia swatches, yet the 2001 SP Authentic Albert Pujols rookie consistently outsells nearly all of his other first-year cards. Numbered to 1250, the card appeals to both rookie collectors and set collectors. Because it's more plentiful than many of the other high-end Albert Pujols rookie cards, it's much more heavily traded. The card itself features minimal design elements. SP Authentic was one of the most popular sets of the era for rookie card collectors.

2001 SP Authentic Albert Pujols RC

4. 2001 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Albert Pujols RC #111 #/250

At its release, 2011 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection was the company's premium release of the year. Although the Albert Pujols from the set isn't autographed, it is limited to just 250 copies, making it one of his rarest rookies.

2001 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Albert Pujols RC

3. 2001 SPx Albert Pujols RC Autograph #206 #/1500

Although it comes with a higher print run, the 2001 SPx Albert Pujols rookie is an attractive card that comes with an on-card signature. Numbered to 1500, the card is inserted randomly in 2001 Upper Deck Rookie Update. The release included late-season cards from 2001 SPx, SP Authentic and Upper Deck Sweet Spot.

2001 SPx Albert Pujols RC Autograph

2. 2001 Donruss Signature Series Albert Pujols RC #151 #/330

Despite a lowest print run of all autographed Albert Pujols rookie cards, the 2001 Donruss Signature Series card never reached iconic status. The overall design of the card is solid, carrying a very royal feel about it. But then there's the ugly foil autograph sticker that doesn't blend well into the card. That said, few are likely to complain if they're able to add this card to their collection.

2001 Donruss Signature Series Albert Pujols RC Autograph

1. 2001 Bowman Chrome Albert Pujols RC Autograph #340 #/500

The pinnacle of all Albert Pujols rookie cards, his 2001 Bowman Chrome card is easily one of the most iconic cards of the new millennium. Printed on Refractor card stock, the autograph is numbered to 500. Unfortunately, the card was a redemption that expired years ago. So even if you are tempted to try your luck and nab one with an unopened box, the best you can hope for is a promissory note that won't be honored.

The 2001 Bowman Chrome Albert Pujols rookie has a lot going for it. Besides being one of only three autographed rookie cards, it is pushed higher because of the card's brand recognition. Long gone are the days of this card being measured in the hundreds of dollars. Today, a 2001 Bowman Chrome Albert Pujols rookie card will cost a collector several thousand dollars.

2001 Bowman Chrome Albert Pujols RC Autograph #/500

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