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2001 SPx Baseball Cards

2001 SPx Baseball Cards

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2001 SPx Baseball is one of the top sets from a very strong year in the hobby. With lots of serial-numbered short prints, autographs and autographed memorabilia cards, the set is a challenge. Add the fact that a pair of rookies can go for big bucks and you've got one of the priciest sets up until that point.

2001 SPx Baseball is led by two immensely popular cards. It boasts the most iconic Ichiro Suzuki rookie card, which has both an autograph and a jersey swatch. Albert Pujols also has an autographed rookie in the set, which is numbered to 1500. Another popular rookie card is Mark Teixeira. Like Pujols, his card is limited to 1,500 copies and comes signed.

2001 SPx Baseball Cards 2A complete 2001 SPx Baseball set has 210 cards. The final 60 cards are found in 2001 Upper Deck Rookie Update boxes. These include both Pujols and Teixeira. As noted in the set's checklist, the checklist has several tiers when it comes to young players. Thirty cards come numbered to 2000. Another 15 have jersey swatches. Following those are 15 autographed jersey cards. Within the Update cards, the final 30 are numbered to 1500. Five of those come autographed. Most of the 'Young Stars' in 2001 SPx Baseball are rookie cards, but some are not. Key players who had cards in earlier years include Carlos Pena and Corey Patterson.

2001 SPx Baseball has a trio of basic inserts that don't command much attention. SPxCitement, Foundations and Untouchable Talents are all relatively easy to find and come with fairly non-descript designs.

Besides the rookie hits, Winning Materials memorabilia cards lead the chase. Different levels offer different combinations of bat, jersey and base swatches. Most come with multiple players.

2001 SPx Baseball boxes come with 18 packs of four cards. Each also comes with a special bonus pack of Joe DiMaggio cards.

Key 2001 SPx Baseball Cards:

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Set Checklist

2001 SPx Baseball Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Cards 91-120 #/2000.

Cards 151-210 included in 2001 Upper Deck Rookie Update. Cards 181-210 #/1500.

PARALLEL CARDS: Spectrum #/50 (cards 1-120 only)

1 Darin Erstad
2 Troy Glaus
3 Mo Vaughn
4 Johnny Damon
5 Jason Giambi
6 Tim Hudson
7 Miguel Tejada
8 Carlos Delgado
9 Raul Mondesi
10 Tony Batista
11 Ben Grieve
12 Greg Vaughn
13 Juan Gonzalez
14 Jim Thome
15 Roberto Alomar
16 John Olerud
17 Edgar Martinez
18 Albert Belle
19 Cal Ripken Jr.
20 Ivan Rodriguez
21 Rafael Palmeiro
22 Alex Rodriguez
23 Nomar Garciaparra
24 Pedro Martinez
25 Manny Ramirez
26 Jermaine Dye
27 Mark Quinn
28 Carlos Beltran
29 Tony Clark
30 Bobby Higginson
31 Eric Milton
32 Matt Lawton
33 Frank Thomas
34 Magglio Ordonez
35 Ray Durham
36 David Wells
37 Derek Jeter
38 Bernie Williams
39 Roger Clemens
40 David Justice
41 Jeff Bagwell
42 Richard Hidalgo
43 Moises Alou
44 Chipper Jones
45 Andruw Jones
46 Greg Maddux
47 Rafael Furcal
48 Jeromy Burnitz
49 Geoff Jenkins
50 Mark McGwire
51 Jim Edmonds
52 Rick Ankiel
53 Edgar Renteria
54 Sammy Sosa
55 Kerry Wood
56 Rondell White
57 Randy Johnson
58 Steve Finley
59 Matt Williams
60 Luis Gonzalez
61 Kevin Brown
62 Gary Sheffield
63 Shawn Green
64 Vladimir Guerrero
65 Jose Vidro
66 Barry Bonds
67 Jeff Kent
68 Livan Hernandez
69 Preston Wilson
70 Charles Johnson
71 Cliff Floyd
72 Mike Piazza
73 Edgardo Alfonzo
74 Jay Payton
75 Robin Ventura
76 Tony Gwynn
77 Phil Nevin
78 Ryan Klesko
79 Scott Rolen
80 Pat Burrell
81 Bobby Abreu
82 Brian Giles
83 Kris Benson
84 Jason Kendall
85 Ken Griffey Jr.
86 Barry Larkin
87 Sean Casey
88 Todd Helton
89 Larry Walker
90 Mike Hampton
91 Billy Sylvester RC
92 Josh Towers RC
93 Zach Day RC
94 Martin Vargas RC
95 Adam Pettyjohn RC
96 Andres Torres RC
97 Kris Keller RC
98 Blaine Neal RC
99 Kyle Kessel RC
100 Greg Miller RC
101 Shawn Sonnier
102 Alexis Gomez RC
103 Grant Balfour RC
104 Henry Mateo RC
105 Wilkin Ruan RC
106 Nick Maness RC
107 Jason Michaels RC
108 Esix Snead RC
109 William Ortega RC
110 David Elder RC
111 Jackson Melian RC
112 Nate Teut RC
113 Jason Smith RC
114 Mike Penney RC
115 Jose Mieses RC
116 Juan Pena
117 Brian Lawrence RC
118 Jeremy Owens RC
119 Carlos Valderrama RC
120 Rafael Soriano RC
121 Horacio Ramirez RC Jersey
122 Ricardo Rodriguez RC Jersey
123 Juan Diaz RC Jersey
124 Donnie Bridges Jersey
125 Tyler Walker RC Jersey
126 Erick Almonte RC Jersey
127 Jesus Colome Jersey
128 Ryan Freel RC Jersey
129 Elpidio Guzman RC Jersey
130 Jack Cust Jersey
131 Eric Hinske RC Jersey
132 Josh Fogg RC Jersey
133 Juan Uribe RC Jersey
134 Bert Snow RC Jersey
135 Pedro Feliz Jersey
136 Wilson Betemit RC Autographed Jersey
137 Sean Douglass RC Autographed Jersey
138 Dernell Stenson Autographed Jersey
139 Brandon Inge Autographed Jersey
140 Morgan Ensberg RC Autographed Jersey
141 Brian Cole Autographed Jersey
142 Adrian Hernandez RC Autographed Jersey
143 Brandon Duckworth RC Autographed Jersey
144 Jack Wilson RC Autographed Jersey
145 Travis Hafner RC Autographed Jersey
146 Carlos Pena Autographed Jersey
147 Corey Patterson Autographed Jersey
148 Xavier Nady Autographed Jersey
149 Jason Hart Autographed Jersey
150 Ichiro Suzuki RC Autographed Jersey
151 Garret Anderson
152 Jermaine Dye
153 Shannon Stewart
154 Toby Hall
155 CC Sabathia
156 Bret Boone
157 Tony Batista
158 Gabe Kapler
159 Carl Everett
160 Mike Sweeney
161 Dean Palmer
162 Doug Mientkiewicz
163 Carlos Lee
164 Mike Mussina
165 Lance Berkman
166 Ken Caminiti
167 Ben Sheets
168 Matt Morris
169 Fred McGriff
170 Curt Schilling
171 Paul Lo Duca
172 Javier Vazquez
173 Rich Aurilia
174 A.J. Burnett
175 Al Leiter
176 Mark Kotsay
177 Jimmy Rollins
178 Aramis Ramirez
179 Aaron Boone
180 Jeff Cirillo
181 Johnny Estrada RC
182 Dave Williams RC
183 Donaldo Mendez RC
184 Junior Spivey RC
185 Jay Gibbons RC
186 Kyle Lohse RC
187 Willie Harris RC
188 Juan Cruz RC
189 Joe Kennedy RC
190 Duaner Sanchez RC
191 Jorge Julio RC
192 Cesar Crespo RC
193 Casey Fossum RC
194 Brian Roberts RC
195 Troy Mattes RC
196 Rob Mackowiak RC
197 Tsuyoshi Shinjo RC
198 Nick Punto RC
199 Wilmy Caceres RC
200 Jeremy Affeldt RC
201 Bret Prinz RC
202 Delvin James RC
203 Luis Pineda RC
204 Matt White RC
205 Brandon Knight RC
206 Albert Pujols RC Autograph
207 Mark Teixeira RC Autograph
208 Mark Prior RC Autograph
209 Dewon Brazelton RC Autograph
210 Bud Smith RC Autograph
2001 SPx Baseball Cards 24

Foundations Set Checklist

12 cards. Inserted 1:8 packs.

F1 Mark McGwire
F2 Jeff Bagwell
F3 Alex Rodriguez
F4 Ken Griffey Jr.
F5 Andruw Jones
F6 Cal Ripken Jr.
F7 Barry Bonds
F8 Derek Jeter
F9 Frank Thomas
F10 Sammy Sosa
F11 Tony Gwynn
F12 Vladimir Guerrero
2001 SPx Baseball Cards 25

SPxCitement Set Checklist

12 cards. Inserted 1:8 packs.

X1 Alex Rodriguez
X2 Jason Giambi
X3 Ken Griffey Jr.
X4 Sammy Sosa
X5 Frank Thomas
X6 Todd Helton
X7 Mark McGwire
X8 Mike Piazza
X9 Derek Jeter
X10 Vladimir Guerrero
X11 Carlos Delgado
X12 Chipper Jones
2001 SPx Baseball Cards 26

Untouchable Talents Set Checklist

Six cards. Inserted 1:15 packs.

UT1 Ken Griffey Jr.
UT2 Mike Piazza
UT3 Mark McGwire
UT4 Alex Rodriguez
UT5 Sammy Sosa
UT6 Derek Jeter
2001 SPx Baseball Cards 27

Winning Materials Ball-Base Checklist

13 cards. Numbered to 250.

BAJ Andruw Jones
BAR Alex Rodriguez
BBB Barry Bonds
BCJ Chipper Jones
BDJ Derek Jeter
BFT Frank Thomas
BKG Ken Griffey Jr.
BMM Mark McGwire
BMP Mike Piazza
BNG Nomar Garciaparra
BPM Pedro Martinez
BSS Sammy Sosa
BVG Vladimir Guerrero

Winning Materials Base Duos Checklist

10 cards. Numbered to 50.

B2GJ Nomar Garciaparra, Derek Jeter
B2JG Derek Jeter, Jason Giambi
B2JP Derek Jeter, Mike Piazza
B2MG Mark McGwire, Ken Griffey Jr.
B2MR Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez
B2MS Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa
B2PB Mike Piazza, Bonds
B2PM Mike Piazza, Mark McGwire
B2RJ Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter
B2TR Frank Thomas, Alex Rodriguez

Winning Materials Base Trios Checklist

Five cards. Numbered to 25.

B3BMS Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa
B3GJR Ken Griffey Jr, Derek Jeter, Alex Roriguez
B3JRG Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Nomar Garciaparra
B3MGS Mark McGwire, Ken Griffey Jr, Sammy Sosa
B3PJW Mike Piazza, Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams

Winning Materials Bat-Jersey Checklist

21 cards.

AJ1 Andruw Jones
AJ2 Andruw Jones
AR1 Alex Rodriguez
AR2 Alex Rodriguez
BB1 Barry Bonds
BB2 Barry Bonds
CD Carlos Delgado
CJ1 Chipper Jones
CJ2 Chipper Jones
CR Cal Ripken Jr.
FT Frank Thomas
IR1 Ivan Rodriguez
IR2 Ivan Rodriguez
JD Joe DiMaggio
JE Jim Edmonds
KG1 Ken Griffey Jr.
KG2 Ken Griffey Jr.
RA Rick Ankiel
RJ1 Randy Johnson
RJ2 Randy Johnson
SS Sammy Sosa
2001 SPx Baseball Cards 28

Winning Materials Jersey Duos Checklist

13 cards. Numbered to 50.

AJCJ Andruw Jones, Chipper Jones
ARCR Alex Rodriguez, Cal Ripken Jr.
BBSS Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa
CJDW Chipper Jones, David Wells
IRAR Ivan Rodriguez, Alex Rodrigues
KGAR Ken Griffey Jr, Alex Rodriguez
KGBB Ken Griffey Jr, Barry Bonds
KGJD Ken Griffey Jr, Joe DiMaggio
KGKG Griffey Jr.
KGRJ Griffey Jr, Randy Johnson
KGSS Ken Griffey Jr, Sammy Sosa
SSCD Sammy Sosa, Carlos Delgado
SSFT Sammy Sosa, Frank Thomas

Winning Materials Jersey Trios Checklist

Seven cards. Numbered to 25.

BGJ Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr, Andruw Jones
DBS Carlos Delgado, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa
DGJ Joe DiMaggio, Ken Griffey Jr, Andruw Jones
GRB Ken Griffey Jr, Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds
RJD Cal Ripken Jr, Chipper Jones, Carlos Delgado
RRD Alex Rodriguez, Ivan Rodriguez, Carlos Delgado
SGC Sammy Sosa, Ken Griffey Jr, Chipper Jones

Winning Materials Update Duos Checklist

31 cards.


APJE Albert Pujols, Jim Edmonds
ASKS Aaron Sele, Kaz Sasaki
BBLG Barry Bonds, Luis Gonzalez
BWMR Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera
BWRJ Bernie Williams, Reggie Jackson
CPBK Chan Ho Park, Byung-Hyun Kim
CPFV Chan Ho Park, Fernando Valenzuela
CREM Cal Ripken Jr, Eddie Murray
CRX2 Cal Ripken Jr.
CSRJ Curt Schilling, Randy Johnson
EMJM Eric Milton, Joe Mays
FTMO Frank Thomas, Magglio Ordonez
GSSG Gary Sheffield, Shawn Green
HNMY Hideo Nomo, Masato Yoshii
IRAR Ivan Rodriguez, Alex Rodriguez
JBCB Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio
JBRY Jeromy Burnitz, Robin Yount
JGBB Jason Giambi, Barry Bonds
KGSC Ken Griffey Jr, Sean Casey
LWTH Larry Walker, Todd Helton
MPEA Mike Piazza, Edgardo Alfonzo
MRJG Manny Ramirez, Juan Gonzalez
PMGM Pedro Martinez, Greg Maddux
PMRJ Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson
SRBA Scott Rolen, Bobby Abreu
SSEB Sammy Sosa, Ernie Banks
SSJG Sammy Sosa, Jason Giambi
TGCR Tony Gwynn, Cal Ripken Jr.
TGDW Tony Gwynn, Dave Winfield
TGX2 Tony Gwynn
TSHN Tsuyoshi Shinjo, Hideo Nomo

Winning Materials Update Trios Checklist

22 cards.


BGG Barry Bonds, Luis Gonzalez, Ken Griffey Jr.
BTD Jeff Bagwell, Frank Thomas, Carlos Delgado
CHN Roger Clemens, Tim Hudson, Hideo Nomo
DEA J.D. Drew, Jim Edmonds, Bobby Abreu
DOP Carlos Delgado, Magglio Ordonez, Albert Pujols
GWS Luis Gonzalez, Matt Williams, Curt Schilling
GZH Jason Giambi, Barry Zito, Tim Hudson
HDG Todd Helton, Carlos Delgado, Jason Giambi
JAF Chipper Joens, Andruw Jones, Rafael Furcal
KBA Jeff Kent, Barry Bonds, Rich Aurilia
MGJ Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Andruw Jones
PPV Jay Payton, Mike Piazza, Robin Ventura
PWO Andy Pettitte, Bernie Williams, Paul O'Neill
RPK Ivan Rodriguez, Mike Piazza, Ken Griffey Jr.
RRK Alex Rodriguez, Ivan Rodriguez, Ken Griffey Jr.
SJC Curt Schilling, Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens
SKB Gary Sheffield, Eric Karros, Kevin Brown
SSM Aaron Sele, Ichiro Suzuki, Edgar Martinez
SYN Kazuhiro Sasaki, Masato Yoshii, Hideo Nomo
TDK Frank Thomas, Ray Durham, Paul Konerko
TGA Jim Thome, Juan Gonzalez, Roberto Alomar
VRF Omar Vizquel, Alex Rodriguez, Rafael Furcal
2001 SPx Baseball Cards 29

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