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2001 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball Cards

2001 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball Cards

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When it comes to baseball cards, 2001 was a year ruled by a pair of rookies -- Ichiro Suzuki and Albert Pujols. While Pujols had autographs and memorabilia cards with several different manufacturers, Ichiro went the exclusive route with Upper Deck. And if you're looking for any sort of quantity of Ichiro hits from his rookie year, 2001 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball is where you'll want to start your search. Not only does the set have one of two autographed Ichiro Suzuki rookie cards (the other is in 2001 SPx), but he has his own memorabilia-based insert set.

2001 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball Cards 1

Upper Deck has never a company to shy away from pushing the high-end envelope. 2001 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball continued that upward trend in both content and prices. A hit per pack is fairly common now, but that wasn't the case in 2001. Each pack of 2001 Ultimate Collection has either a game-used memorabilia card or an autograph. And if you look back to who was hot in the hobby at the time, the checklist is strong.

Ichiro Collection memorabilia cards are inserted one per box. These have a mix of embedded pieces including jerseys, batting gloves, bases, a fielding glove and balls. A handful also come with signatures.

The rest of the memorabilia content in 2001 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball comes in the Game Jersey and Magic Numbers sets. Both sets have 30 cards. Base versions are numbered to 150. There are also multiple levels of parallels.

Landing one per box, Signatures bring the majority of the product's autographs. The impressive list of signers includes Ken Griffey Jr, Kirby Puckett, Barry Bonds, Sandy Koufax and Cal Ripken Jr.

The 2001 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball base set has 120 cards. The first 90 are veterans and aren't serial numbered. The final 30 are rookies, distributed in three tiers. The first ten are numbered to 1,000. Tier 2 rookies are limited to 750 copies each. The top players are part of Tier 3, which are numbered to 250. Ichiro, Mark Teixeira and Mark Prior each signed their rookie cards. Albert Pujols is also among the Tier 3 players but his rookies aren't signed.

2001 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball boxes come with four packs of four cards.

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2001 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball Checklist

Base Set Checklist

120 cards.
Rookie Short Prints: Tier 1 (#91-100) - #/1000, Tier 2 (#101-110) - #/750, Tier 3 (#111-120) - #/250
2001 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball Cards 2

1 Troy Glaus
2 Darin Erstad
3 Jason Giambi
4 Barry Zito
5 Tim Hudson
6 Miguel Tejada
7 Carlos Delgado
8 Shannon Stewart
9 Greg Vaughn
10 Toby Hall
11 Roberto Alomar
12 Juan Gonzalez
13 Jim Thome
14 Edgar Martinez
15 Freddy Garcia
16 Bret Boone
17 Kazuhiro Sasaki
18 Cal Ripken Jr.
19 Tim Raines Jr.
20 Alex Rodriguez
21 Ivan Rodriguez
22 Rafael Palmeiro
23 Pedro Martinez
24 Nomar Garciaparra
25 Manny Ramirez
26 Hideo Nomo
27 Mike Sweeney
28 Carlos Beltran
29 Tony Clark
30 Dean Palmer
31 Doug Mientkiewicz
32 Cristian Guzman
33 Corey Koskie
34 Frank Thomas
35 Magglio Ordonez
36 Jose Canseco
37 Roger Clemens
38 Derek Jeter
39 Bernie Williams
40 Mike Mussina
41 Tino Martinez
42 Jeff Bagwell
43 Lance Berkman
44 Roy Oswalt
45 Chipper Jones
46 Greg Maddux
47 Andruw Jones
48 Tom Glavine
49 Richie Sexson
50 Jeromy Burnitz
51 Ben Sheets
52 Mark McGwire
53 Matt Morris
54 Jim Edmonds
55 J.D. Drew
56 Sammy Sosa
57 Fred McGriff
58 Kerry Wood
59 Randy Johnson
60 Luis Gonzalez
61 Curt Schilling
62 Shawn Green
63 Kevin Brown
64 Gary Sheffield
65 Vladimir Guerrero
66 Barry Bonds
67 Jeff Kent
68 Rich Aurilia
69 Cliff Floyd
70 Charles Johnson
71 Josh Beckett
72 Mike Piazza
73 Edgardo Alfonzo
74 Robin Ventura
75 Tony Gwynn
76 Ryan Klesko
77 Phil Nevin
78 Scott Rolen
79 Bobby Abreu
80 Jimmy Rollins
81 Brian Giles
82 Jason Kendall
83 Aramis Ramirez
84 Ken Griffey Jr.
85 Adam Dunn
86 Sean Casey
87 Barry Larkin
88 Larry Walker
89 Mike Hampton
90 Todd Helton
91 Ken Harvey #/1000
92 Bill Ortega #/1000 RC
93 Juan Diaz #/1000 RC
94 Greg Miller #/1000 RC
95 Brandon Berger #/1000 RC
96 Brandon Lyon #/1000 RC
97 Jay Gibbons #/1000 RC
98 Rob Mackowiak #/1000 RC
99 Erick Almonte #/1000 RC
100 Jason Middlebrook #/1000 RC
101 Johnny Estrada #/750 RC
102 Juan Uribe #/750 RC
103 Travis Hafner #/750 RC
104 Morgan Ensberg #/750 RC
105 Mike Rivera #/750 RC
106 Josh Towers #/750 RC
107 Adrian Hernandez #/750 RC
108 Rafael Soriano #/750 RC
109 Jackson Melian #/750 RC
110 Wilkin Ruan #/750 RC
111 Albert Pujols #/250 RC
112 Tsuyoshi Shinjo #/250 RC
113 Brandon Duckworth #/250 RC
114 Juan Cruz #/250 RC
115 Dewon Brazelton #/250 RC
116 Mark Prior #/250 Autograph RC
117 Mark Teixeira #/250 Autograph RC
118 Wilson Betemit #/250 RC
119 Bud Smith #/250 RC
120 Ichiro Suzuki #/250 Autograph RC

Game Jersey Checklist

30 cards. #/150. Combined with Magic Numbers Jerseys, inserted 1:2 packs.

PARALLEL CARDS: Copper #/24, Silver #/20, Gold #/15

2001 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball Cards 3

U-AJ Andruw Jones
U-AP Albert Pujols
U-AR Alex Rodriguez
U-BB Barry Bonds
U-BW Bernie Williams
U-CD Carlos Delgado
U-CJ Chipper Jones
U-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
U-DE Darin Erstad
U-FT Frank Thomas
U-GM Greg Maddux
U-GS Gary Sheffield
U-IR Ivan Rodriguez
U-JAG Jason Giambi
U-JB Jeff Bagwell
U-JC Jose Canseco
U-JG Juan Gonzalez
U-KG Ken Griffey Jr.
U-LG Luis Gonzalez
U-LW Larry Walker
U-MO Magglio Ordonez
U-MP Mike Piazza
U-RA Roberto Alomar
U-RC Roger Clemens
U-RJ Randy Johnson
U-SG Shawn Green
U-SR Scott Rolen
U-SS Sammy Sosa
U-TG Tony Gwynn
U-TH Todd Helton

Magic Numbers Game Jersey Checklist

30 cards. #/150. Combined with Game Jerseys, inserted 1:2 packs.

PARALLEL CARDS: Red #/30, Copper #/24, Silver #/20, Gold #/15

2001 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball Cards 4

MN-AJ Andruw Jones
MN-AP Albert Pujols
MN-AR Alex Rodriguez
MN-BB Barry Bonds
MN-BW Bernie Williams
MN-CD Carlos Delgado
MN-CJ Chipper Jones
MN-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
MN-DE Darin Erstad
MN-FT Frank Thomas
MN-GM Greg Maddux
MN-GS Gary Sheffield
MN-IR Ivan Rodriguez
MN-JAG Jason Giambi
MN-JB Jeff Bagwell
MN-JC Jose Canseco
MN-JG Juan Gonzalez
MN-KG Ken Griffey Jr.
MN-LG Luis Gonzalez
MN-LW Larry Walker
MN-MO Magglio Ordonez
MN-MP Mike Piazza
MN-RA Roberto Alomar
MN-RC Roger Clemens
MN-RJ Randy Johnson
MN-SG Shawn Green
MN-SR Scott Rolen
MN-SS Sammy Sosa
MN-TG Tony Gwynn
MN-TH Todd Helton

Signatures Checklist

26 cards. #/150. Inserted 1:4 packs.

PARALLEL CARDS: Copper #/70, Silver #/24, Gold #/15

2001 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball Cards 5

AR Alex Rodriguez
BAB Barry Bonds
CD Carlos Delgado
CF Carlton Fisk
CR Cal Ripken Jr.
DS Duke Snider
EB Ernie Banks
EM Edgar Martinez
FT Frank Thomas
GS Gary Sheffield
IR Ivan Rodriguez
JAG Jason Giambi
JT Jim Thome
KG Ken Griffey Jr.
KP Kirby Puckett
LG Luis Gonzalez
RA Roberto Alomar
RC Roger Clemens
RK Ryan Klesko
RY Robin Yount
SK Sandy Koufax
SS Sammy Sosa
TG Tony Gwynn
TGL Tom Glavine
TP Tony Perez
TS Tom Seaver

Ultimate Ichiro Checklist

Inserted 1:4 packs.

Cards have different pieces of memorabilia and combinations. Different cards have different designs as well.

2001 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball Cards 6

B-I Ichiro Suzuki - Bat
B-IG Ichiro Suzuki - Bat #/200
B-IS Ichiro Suzuki - Bat #/250
BB-I Ichiro Suzuki - Ball
BB-IC Ichiro Suzuki - Ball #/150
BB-IG Ichiro Suzuki - Ball #/25
BB-IS Ichiro Suzuki - Ball #/50
BG-I Ichiro Suzuki - Batting Glove #/75
BG-I Ichiro Suzuki - Batting Glove Gold #/25
FG-I Ichiro Suzuki - Fielder's Glove #/75
FG-I Ichiro Suzuki - Fielder's Glove Gold #/25
J-IA Ichiro Suzuki - Jersey
J-IS Ichiro Suzuki - Jersey #/250
SB-I Ichiro Suzuki - Autographed Bat #/50
SBB-I Ichiro Suzuki - Autographed Ball #/25
SU-I Ichiro Suzuki - Autographed Uniform #/50
SUB-I Ichiro Suzuki - Autographed Base #/25
UB-I1 Ichiro Suzuki - Base (Edison Field)
UB-I2 Ichiro Suzuki - Base (Safeco Field)
UB-IC Ichiro Suzuki - Base #/150
UB-IG Ichiro Suzuki - Base #/25
UB-IS Ichiro Suzuki - Base #/50
U-I Ichiro Suzuki - Uniform
U-IG Ichiro Suzuki - Uniform #/200
U-IS Ichiro Suzuki - Uniform #/250

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

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