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San Francisco 49ers Collecting and Fan Guide

San Francisco 49ers

Franchise Founded: 1946
Championships: 5
Team Collectibility Rating: 9.0


2008 Ultimate Collection1997 Upper Deck Legends Update Jerry Rice SPWhen discussing the top NFL franchises of all-time, the San Francisco 49ers have a legitimate claim to the number one spot. Once you add the star names to the Super Bowl success, it is clear why San Francisco remains a top collecting destination.

Joe Montana is arguably one of the top quarterbacks in NFL history, and his backup, Steve Young, was a Hall of Fame QB in his own right. However, the biggest name for collectors may very well be Jerry Rice. The 1980s and 1990s marked the peak of the 49ers dynasty and these three players were a main reason why. Additional talent on both sides of the ball add to the mix.

After a period of mediocrity, the team seems on track to return to their former glory with a tough defense and young hobby star at quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers have come up just short the last few years, but appear to be closing in on another Super Bowl win.

Fans and collectors have plenty of options when looking for gear and memorabilia for the an Francisco 49ers. Click on the tabs above to check out 49ers' players to collect, top merchandise and jersey options, autograph options, game tickets and the most watched an Francisco 49ers cards and memorabilia on eBay.

TTM Autographs

Another option for collectors looking to get autographs is TTM or "Through the mail." A complete guide to the process can be seen here: How to Get (Almost) Free Autographs Through the Mail.

Although it is not a lock, fans looking to take advantage of this can try their luck with current players and coaches using the following addresses:

"Insert Specific Player/Coach/Executive"
c/o San Francisco 49ers
4949 Centennial Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95054-1229

Top eBay Listings
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Fan Gear

San Francisco 49ers Jerseys & Gear Guide

Looking for something to support your team? There are tons of options for San Francisco 49ers' fans across all budgets. Normal price ranges are noted when available. View a complete breakdown of the jersey options using our detailed NFL jersey guide.

San Francisco 49ers Jersey Guide

Click on the images or listings to shop on eBay. 

San Francisco 49ers T-Shirts & Hats

Click on the images or listings to shop on eBay. 

Top eBay Listings
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San Francisco 49ers Football Card Guide

When it comes to the 49ers, Montana and Rice are the primary names for card collectors. From there, many great options are available, and most are found for budget options. The current group boasts some collecting interest with Colin Kaepernick, Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis. Check out cards for the top former players as well as top current options in San Francisco.

Top Former Players & Coaches

Click on the player for a detailed guide or to shop for cards on eBay. 

Other 49ers Greats

Click on the player for a detailed guide or to shop for cards on eBay. 

Top Current Players

Click on the player for a detailed guide or to shop for cards on eBay. 


San Francisco 49ers Autograph Guide

When shopping for autographed items, it is highly recommended to only purchased signed pieces that have been authenticated by a reputable company. Top options include PSA, JSA, Mounted Memories, UDA, Panini Authentic and Tristar.

Click on the images or listings to shop on eBay. 

Signed San Francisco 49ers Photographs

Jerry Rice Signed Picture

Signed San Francisco 49ers Jerseys

Ronnie Lott Signed Jersey

Signed San Francisco 49ers Helmets

Roger Craig Signed Helmet

Signed San Francisco 49ers Footballs

Colin Kaepernick Signed Football

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San Francisco 49ers Game Tickets

If you are looking for tickets to see the San Francisco 49ers play, it might be an overwhelming experience. After selecting a specific game, the first thing to decide is how much you want to spend and where you want to sit their new stadium.

San Francisco 49ers Levis Stadium Seating Chart

From there, it can get messy given all the choices for purchasing tickets. With that in mind, we have complied the best options for buying tickets. Simply follow the link to each ticket source for any available San Francisco 49ers. Be aware that the NFL regular season basically runs from September to January and the playoffs continue until the beginning of February.

Hot List

San Francisco 49ers Hot List

Check out the most watched San Francisco 49ers cards, gear and memorabilia on eBay. The guide is constantly updated with real-time information, so bookmark this page for future reference.

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More Info

Check out more collecting information on the 49ers in our comprehensive guides and articles:

View basic information and detailed stats on the San Francisco 49ers here:

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