Joe Montana Football Cards and Rookie Cards Checklist

Joe Montana Football Cards and Rookie Cards Checklist


Joe Montana's career achievements and statistics read more like fiction than reality. The four-time Super Bowl Champion is the only player to ever be named the game's MVP three times. His career totals include: 3,409 completions on 5,391 attempts, 273 touchdowns, 139 interceptions, and 40,551 yards passing, 1,676 yards rushing and 20 additional touchdowns.

Montana was a well-respected leader both on and off the field. A gifted athlete with poise and charisma, Montana honed his passing skills at the University of Notre Dame before being drafted 82nd overall by the San Francisco 49ers in the 1979 NFL Draft. Under the tutelage of Bill Walsh, he quickly became not only the cornerstone of the team but the face of the franchise as well.

Elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2000, Montana has also seen his famous number 16 retired by the 49ers. The eight time Pro-Bowler is ranked as the #4 All-Time player by

Joe Montana Rookie Cards

1981 Topps Joe Montana RC #216

It's extremely rare for players of the modern era to have a single rookie card, but that's the case with Joe Montana. The 1981 Topps #216 is Montana's only rookie card. The confident looking youngster displays that classic arm position, albeit in a posed photo, with his now legendary #16 prominently centered on the card.

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  1. would you be interested in buying ultra rare 1995 skybox hall of fame insert card #hf2 joe montana psa9
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  2. Although the 1981 Topps Montana is generally thought to be his only rookie card, there is another issue from the 1981 year that is much more scarce than the Topps issue. The 1981 MSA Holsum Disc is also recognized as his rookie card. Recently on eBay, NM graded copies of this card bring sometimes 50-100% more than his first issue Topps card.

  3. Where could I find every single card made of Joe Montana on the web?

  4. eBay will have a lot of them. Virtually impossible to get them all when you take in account the parallels.

  5. Where can i find a checklist of all his cards that I can print out.

  6. i have also been looking for a list of Joe Montana cards. I realize there are over thousands with all the parallels, but at least the start of a list. Any ideas?

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