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2014 MLB World Series Collecting Guide

2014 MLB World Series Collecting Guide

Kansas City Royals

The final two teams are set for the 2014 World Series. On one side, the Kansas City Royals make their first return to the Fall Classic since 1985 and are riding a historic playoff winning streak. On the other side is a familiar team in the San Francisco Giants, who are going for their third World Series win in five seasons. Both teams qualified for the playoffs as Wild Card teams, but neither looked the part as the Giants only lost two games out of the ten they played and the Royals have not lost yet in the 2014 playoffs.

The momentum certainly appears to be with the Royals but the Giants are not a team to ever overlook and the recent winning experience found on the roster is a huge benefit. The following guide takes a look at the key players from a hobby perspective, including a complete visual guide to the starting rosters. Finally, fans looking to support either team can check out a guide to World Series gear on the final tab.

Kansas City Royals

The Royals have hardly been a collecting hotbed in modern times. That is what 28 consecutive seasons without reaching the playoffs will do. However, it has been clear to many collectors that the team was on the rise in recent years, adding plenty of young talent. That has all come together perfectly in a season that reads like a sports fairy tale.

View our complete collecting guide to the KC Royals here.

Everything is under the microscope in the World Series and one swing of the bat can change the whole complexion of the series. While any player on the roster can come up big and turn that on-field success into a collecting boost, the following list features those players on the Royals who would benefit the most from a World Series win.

Eric Hosmer

One of the few notable names on the Royals in the hobby before this postseason run, Eric Hosmer has largely lived up to that reputation. The former third overall pick in the 2008 MLB Draft is batting just under .450 in the playoffs and leads his team into the World Series with strong expectations. Just 24, Hosmer has arguably the most upside of any player on either team.

His rookie cards were released near the end of 2011, but Hosmer's first cards came in 2007.

2014 MLB World Series Collecting Guide 1

Alex Gordon

Like Hosmer, Alex Gordon was another player that entered the league with high expectations. The Royals selected Gordon second overall in the 2005 MLB Draft and he joined the major league roster in 2007. After an uneven start, Gordon has settled into his role, winning three Golden Glove Awards (2011 to 2013) and playing in the 2013 and 2014 MLB All-Star Games. Because he is 30, Gordon does not have as much upside as Hosmer, but he should still have a few more good seasons to work with.

The very first Alex Gordon cards came in 2003 and his rookie cards were released in 2007.

2014 MLB World Series Collecting Guide 2

Mike Moustakas 

After a stellar high school career, the Royals made Mike Moustakas the second overall pick in the 2007 MLB Draft. Another of the many early draft picks coming into form in KC, Moustakas was one of the top prospects in baseball by 2009, but he suffered a regression that season, which delayed his promotion. After he got back on track in 2010, "Moose" was called up by the Royals in 2011.

While his major league career has been far from spectacular, and he was even demoted to Triple-A earlier in 2014, Moustakas has come up big in the 2014 playoffs. He is tied for the league lead with four home runs, including the game winner in game one of the ALDS, and has made some amazing catches in the field.

Collectors looking for Mike Moustakas rookie cards can find several base options in 2011 products. The earliest Moustakas cards, including autographs, came in the 2007 USA Baseball release.

2014 MLB World Series Collecting Guide 3

Lorenzo Cain

Although he probably won't become a hobby star, Lorenzo Cain has perhaps the best background story of any player left in the postseason. His father died when he was four and he only turned to baseball in high school after not making the basketball team. Despite never having played the game, or even owning a glove, Cain was a fast learner. He was later drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers out of Tallahassee Community College in 2004. Lorenzo Cain joined the Royals as part of the trade in 2010.

Cain is batting .353 in the postseason and has been even more impressive in the outfield, making several outstanding catches to rob the opposition. His efforts landed him the ALCS MVP Award and has greatly pushed interest in his cards. Cain only has three base rookie cards in 2010 products and his first card was found in 2006 Bowman Chrome. Autographs remain somewhat less common, but can be found in 2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition and 2011 Topps.

2014 MLB World Series Collecting Guide 4

Kansas City Royals Visual Card Roster

Click on the listings or images to shop for cards on eBay. Cards noted with an asterisks* are linked directly to a detailed player guide. 

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San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants

Many might tire of seeing the Giants in the World Series, but they deserve to be here and have proven adept at closing out teams as evidenced by their titles in 2010 and 2012. The 2012 roster is still very similar to the current squad and a complete look at their rookie card options can be seen here. Given that they are more established in the hobby, there is not as much investment opportunity for collectors. Regardless, another World Series win will give all the players a nice bump.

View out complete collecting guide to the SF Giants here.

The Giants' lineup reads as a hobby all-star team, with seasoned stars and plenty of players with mainstream recognition. This includes Buster Posey, Pablo Sandoval, Tim Lincecum, Hunter Pence, Jake Peavy, Tim Hudson and Madison Bumgarner. However, a few names stand about the rest.

Buster Posey

It is hard to make any list about the Giants and not include Buster Posey. The 27-year-old catcher remains one of the most popular players in the league and he has accumulated an impressive list of accolades in his relatively short career. Given his standing in the league and the hobby, Posey cards are already at a strong level, but a solid performance combined with his third title would push prices much higher.

Buster Posey's rookie cards can be found in many 2010 products and his first card, and arguable the most popular, is found in 2008 Bowman Chrome.

2014 MLB World Series Collecting Guide 41

Hunter Pence

More traveled than most of the players on the list, Hunter Pence was selected by the Houston Astros late in the second round of the 2004 MLB Draft. He joined the Astros' major league roster in 2007 and made a noteworthy showing as a rookie, even though he missed nearly a month due to an injury. Despite being named an MLB All-Star in 2009 and 2011, the Astros traded Pence to the Philadelphia Phillies. He only spent one season in Philadelphia before being traded to the Giants.

His debut season with San Francisco coincided with the team's 2012 title run and Pence was a strong contributor. After signing a five-year extension in the offseason, Pence notched his third All-Star appearance in 2014.  He also has been noted for his durability and is the current active leader in consecutive games played.

Hunter Pence has only three rookie cards and all are autographed releases found in 2004 products.

2014 MLB World Series Collecting Guide 42

Madison Bumgarner

He may not get the same publicity as other top pitchers, but Madison Bumgarner is a star and arguably the best pitcher in the 2014 World Series. He was selected by the Giants with the tenth overall pick in the 2007 MLB Draft and made his major league debut in 2009. Only 25, Bumgarner already has two titles and was named to the MLB All-Star team in 2013 and 2014. Not just known for his arm, Madison Bumgarner added four home runs in the 2014 regular season, including two grand slams.

Madison Bumgarner shares his rookie season with teammate Buster Posey and most of their rookie cards are found in the same 2010 products. His earliest cards came in 2007.

2014 MLB World Series Collecting Guide 43

San Francisco Giants Visual Card Roster

Click on the listings or images to shop for cards on eBay. Cards noted with an asterisks* are linked directly to a detailed player guide. 

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World Series Shopping Guide

While the winning team's gear will ultimately be the ones that live on past the next few weeks, the World Series is a popular option for fans to showcase their support during the series. In addition to more generic 2014 World Series apparel, there are specific options available for the Giants and Royals.

Once the World Series has been decided, a new batch of gear will be issued for the 2014 MLB champions. Until then, check out the  2014 World Series options that are currently available with our guide below.

2014 World Series Shopping Guide

Click on the team name under each listing or the image to shop for items on eBay. 

2014 World Series Jerseys

2014 World Series Shirts

2014 World Series Hats

2014 World Series Outerwear

2014 World Series Wall Decorations

2014 World Series Kitchen and Bar

2014 MLB World Series Collecting Guide 20Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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Alex Gordon is from 2006 Bowman.

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His 2006 Bowman-brand cards are inserts. While many treat them like rookie cards, we consider the first base cards to be rookies. He also has cards that weren’t supposed to exist in 2006 Topps. These could be argued as rookies, however because they were supposed to be destroyed and few slipped into packs that his 2007 cards are considered by most to be his rookies.

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