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Michael Jordan Collectibles and Gift Guide

Michael Jordan Collectibles and Gift Guide

Unmatched in the modern collecting world, Michael Jordan is one of the biggest sports figures in history. Fans and collectors worldwide can celebrate Air Jordan with a wide variety of gift options. View the top Michael Jordan gifts at various price points in our guide below.

For a more detailed collecting look at Michael Jordan, view our complete player profile here.

Budget Michael Jordan Gifts - $100 or less

Michael Jordan PostersMichael Jordan Collectibles and Gift Guide 1

A very simple and inexpensive option, Michael Jordan posters remains popular because they memorialize the greatest of Jordan with large and evocative images. There are many different choices to pick from and they offer a fun way to decorate a bedroom or man cave. Adding a frame takes the gift to the next level.

Michael Jordan Collectibles and Gift Guide 2

Michael Jordan BooksMichael Jordan Collectibles and Gift Guide 1

Heavily covered in many books throughout his career and retirement, Michael Jordan's relevance is not just limited to sports. The link above takes a look at the available books on Amazon and several notable titles are shown below.

Michael Jordan T-Shirts

Given that he has his own brand with Nike, Michael Jordan shirts and other apparel are fairly easy to locate. The majority of these shirts deal with the Chicago Bulls or are a more generic basketball shirt, but there are also options that celebrate his college career at the University of North Carolina.

Michael Jordan Figures

A popular option for both collectors and children,  Michael Jordan figures are an interactive way to honor the basketball superstar. It is important to note that most of the figures qulaify as budget gifts but several premium figures greatly exceed $100. Take a detailed look at the various Michael Jordan figures in our comprehensive guide.

Michael Jordan Collectibles and Gift Guide 12

Michael Jordan Blu-Rays & DVDsMichael Jordan Collectibles and Gift Guide 1

Just like with the books, Michael Jordan is covered extensively in documentaries and game recaps from his playing days. This can make a great option for a new fan to see what Jordan did for the game. There is also the Michael Jordan movie that even non-fans are familiar with, Space Jam.

Mid-Level Michael Jordan Gifts - $100 to 300

Michael Jordan Jerseys

A common sight even decades after his retirement, Michael Jordan jerseys are a very popular gift option. While he played for the Washington Wizards in addition to his stint in baseball, the clear favorite is his Chicago Bulls jersey. Collectors looking for something a little different can check out jerseys from his college days at UNC as well.

Michael Jordan Air Jordan Shoes

What started as a simple shoe for a young basketball player became one of the biggest modern athletic apparel brands and started the sneakerhead frenzy that continues to grow. The Air Jordan is a mainstream success that connects Michael Jordan to the masses, many years after he stopped playing basketball. For a detailed look at the many Jordan releases, view our Air Jordan image gallery here.

Prices can vary based on the edition, but most Jordan shoes normally run from the $100 to $225 range. In addition to the main athletic shoe, there are also casual editions which are cheaper and can fulfill a variety of needs.

Michael Jordan Collectibles and Gift Guide 23

Michael Jordan Silkscreen PrintMichael Jordan Collectibles and Gift Guide 1

Featuring a quality artistic look, these silkscreen prints by Shepard Fariey are a great mid-level gift. The regular versions are signed by the artist and there also are signed versions for Michael Jordan, but the price goes up considerably.

Michael Jordan Collectibles and Gift Guide 25 Michael Jordan Collectibles and Gift Guide 26

Premium Michael Jordan Gifts - $300 and up

Michael Jordan Game-Used United Center Court PieceMichael Jordan Collectibles and Gift Guide 1

Part of the floor that Jordan played on for during his last years with the Bulls, this limited court piece features a screen-printed image of MJ along with the specific years he played on the court.

Michael Jordan Collectibles and Gift Guide 28

Michael Jordan Signed Photo

Make no mistake, signed items for Michael Jordan are expensive. Due to his exclusive deal with Upper Deck, the majority of items available are certified by UDA and collectors should very careful with items that are not certified by Upper Deck Authenticated (UDA), JSA or PSA. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Michael Jordan Collectibles and Gift Guide 29

Michael Jordan Signed Basketball

Like the signed photos, a Michael Jordan signed basketball is an expensive option but would make a phenomenal gift for a Michael Jordan fan. Again, be very careful with anything that is not authenticated by a reputable source.

Michael Jordan Collectibles and Gift Guide 30

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