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2017 Funko Pop Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Vinyl Figures

2017 Funko Pop Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Vinyl Figures


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Looks like it's time for some space calamari...not so fast, Rocket! Funko Pop Marvel vs Capcom Infinite pairs two characters from the renowned video game series in every box.

Leading off, Funko Pop Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite combines Ms. Marvel, I mean Captain Marvel, and Chun-Li. The super-powered Marvel sports a pair of aviator shades while Chun-Li has a slight resemblance to her previous Pop! Street Fighter edition, wearing cowboy boots with a pink ribbon in her hair.

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Although all are considered heroes (anti-heroes, maybe?), Gamora and Strider are found together, while her GoTG teammate Rocket comes with "Mr. Capcom" Mega Man X. Of course, Funko Pop Marvel vs Capcom Infinite wouldn't feel complete without the villainous duo Ultron and Sigma—before they fused themselves together.

In addition to the standard two-packs, most of the combo sets also have an exclusive variant that changes the color of the outfits. The Captain Marvel vs Chun-Li variant is at Hot Topic, Gamora vs Strider waits at GameStop, and Ultron vs Sigma is only found at Toys R Us.

Funko Pop Marvel vs Capcom

Funko Pop Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Checklist

Black Panther vs Monster Hunter (2-Pack)
Black Panther vs Monster Hunter Variant - Best Buy (2-Pack)
Captain Marvel vs Chun-Li (2-Pack)
Captain Marvel vs Chun-Li Variant - Hot Topic (2-Pack)
Gamora vs Strider (2-Pack)
Gamora vs Strider Variant - FYE (2-Pack)
Rocket vs Mega Man X (2-Pack)
Rocket vs Mega Man X Variant - GameStop (2-Pack)
Ultron vs Sigma (2-Pack)
Ultron vs Sigma Variant - Toys R Us(2-Pack)

Estimated Release Date: November 2017

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