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Funko Pop Street Fighter Vinyl Figures Gallery and Checklist

Funko Pop Street Fighter Vinyl Figures Gallery and Checklist


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Pop! Games is taking collectors back to the arcade with Funko Pop Street Fighter. The set features various characters from throughout the iconic game series.

Funko Pop Street Fighter includes two karate specialists who have made appearances in every game: Ken and Ryu. Looking to individual games in the series, Street Fighter II introduced the first female fighters — Cammy and Chun-Li — and each has their own figure with Cammy donning her signature Delta Red Agent beret. Also representing arguably the best game in the franchise is Balrog and Blanka.

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Fan of Dan? Have no fear, he's here, too! Those who enjoy the comical fighter in pink from the Street Fighter Alpha Series will truly appreciate his appearance, as Funko kept his pink gi with a black t-shirt underneath and his long hair. Lastly, Hot Ryu from Street Fighter V can be found without a shirt and torn-up gi pants.

The Pop Games exclusives include a pair of Blanka variants, as well as Special Attack, poses for Ryu and Ken through Toys R Us. Although a Hot Ryu exclusive at GameStop was originally planned, it was reportedly canceled and replaced with a Ryu White Headband variant.

It should also be noted that Pop! Asia previously released their own line of Street Fighter figures with different numbering. Hot Ryu is a convention exclusive and there is a limited gold chase for the main Ryu figure along with a pink metallic exclusive for Chun-Li. While the line and number info on the box differs, the main figures appear to be identical. This is in addition to the Japanese Pop! Games versions that are the same as the main releases except for the subject's name text on the box.

Included in the Pop! 8-Bit line, pixelated editions of Ryu are issued through the 2017 GameStop Black Friday Mystery Box including a glow-in-the-dark chase.

2016 Funko Pop Street Fighter Chun-Li  2016 Funko Pop Street Fighter Ryu

Funko Pop Street Fighter Master Checklist

Pop Games
136 Chun-Li
136 Chun-Li Pink - FYE
137 Ryu
137 Ryu White Headband - GameStop
138 Ken
139 Cammy
140 Blanka
140 Blanka HyperFighting - ThinkGeek
140 Blanka Green - Walmart
141 Balrog
142 Dan
154 Hot Ryu - Discontinued
192 Ryu Special Attack - Toys R Us
193 Ken Special Attack - Toys R Us
203 Akuma - GameStop/2017 FanX Convention
2-Pack: Hot Ryu & Violent Ken (30th Anniversary) - GameStop
Pop Asia
70 Chun-Li
70 Chun-Li Pink Metallic - Convention Exclusive
71 Ryu
71 Ryu Gold - Chase
72 Ken
73 Cammy
74 Blanka
75 Balrog
76 Dan
91 Hot Ryu - Convention Exclusive
Pop! 8-Bit
15 Ryu - GameStop
15 Ryu GITD Chase - GameStop

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  1. Just so you know and may want to add the information here.

    In japan, last year they re-released most the set with Japan names on the boxes. Same figures, just different names on the boxes.

    6 of the 14 that were released are store exclusives. I have 11 of the 14, so if you would like some pics, I can send them to you.

    Here is a link to the stock photos on Funko’s Japan website.

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