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Funko Pop Mega Man Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Mega Man Vinyl Figures


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Blasting his way from 8-bits to 3D, Mega Man and friends join the Pop! Games team with the debut of Funko Pop Mega Man. Since the original release in 1987, Mega Man has become one of the most recognizable video game characters and the unofficial mascot of game developer Capcom.

In the year "200X," Dr. Light and Dr. Wily created robots to help mankind. However, Dr. Wily reprograms six of the main robots, making them into battle robots, to help him take over the world. Seeing his assistant has become evil, Dr. Light turns his humanoid robot helper Rock into a battle bot—Mega Man. Gamers fought through six levels, and six Robot Masters, as Mega Man on the Nintendo Entertainment System. In later releases, players could choose to play as other characters, too, such as Proto Man and Bass.

Order Pop Mega Man Figures on Entertainment Earth.

While there are plenty of notable characters from the Mega Man series, the Funko Pop Mega Man line has a limited selection. Joining Mega Man, who is donning his famous blue armor and arm cannon, is his transforming, robotic dog, Rush, along with Proto Man and the mad scientist Dr. Wily. Three different GameStop exclusives for Mega Man—Ice Slasher, Fire Storm and Gold—add to the total.

The 2017 GameStop Black Friday Mystery Box issued two pixelated editions from the Pop! 8-Bit line including the Mega Man chase variant Magnet Missile. Meanwhile, Mega Man X is paired with Rocket from the Funko Pop Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite series.

Numbered as part of the Pop! Games line, each Funko Pop Mega Man vinyl figure stands approximately 3 3/4" tall.

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Funko Pop Mega Man Checklist

102 Mega Man
102 Mega Man: Fire Storm - GameStop
102 Mega Man: Ice Slasher - GameStop
102 Mega Man: Gold - GameStop
102 Mega Man: Quick Boomerang - GameStop
102 Mega Man: Retro - GameStop
102 Mega Man: Thunder Beam - Toy Tokyo
103 Rush
104 Proto Man
105 Dr. Wily
Pop! 8-Bit
13 Mega Man - GameStop
13 Magnet Missile Chase - GameStop
13 Black Hole Bomb - 2018 E3/GameStop
Pop! Marvel vs Capcom
Rocket vs Mega Man X (2-Pack)
Rocket vs Mega Man X Color Variant - GameStop (2-Pack)

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