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Ultimate Funko Pop Deathstroke Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Deathstroke Figures Checklist and Gallery


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From comics to television, Funko Pop Deathstroke covers every facet of the DC villain. Before he became Deathstroke, Slade Wilson was an eager teen who wanted to help others so much that he lied about his age to enlist in the Army. While in the military, Wilson participated in an experimental program to help enhance his abilities. What could go wrong?

With overwhelming super powers, often sparking uncontrollable anger, Slade took a new identity and an amazing supervillain costume. This is where the Funko Pop Deathstroke set begins. Part of the Pop! DC Heroes line, the figures showcase the mercenary in full Kevlar armor, including his matching blue and orange helmet. Displaying the man behind the persona, an unmasked version offers a white-haired Deathstroke wearing a patch over his right eye.

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Giving the character more options, Deathstroke also comes to life on the small screen as Manu Bennett portrays Oliver Queen's nemesis. Funko Pop Arrow includes a modern appearance of Wilson with his armor customized for tactical usage. The unmasked edition reveals an older Deathstroke with silver hair and goatee, and can be found at Hot Topic locations.

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Funko Pop Deathstroke Checklist

Pop! DC Heroes
49 Deathstroke - PX Previews
49 Deathstroke Metallic - PX Previews
50 Deathstroke Unmasked - 2014 SDCC/PX Previews
Arrow (TV)
210 Deathstroke
211 Deathstroke Unmasked - Hot Topic
Freddy Funko
39 Freddy Funko Deathstroke - 2015 SDCC
39 Freddy Funko Deathstroke GITD - 2015 SDCC

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