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2014 Funko San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives

2014 Funko San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives


Latest News

Funko will have no shortage of 2014 San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. From Pop! vinyl to variant ReAction figures, exclusives cover multiple lines and licenses.

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Not all of the Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusives are being announced at once. Leading up to the massive show, Funko will unveil plans twice a week so stay tuned more announcements.

For those unable to make it to San Diego for the show that runs from July 24-27, Funko is giving away one of each exclusive through their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. The plan is for new announcements every Monday and Wednesday. Giveaways happen the following day (Tuesday and Thursday).

Some sellers also have pre-sales listed on eBay already.

Latest Funko 2014 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives Announcements

List updated Monday, July 21.

Pulp Fiction

Funko Pulp Fiction ReAction Figures SDCC Exclusives

Like the Pop! SDCC exclusives, Vincent and Jules' ReAction counterparts have some blood on the hands. And shirt. And face.

2014 Funko Pulp Fiction ReAction Bloody Vincent Vega SDCC

Huckleberry Hound

Funko Pop Animation Huckleberry Hound

This is the first Pop! vinyl figure of the classic Hanna-Barbera dog and Comic-Con is the only place to get him.

2014 Funko Pop Huckleberry Hound SDCC

Last Man Standing

Funko Pop Last Man Standing Gabriel

Have no fear, this isn't a figure based on the long-forgotten Bruce Willis film. Rather, it's Gabriel from the Dark Horse graphic novel.

2014 Funko Pop LMS Gabriel SDCC

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Previously Announced

Here's a list of previously announced Funko 2014 San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.

Adventure Time

Funko Pop Adventure Time Glow-in-the-Dark Princess Bubblegum and BMO

Princess Bubblegum and trusty sidekick BMO get the glow-in-the-dark treatment for these Pop! exclusives.


Funko Batman Hikari Figures

Hikari are a line of highly stylized and colorful figures based on Japanese designs. Funko has a pair of Batman Hikari figures lined up for SDCC: Ice Freeze Batman and Red Rain Batman. Both are limited to 500 numbered pieces.

2014 Funko Batman Hikari Ice Freeze Batman SDCC 2014 Funko Batman Hikari Red Rain Batman SDCC

Breaking Bad

Funko Pop Breaking Bad SDCC-Exclusives

According to the SDCC Breaking Bad Pop vinyl figures, Walt and Jesse are in some trouble. The Walter White variant has the chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin glowing. Jesse, on the other hand, has been on the receiving end of a bloody beating.

2014 Funko Pop Breaking Bad Glow in the Dark Walter White SDCC

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Funko Pop Buffy the Vampire Slayer SDCC-Exclusive

This variation of the regular Buffy Summers Pop! shows the big bad-battling blonde a little battered but still standing tall.

Despicable Me 2

Funko Pop Despicable Me 2 Purple Carl and Purple Dave

Minions ruled Despicable Me 2. Carl and Dave are painted purple for these variants.

  2014 Funko Pop Despicable Me 2 Purple Dave SDCC


Funko Disney Series 2 Mystery Minis SDCC-Exclusive

The 2014 Disney Series 2 Mystery Minis get an overhaul for San Diego. While most of the characters are the same, they come with different poses and paint jobs. It also includes figures of Donald Duck and Buzz Lightyear, characters who aren't in the regular Series 2 lineup. All 12 Mystery Minis are 1:12 meaning there are no short prints.

2014 Funko Disney Series 2 Mystery Minis SDCC


Funko Firefly ReAction Figures Malcolm Reynolds and Jayne Cobb

For the Browncoats, a pair of retro-style Firefly ReAction Figures are heading to San Diego. Both Malcolm and Jayne come with fashion accessories not available with the regular figures. Malcolm comes with his iconic coat while Jayne is wearing his toque.


Funko Pop Flintstones Fred and Barney

These aren't your regular Fred and Barneys. Each of the three different Pop! two-packs features a different set of colors.


Funko Pop Disney Frozen SDCC-Exclusives

Three Frozen figures from the Funko Pop! Disney line get variations for SDCC. Goofy snowman Olaf has was rolled in some radioactive snow, apparently, because now he glows in the dark (it's better than a yellow variant). Elsa's variation is a little more subtle. She's transitioning into her freezing form. Anna isn't so lucky. She's frozen at Comic-Con.

2014 Funko Pop Disney Frozen Freezing Transition Elsa SDCC

Game of Thrones

Funko Game of Thrones In Memoriam Mystery Minis SDCC-Exclusives

It seems like no character is safe on Game of Thrones. With that in mind, Funko has created a line of black and white "In Memoriam" Mystery Minis honoring those who have died on the show.

2014 Funko Game of Thrones In Memoriam Mystery Minis

Funko Pop Game of Thrones Flocked Ghost

The mysterious wolf gets a flocked variant for SDCC, giving it a bit of a furry feel.

Funko Game of Thrones Legacy Collection Tyrion Lannister

The SDCC edition of Tyrion Lannister comes with an additional battle helmet.

2014 Funko Game of Thrones Legacy Collection Tyrion Lannister SDCC

Funko Game of Thrones Legacy Collection Glow-in-the-Dark White Walker

Part of Funko's highly detailed Legacy Collection, the White Walker comes with a paint job that makes him glow during the darkest nights.

2014 Funko Game of Thrones Legacy Collection White Walker Glow in the Dark SDCC


Funko Pop Ghostbusters Dr. Peter Venkman and Metallic Slimer SDCC-Exclusive

This two-pack has a slimed version of Peter as well as a Slimer done with metallic green paint.

2014 Funko San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives - Pop Ghostbusters Metallic Peter and Slimer SDCC

Funko Pop Ghostbusters Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Ray Stantz, Dr. Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddmore Stay Puft Explosion SDCC-Exclusive

The entire Ghostbusters gang is included in this four-pack. The variant vinyl figures show them post-battle with Stay Puft.

2014 Funko Pop Ghostbusters Gang Stay Puft SDCC

Funko Pop Ghostbusters Glow-in-the-Dark Slimer SDCC-Exclusive

The Pop! Slimer features a glow-in-the-dark finish, perfect for adding a bit of a scare into a significant others' night.

2014 Funko Pop Ghostbusters Glow in the Dark Slimer SDCC

Funko Pop Ghostbusters Glow-in-the-Dark Stay Puft Marshmallow Man SDCC-Exclusive

Like the regular Pop! Stay Puft, this is an over-sized vinyl figure. Standing six inches, the variant glows when the lights are out. As cool as it is, it's probably not the best mood lighting for romantic dinners.

2014 Funko Pop Ghostbusters Glow in the Dark Stay Puft SDCC

The Goonies

Funko Pop Goonies Sloth SDCC-Exclusive

Hey, you guys! Sloth is rocking a Superman shirt to be ready for Comic-Con. His regular Pop! vinyl figure has a plain blue shirt.

2014 Funko Pop Goonies Sloth SDCC

Funko Goonies Sloth ReAction Figure SDCC-Exclusive

Like Sloth's Pop! exclusive, the retro-themed ReAction figure also has Chunk's Baby Ruth-eating pal in a Superman shirt.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Funko Pop Guardians of the Galaxy Flocked Rocket Raccoon SDCC-Exclusive

Don't be surprised if Rocket Raccoon is the breakout star of the summer blockbuster season. San Diego is the only place to find a flocked Pop, giving him a furry feel.


Funko Pop Hannibal

The TV version of Hannibal Lecter gets all bloodied up for Comic-Con attendees.


Funko Marvel Mystery Minis SDCC-Exclusives

The blind box line gets retooled for the show. Each of the 12 figures in the lineup either have different tooling or a different paint job. All are inserted 1:12 boxes so there are no short prints.

2014 Funko Marvel Mystery Minis SDCC case

My Little Pony

Funko My Little Pony Vinyl Figures SDCC-Exclusives

A couple of hip ponies are added to Funko's line of MLP vinyl collectibles in the form of DJ Pon-3 and Spitfire.

2014 Funko My Little Pony Vinyl Figure DJ Pon-3 SDCC 2014 Funko My Little Pony Vinyl Figure Spitfire SDCC

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington with Zero ReAction Figure

The regular line of Nightmare Before Christmas ReAction figures has three Jack variants. Add a fourth to the list that's exclusive to SDCC. Jack is packaged alongside his ghostly dog, Zero.


Funko Predator ReAction Figure Invisible Predator

Clear figures are nothing. That said, a lot of them don't make a lot of sense. The Invisible Predator, one of the deadliest stealth movie monsters, is very appropriate. You might want to dig out your old Jesse Ventura WWF LJN figure while you're at it.

2014 Funko Predator ReAction Invisible Predator SDCC

Pulp Fiction

Funko Pop Pulp Fiction Vince Vega and Jules

These two Pop! blood spatter variants look as though they just finished talking about international fast food cuisine and going for a car ride.

2014 Funko Pop Pulp Fiction Bloody Vincent Vega SDCC

The Rocketeer

Funko Rocketeer ReAction Figures Black and White Rocketeer SDCC-Exclusive

The Rocketeer is set during Hollywood's Golden Age. The retro-style action figure is given an appropriate black-and-white variant paint job. Helmet and jet pack aren't sold separately.

2014 Funko Rocketeer ReAction Black and White Rocketeer SDCC

Past Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusives have become some of the most valuable in the respective lines. The popularity of the show and their extremely limited availability add to their long-term popularity.


Funko Pop Saw Glow-in-the-Dark Billy

Because a creepy clown puppet wasn't scary enough, Billy now glows once the lights go out.

2014 Funko Pop Saw Glow-in-the-Dark Billy SDCC


Funko Pop Sharknado Bloody Sharknado

There hasn't been a good bad movie like Sharknado in a long, long time. With a sequel on the way, the Funko Pop vinyl figure is also getting a second take as it stalks San Diego. The Bloody Sharknado variant looks as though it might have carved a path through Sea World.

Spongebob Squarepants

Funko Pop Spongebob Leonardo and Plankton Shredder

Even Spongebob is getting in on the cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con. The Funko Pop figure has him dressed as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Leonardo. He's packaged with  Plankton dressed as the evil Shredder (classic, not the Michael Bay version that looks like a Swiss Army Knife on steroids). The two figures come packaged in a lunchbox.

Star Wars

Funko Pop Star Wars Luke Skywalker Hot and Wampa SDCC-Exclusive

Poor, Wampa. He's in need of a new arm with this post-battle two-pack. Luke is looking a little bloodied himself with the variant Pop! figure.

2014 Funko Pop Star Wars Luke Skywalker Hoth Wampa SDCC

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Funko Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Hikari Figure

Similar to the Batman Hikari is Mean & Green Raphael. It's also limited to 500 pieces.

2014 Funko Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Hikari SDCC


Funko Pop ThunderCats SDCC-Exclusives

The classic incarnations of Lion-O and Mumm-Ra get alternate takes for the event. The heroic Lion-O comes with a flocked finish while Mumm-Ra glows in the dark like every evil mummy should.

Walking Dead

Funko Pop Walking Dead Decapitated Hershel Greene SDCC-Exclusive

Spoiler alert for those who are still catching up with The Walking Dead on Netflix. Close your eyes and scroll down.

Hershel met a tragic demise at the hand of the Governor. This Pop vinyl figure comes with a lot of blood and a removable head.

Other 2014 Funko San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives

In addition to the exclusives Funko will be selling, other sellers have their own exclusive pieces from the company.


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