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Comprehensive Funko Pop Arrow Vinyl Figures Guide and Gallery

Comprehensive Funko Pop Arrow Vinyl Figures Guide and Gallery


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Arrow has emerged as one of the most popular live-action super hero shows on television today. And with the recent boom in the genre, that's saying a lot. So it shouldn't be a surprise that the collectible offerings and merchandise are growing. Funko Pop Arrow vinyl figures bring the instantly recognizable look of the line to some of the show's best known characters.

The initial Funko Pop Arrow offering has several figures. Oliver Queen, the show's lead, has a couple different choices. The first has him in his gear minus the mask. As The Arrow, he has the same body sculpt but with the addition of his hood and mask that are enough to keep his identity secret. There's also the Arrow Unmasked piece that blends the two other figures. This one was available exclusively at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. Black Canary and the villainous Deathstroke round out the first batch of figures.

More Funko Pop Arrow figures come via exclusives. Deathstroke Unmasked is specific to Hot Topic locations and the John Diggle and Oliver Queen (Island Scarred) editions are exclusive to Fugitive Toys.

Outside of the main release, Felicity Smoak was issued on her own and is another base option. Additional choices include The Green Arrow with a darker shade of green and a pair of figures for Speedy, the Arrow's half-sister.

Because they stem from the tv show, they're all numbered as part of the Pop! Television line and not the comic-centric Pop! Heroes line. Each figure is sold separately and stands approximately 3 3/4-inches tall.

Funko Pop Arrow Vinyl Figures 207 The ArrowFunko Pop Arrow Vinyl Figures 210 Deathstroke

Funko Pop Arrow Checklist

206 Oliver Queen
207 The Arrow
208 The Arrow: Unmasked - 2015 SDCC
209 Black Canary
210 Deathstroke
211 Unmasked Deathstroke - Hot Topic
212 John Diggle - Fugitive Toys
260 Oliver Queen Island Scarred - Fugitive Toys
320 Felicity Smoak
348 The Green Arrow
349 Speedy
350 Malcolm Merlyn - 2016 SDCC / Hot Topic
351 Speedy with Sword

Estimated Release Date (#348-351): July, 2016

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Original article by Ryan Cracknell.

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