Top 10 Chris Paul Rookie Cards

Top 10 Chris Paul Rookie Cards

Generally regarded as one of the best point guards in the NBA, Chris Paul is a perennial All-Star who is still chasing his first title. While that will ultimately dictate his overall legacy, Chris Paul rookie cards are popular and continue to see good interest from collectors.

Although he has been with several franchises during his career, CP3 was a star in New Orleans and helped turn the Clippers into one of the top teams in the NBA. Now with Houston alongside James Harden, if the Rockets can make a deep playoff run (or several), Chris Paul rookie cards will enjoy a nice boost.

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The following guide features 10 of the top Chris Paul rookie cards. While it is not included in the list below, his 2005-06 Upper Deck Portraits rookie card, numbered to just 99 copies, is still worth noting. Despite being tied with two of the other Chris Paul rookie cards as the rarest, there is little else to make the card special and it rarely surfaces.

For a complete RC rundown, view the full Chris Paul rookie card checklist.

Top Chris Paul Rookie Cards

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10. 2005-06 Topps Chrome Chris Paul RC #168

Offering both a great budget rookie and the opportunity for some high value with the many Refractors, the 2005-06 Topps Chrome is the most popular RC for Paul that is not numbered. Parallels include base Refractors (#/999), Black Refractors (#/399), Gold Refractors (#/99) and X-Fractors (#/90).

Top 10 Chris Paul Rookie Cards 1

9. 2005-06 SP Game Used Chris Paul RC #149 #/999

Although Chris Paul's intense stare and open mouth immediately catches the eye, the 2005-06 SP Game Used rookie card brings a lot of elements, and they largely work. Numbered to 999, there are also several parallels that add a different foil color and lower print run.

Top 10 Chris Paul Rookie Cards 2

8. 2005-06 Upper Deck Trilogy Chris Paul RC #137 #/599

A popular brand with hockey collectors, Upper Deck Trilogy covered a few NBA seasons in the 2000s, as well. As one of the most unique Chris Paul rookie cards, it makes for an intriguing option even without a signature. The acetate rookie has a print run of 599 copies.

Top 10 Chris Paul Rookie Cards 3

7. 2005-06 Finest Chris Paul RC #106 #/599

Certainly not the best design from the brand, the 2005-06 Finest Chris Paul rookie card utilizes a large blue basketball that dominates the background. However, the limited print run and Refractor parallels make this one of the preferred base rookie cards. Various parallels include Refractors (#/249), Red Refractors (#/169), Green Refractors (#/89), Gold Refractors (#/39) and Black Refractors (#/19). Worth noting in case blue is not your style, the Refractor options actually change the main basketball color.

Top 10 Chris Paul Rookie Cards 4

6. 2005-06 SP Signature Edition Chris Paul RC #104 #/499

This 2005-06 SP Signature Edition card is not signed, but it still presents a strong Chris Paul rookie card option. With a print run of 499, the card remains in decent supply and it features one of the better designs.

Top 10 Chris Paul Rookie Cards 5

5. 2005-06 SPx Chris Paul RC #153 Autographed Jersey #/750

The first of several Chris Paul rookie autographs, SPx normally features some of the most wild rookie card designs and that is taken to another level given the colors of the Hornets. Although the trapped autograph is not ideal and the tiny jersey piece is easy to miss, this signed card is among the best Chris Paul rookies.

Top 10 Chris Paul Rookie Cards 6

4. 2005-06 SP Authentic Chris Paul RC #94 Autograph #/1,299

Even with the higher print run, the 2005-06 SP Authentic Chris Paul rookie card bests SPx because of the on-card signature. Further adding to the appeal, the card is also the only Chris Paul rookie card to feature a full signature versus the normal mashup his cards traditionally have. Patch parallels add a small jersey swatch in place of the NBA foil logo.

Top 10 Chris Paul Rookie Cards 7

3. 2005-06 Fleer Greats of the Game Chris Paul RC #113 Autograph #/99

Not nearly as well known as the other brands at the top, Fleer Greats of the Games earns a high spot based on the very low print run and on-card autograph. The base 2005-06 Chris Paul rookie card has a silver color scheme and is numbered to 99. The gold version is shown below and is limited to just 25 copies.

Top 10 Chris Paul Rookie Cards 8

2. 2005-06 Ultimate Collection Chris Paul RC #146 Autograph #/250

A very popular option with collectors, 2005-06 Ultimate Collection features a standout Chris Paul rookie card. The hardwood background is a nice signing surface but the lined middle section does make the text harder to read.

Top 10 Chris Paul Rookie Cards 9

1. 2005-06 Exquisite Collection Chris Paul RC #46 Autographed Patch #/99

The undisputed champion among Chris Paul cards, 2005-06 Exquisite Collection combines an on-card signature, medium-sized patch and low print run to make the preferred Chris Paul rookie card. Even ungraded, these rare cards sell for four figures.

Top 10 Chris Paul Rookie Cards 10

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