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2018 Topps Now Moment of the Week Baseball Cards

2018 Topps Now Moment of the Week Baseball Cards


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Giving collectors even more of a say about the MLB news, events or milestones highlighted in the print-to-order program, 2018 Topps Now Moment of the Week Baseball lets fans vote for their top choice from the past week of action. That means a weekly vote to pick which card earns the right to take physical form.

Although the main Topps Now Baseball set already uses feedback from social media to help decide the daily options, Topps Now Moment of the Week goes a step further and puts the decision squarely in the hands of collectors.

Buy 2018 Now Moment of the Week cards on Topps' site.

So, how does Topps Now Moment of the Week work and what is different from the regular Topps Now format? Fundamentally, there are a few differences, but the main idea is unlikely to be too confusing for those already familiar with Topps Now.

2018 Topps Now Moment of the Week Details

Every Monday, the Moment of the Week Ballot is announced. That starts the 48-hour voting period where several different options are each priced at $7.99. Collectors can pick their preferred 2018 Topps Now Moment of the Week card at any point during that timeframe. However, every "vote" is actually a pending order to purchase. Only the card with the most votes is actually printed and those winning orders are processed once the voting period is over. Losing cards are not printed and any pending orders for these are canceled.

2018 Topps Now Moment of the Week

Votes are finalized on Wednesday, with a complete ballot posted online. Those who select the winning card get a gold "Winner" logo version. From that point until the following Monday, the standard Moment of the Week card for the winner is available for purchase at $9.99. So, not only the does the cost go up to the normal Topps Now price, but the gold "Winner" variation is no longer an option, just the base card.

2018 Topps Now Moment of the Week

For instance, Week 1 was between Shohei Ohtani (with Babe Ruth), Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton, Joe Panik, and the Houston Astros. Ohtani/Ruth won easily. Therefore, that is the only card to be made from the group.

Because losing card orders aren't processed, collectors can guarantee the winning option each week by voting for all cards on the ballot. Since only the winning card is printed, there is no risk of anything beyond buying the one Moment of the Week Baseball card.

Be sure to visit this page for regular updates regarding 2018 Topps Now Moment of the Week Baseball.

2018 Topps Now Moment of the Week Checklist

Print runs (PR) added when known. New cards will be added to the list.
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2018 Topps Now Moment of the Week
MOW-01 Babe Ruth, Shohei Ohtani: Ohtani Displays Pitching & Batting Prowess Not Seen Since Babe Ruth
- #01 Base: PR = 17,750; Gold Winner: PR = 1,549
MOW-02 Bryce Harper - Washington Nationals: MLB-Leading 7th HR of the Season
- #02 Base: PR = 926; Gold Winner: PR = 509
MOW-03 Ted Williams, Mookie Betts - Red Sox: Betts Joins Williams as Only Boston Players with Three 3-HR Games
- #03 Base: PR = 1,092; Gold Winner: PR = 569
MOW-04 Ronald Acuna - Atlanta Braves RC: Top Rookie Phenom Called-Up; Adds Additional Spark to Young Lineup
- #04 Base: PR = 3,315; Gold Winner: PR = 830
MOW-05 Albert Pujols - Los Angeles Angels: 32nd Player in MLB History with 3,000 Hits
- #05 Base: PR = 1,029; Gold Winner: PR = 749
MOW-06 Shohei Ohtani - Los Angeles Angels RC: Rookie Sets Franchise Pitching Record while Impressing with Bat
- #06 Base: PR = 6,985; Gold Winner: PR = 1,333
MOW-07 Ozzie Albies - Atlanta Braves RC: Red-Hot Rookie Leads National League in XBH
- #07 Base: PR = 1,276; Gold Winner: PR = 778
MOW-08 Gleyber Torres - New York Yankees RC: Youngest Player in AL History to Homer in Four Consecutive Days
- #08 Base: PR = 2,174; Gold Winner: PR = 1,128
MOW-09 Rally Goose - Detroit Tigers: Rally Goose Helps Tigers Win 4th Straight
- #09 Base: PR = 551; Gold Winner: PR = 558
MOW-10 Gleyber Torres - New York Yankees RC: Fastest 2nd Baseman to Reach 11 Career Home Runs
- #10 Base: PR = 1,507; Gold Winner: PR = 859
MOW-11 Juan Soto - Washington Nationals RC: Youngest to Hit HR in Bronx Since Ken Griffey Jr. in 1989
- #11 Base: PR = 1,753; Gold Winner: PR = 779
MOW-12 Mike Trout - Los Angeles Angels: On Pace for Historic Career Through 1st 1,000 Career Games
- #12 Base: PR = 886; Gold Winner: PR = 842
MOW-13 New York Yankees (Judge/Stanton): Most HRs in Club History Prior to MLB All-Star Game
- #13 Base: PR = 1,002; Gold Winner: PR = 725
MOW-14 Francisco Lindor - Cleveland Indians: 1st SS in MLB History with 75 Runs, 50 XBH Before All-Star Break
- #14 Base: PR = 446; Gold Winner: PR = 376
MOW-15 Albert Pujols - Los Angeles Angels: 630th Career HR Ties JKen Griffey Jr. for 6th Most All Time
- #15 Base: PR = 456; Gold Winner: PR = 419
MOW-16 Bryce Harper - Washington Nationals: 3rd 1st Overall Pick to Win Home Run Derby, 1st Since Ken Griffey Jr.
- #16 Base: PR = 789; Gold Winner: PR = 587
MOW-17 Rhys Hoskins - Philadelphia Phillies RC: Powers Phillies with 7 Home Runs in a Week
- #17 Base: PR = 773; Gold Winner: PR = 502
MOW-18 Babe Ruth, Shohei Ohtani: Ohtani Becomes 1st Player Since Ruth in 1919 to Hit 10 HRs, 40 IP in a Season
- #18 Base: PR = 3,476; Gold Winner: PR = 1,061
MOW-19 Mookie Betts - Boston Red Sox: Epic Home Run in 9th Inning Completes Cycle
- #19 Base: PR = 496; Gold Winner: PR = 461
MOW-20 Ronald Acuna Jr. - Atlanta Braves RC: Youngest Player in MLB History to Homer in 5 Straight Games
- #20 Base: PR = 1,171; Gold Winner: PR = 781
MOW-21 Ronald Acuna Jr. - Atlanta Braves RC: 14th Player in MLB History with 20 HR Season Before Age 20
- #21 Base: PR = 861; Gold Winner: PR = 639
MOW-22 Francisco Lindor, Jose Ramirez - Indians: First Switch-Hitting Teammates in MLB History with 20 HR/20 SB Seasons
- #22 Base: PR = 339; Gold Winner: PR = 343
MOW-23 Shohei Ohtani - Los Angeles Angels RC: Hits HR in 3 Straight Games Despite TJ Surgery Diagnosis
- #23 Base: PR = 1,269; Gold Winner: PR = 775
MOW-24 Shohei Ohtani, Mike Trout - Angels: Power Duo Hit Back-to-Back HRs for the First Time - Buy on Topps
- #24 Base: PR = TBA; Gold Winner: PR = 733



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User Reviews

  1. 5 love the product but 1 question do you have to buy the card at 9.99 to get the winner card at 7.99 ,a little confused can you please help

  2. No. It’s two different versions of the same card. You can buy one or the other or both. The Gold winner card is only available at the beginning of the week. You have to “vote for” (aka agree to buy) the actual winner to get the Gold winner edition.

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