2017 Funko Emerald City Comicon Exclusives Guide

2017 Funko Emerald City Comicon Exclusives Guide and Shared List


Continuing the annual tradition at ECCC, the 2017 Funko Emerald City Comicon exclusives feature an assortment of vinyl lines and popular franchises to collect. The exclusives are also distinct since they generally incorporate green into each figure.

Smaller than the conventions in New York and San Diego that come later in the year, ECCC is still quite relevant for those who reside in the Pacific Northwest and, of course, many Funko collectors. A milestone event, 2017 marks the 15th anniversary for the con, which began in 2003.

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The 2017 Funko Emerald City Comicon Exclusives lineup features popular Pop! franchises including Overwatch, Star Wars and Stranger Things. All known ECCC figures and print runs for 2017 can be viewed using the tab above. Unlike previous years such as 2016, some of the 2017 Funko Emerald City Comicon Exclusives will be shared with other outlets. A full shared list is available on the final tab.

2017 Funko Emerald City Comicon Exclusives

2017 Funko Emerald City Comicon Exclusives are sold at the official Funko booth (#1914) via a lottery system unless noted otherwise. Taking place from March 2 to March 5 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, check out full details for the 2017 Emerald City Comicon at their official website.

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Shared List

Specific 2017 Funko Emerald City Comicon exclusives can also be found through other retailers as part of Funko's 2017 Spring Convention Exclusive line. The following list covers all the shared figures and where to find them in addition to the Funko booth at ECCC 2017:

2017 Funko Emerald City Comicon Exclusives Shared List

Links below go straight to figure listings when available. 

Pop Animation Looney Tunes - Michigan J. Frog

Barnes & Noble
Pop Animation Peanuts - Peppermint Patty
Dorbz Ridez Hanna-Barbera - The Great Gazoo

Pop Animation Scooby Doo - The Creeper
Pop Star Wars Muftak

PoP Games Overwatch - Emerald Pharah

Hot Topic
Pop Marvel - WWII Captain America
Pop TV Stranger Things - Eleven and Barb 2-pack

Pop Animation Rick and Morty - Buff Rick, Buff Summer 2-pack

Toys R Us
Dorbz Green Arrow and Black Canary 2-pack


Dorbz Seattle Freddy Funko
Dorbz Spastik Plastik 3-pack
Pop El Diablo (Green Suit)
Pop T-Bone (Green)
Pop Hanna-Barbera Blue Falcon
Pop Hanna-Barbera DynoMutt
Pop Muppets Superhero Kermit
Pop Rides Hanna-Barbera - Hong Kong Phooey

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