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Funko Pop Overwatch Vinyl Figures Guide

Funko Pop Overwatch Vinyl Figures Guide


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Funko Pop Overwatch takes a look at the first-person shooter video game from Blizzard Entertainment that centers around a future Earth under siege from omnics (robots). Featuring a cooperative gameplay, several key characters are included in the Pop! lineup as well as a variety of exclusives.

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The first Funko Pop Overwatch series includes a test pilot in Tracer, an ominous mercenary named Reaper and the lethal assassin Widowmaker. Collectors can also find a six-inch figure for Winston, the genetically enhanced gorilla, complete with square-framed glasses. Exclusives include Pharah from Blizzard Entertainment and Soldier: 76 found only at GameStop. Most of the primary figures also have variants to track down.

Wave 2 of Funko Pop Overwatch adds even more options, including Mei, Lucio, Symmetra and McCree. Six-inch, Super-Sized figures come for Reinhardt and Meka, which has a 1.75" D.Va figure inside.

The figures showcase the characters from the Overwatch video game found on PC, Playstation and xBox. The 2016 Blizzard game release has proven to be a mainstream success and is also favorably viewed by game critics.

Other than the six-inch editions, each vinyl figure is approximately 3 3/4" tall. The Funko Pop Overwatch set is numbered as part of the larger Pop! Games line.

2016 Funko Pop Overwatch Vinyl Figures 92 Tracer 12016 Funko Pop Overwatch Vinyl Figures 93 Reaper 1

Funko Pop Overwatch Master Checklist

Wave 1
92 Tracer
92 Tracer Sporty - Loot Crate
92 Tracer Posh - Think Geek
93 Reaper
93 Reaper Shadow Step - BoxLunch
93 Reaper White Wight - Blizzard
94 Widowmaker
94 Widowmaker Patina - Blizzard
95 Pharah (Blue) - Blizzard
95 Titanium Pharah - Blizzard
95 Emerald Pharah - 2017 ECCC
96 Soldier: 76 - GameStop
96 Soldier: 76 Gold - Blizzard
97 Winston 6"
Wave 2*
177 D.Va w/ Meka 6"
177 Carbon Fiber D.Va w/ Meka 6" - Blizzard
178 Reinhardt 6"
179 Lucio
180 Mei
181 Symmetra
182 McCree
182 McCree Summer Games Skin - GameStop
183 Mei mid-Blizzard - Hot Topic
184 Reinhardt Unmasked 6" - Best Buy

Wave 2 Estimated Release Date:* April 2017

Top eBay Listings

Funko Pop! Games: Overwatch Action Figure - Reaper


Overwatch Pop Tracer Action Figure Funko Vinyl Stylized Collectable 3.75 Inch

Overwatch Pop Widowmaker Action Figure Funko Vinyl Stylized Collectable 3.75 In

Funko Pop! Games: Overwatch - Lucio Vinyl Figure

Pop! Games Overwatch Wave 2 Reinhardt 6-Inch #178 Figure Funko

New Funko Pop Games Overwatch Reaper Vinyl Action Figure Collectible Toy

New Funko Pop Games Overwatch Reaper Vinyl Action Figure Collectible Toy s

funko pop overwatch oversized figure video game box is NOT MINT winston

Funko Pop Games: Overwatch - Winston 6" Vinyl Figure


Funko POP Games Overwatch McCree Toy Figures

Funko Pop Game Overwatch Reaper Vinyl Action Figure Collectible Toy 94#

Funko Pop Game Overwatch Reaper Vinyl Action Figure Collectible Toy 9636

Funko Pop! Overwatch Solider 76 in Great Condition- Never Opened

Overwatch Mei Funko Pop Figure #180
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Trey Treutel is an Ole Miss grad and a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options. Find Trey on Twitter at @datreute or Google+.

User Comments

  1. There were also a white reaper, golden soldier 76 and patina widowmaker on the Blizzard store but they’re already sold out :(

  2. Update on the 2nd wave of overwatch pops.

    Gamestop will have 3 Exclusives:
    McCree – America Skin
    Tracer – Posh Skin
    Pharah – Emerald Skin

  3. “Gamestop will have 3 Exclusives:
    McCree America Skin
    Tracer Posh Skin
    Pharah Emerald Skin”

    That doesn’t seem to be correct information. Emerald Phara was an ECCC exclusive already released early March and Posh Tracer is a Think Geek exclusive in May. American McCree is slated to be the only GS exclusive

  4. Its right. Thinkgeek sales at gamestop. and Emerald Pharah was gamestop too. I got her there.

  5. Same here. I picked up my emerald pharah from gamestop. Last one too! Posh spice tracer should be available there too since gamestop owns thinkgeek. Last i check she releases march 31st. :)

  6. In my opinion, I think Wave 3 will be:

    Orisa 6 Inch

    Reply if you agree.

  7. I think wave 3 should have
    6 inch Roadhog

    Chase Genji using dash available everywhere
    Target exclusive Doomfist punching Winston combo pack
    Gamestop exclusive Wasteland Ana
    Hot topic exclusive Santaclad Torbjorn
    Blizzard store exclusives
    Junkenstein’s monster

    September 22 – Nov 1

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