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Ultimate Funko Pop Stranger Things Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Stranger Things Figures Checklist and Gallery


Ask, or beg, and ye shall receive! Funko Pop Stranger Things brings vinyl figures from the popular show to the masses.

Fans of Stranger Things almost immediately called on the Funko team to create figures for their favorite characters. Not only did the company listen, they delivered! Among the choices are multiple figures for Eleven and the boys.

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Going further into the series, Funko Pop Stranger Things even gave Barb a vinyl! The Demogorgon also comes in multiple forms.

Changing the style, pixelated editions for Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Demogorgon are part of the Funko Pop 8-Bit line.

Ultimate Funko Pop Stranger Things Figures Checklist and Gallery 1  Ultimate Funko Pop Stranger Things Figures Checklist and Gallery 2

Funko Pop Stranger Things Figures Guide


Funko Pop Stranger Things Checklist

421 Eleven w/ Eggos
421 Eleven w/ Eggos Blond Wig - Chase
422 Eleven Underwater - Hot Topic
423 Mike
424 Dustin
424 Dustin Brown Jacket - Barnes and Noble
425 Lucas
426 Will
427 Barb
428 Demogorgon
428 Demogorgon Closed - Chase
436 Joyce
437 Upside Down Will - ThinkGeek
475 Steve - 2017 SDCC
476 Mr. Clarke - 2017 SDCC
511 Eleven (Hospital Gown)
512 Hopper
512 Hopper Without Hat - Chase Variant
512 Gold Hopper - 2018 SDCC Fundays
513 Jonathan
514 Nancy
515 Brenner
523 Eleven (w/ Electrodes) - 2017 NYCC
525 Hopper (Biohazard Suit) - Hot Topic
526 Joyce (Biohazard Suit) - Target
545 Eleven
546 Ghostbuster Mike
547 Ghostbuster Will
548 Ghostbuster Lucas
549 Ghostbuster Dustin
550 Joyce
551 Max
552 Max (Costume) - Hot Topic
572 Eleven Punk - BoxLunch
593 Dustin & Dart - Hot Topic
601 Dart
601 Dart Closed - Chase Variant
602 Demogorgon - 6"
617 Dustin (Snowball Dance) - 2018 SDCC
637 Eleven elevated
638 Steve w/ sunglasses
639 Bob in scrubs
640 Billy
641 Hopper in vines
642 Steve w/ bandana - Hot Topic
643 Vampire Bob - GameStop
674 Robin - 2018 SDCC Fundays
675 Steve - 2018 SDCC Fundays
717 Eleven (Snowball Dance)
718 Eleven (Burger T-Shirt)
719 Dustin (Hockey Gear) - Hot Topic
720 Hopper
722 Demogorgon 10" - Target
727 Eleven and Demogorgon (TV Moment)
728 Steve and Demodog (TV Moment)
729 Mike (Snowball Dance)
Season 3 - May 2019
801 Hopper
802 Eleven
803 Steve Ahoy
804 Dustin
804 Dustin in T-shirt - Walmart
804 Dustin in Vest - GameStop
805 Will the Wise
805 Will the Wise GITD - Target
806 Max
807 Lucas
808 Erica
826 Eleven Blindfold
827 Eleven in Jacket - Hot Topic
Combo Packs
2-Pack: The Duffer Brothers - Hot Topic
2-Pack: Billy & Karen Wheeler - 2018 SDCC
2-Pack: Eleven with Eggos and Mike - FYE
2-Pack: Upside Down Eleven, Barb - 2017 ECCC
Pop! 8-Bit
16 Eleven w/ Eggos - Target
17 Mike - Target
18 Dustin - Target
19 Lucas - Target
20 Demogorgon - Target
20 Demogorgon Closed Chase - Target
28 Barb - 2018 ECCC
29 Will - Target
29 Will Upside Down Chase - Target
5-Pack Arcade Box - Target
SE Freddy Funko Dustin - 2018 SDCC Fundays
SE Freddy Funko Steve - 2018 SDCC Fundays
SE Freddy Funko Steve w/ bat - 2018 SDCC Fundays
SE Freddy Funko Will - 2018 SDCC Fundays

Ultimate Funko Pop Stranger Things Figures Checklist and Gallery 90
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    can you update for the pops as of july 2018?

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