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Funko Pop Rick and Morty Vinyl Figures Checklist and Gallery

Funko Pop Rick and Morty Vinyl Figures Checklist and Gallery


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Following their many interdimensional adventures, Rick and Morty enters the Pop! Animation realm with the Funko Pop Rick and Morty line.

Fans of the show will recognize the worried look on Morty’s face, and his main figure holds the seeds from the pilot episode in his hands. Not to be outdone, with the always visible drool on his chin, Rick wears his lab coat and has his go-to flask ready for action. Rick holding a portal gun can be found at Hot Topic locations, while Doofus Rick and Evil Morty are both issued through GameStop.

Order Funko Rick and Morty Figures on Entertainment Earth.

In addition, Funko Pop Rick and Morty offers a few associates of Rick, including the main Mr. Meeseeks figure along with a chase variant of the blue humanoid wielding a gun that averages 1:6 boxes. The scientist's best friends—Birdperson, Squanchy, and Mr. Poopy Butthole—are included as well, while the bleeding Mr. Poopy Butthole figure is exclusive to Hot Topic. Snowball, the Smith's family dog, is shown wearing the device that Rick created to make him more intelligent.

Playing off an episode from Season 1, the 2017 Emerald City Comicon exclusive 2-pack features Buff Rick and Buff Summer.

Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty actually began as an animated parody short of Back to the Future. The end result involves the mad scientist and alcoholic Rick Sanchez (voiced by Roiland) and his extremely anxious, 14-year-old grandson, Mortimer "Morty" Smith (also Roiland), as they travel across the multiverse.

2016 Funko Rick and Morty - Rick      2016 Funko Rick and Morty - Morty

Funko Pop Rick and Morty Checklist

We will update with Series 3 box numbering.

112 Rick
113 Morty
114 Rick w/ Portal Gun - Hot Topic
140 Doofus Rick - GameStop
141 Evil Morty - GameStop
172 Weaponized Rick
172 Weaponized Rick Drooling - Chase Variant
173 Weaponized Morty
174 Mr. Meeseeks
174 Mr. Meeseeks w/ gun - Chase Variant
175 Squanchy
176 Birdperson
177 Mr. Poopy Butthole
178 Snowball
180 Mr. Meeseeks w/ box - Barnes & Noble
206 Mr. Poopy Butthole Bleeding - Hot Topic
256 Tinkles w/ Ghost in a Jar - 2017 SDCC
264 Krombopulos Michael - 2017 NYCC
332 Pickle Rick (with Laser)*
333 Pickle Rick*
334 Cornvelious Daniel*
335 Toxic Rick - Target*
336 Toxic Morty - Target*
Series 3 (November 2017)
Scary Terry
Summer w/ Phone
Beth w/ Wine
Jerry w/ Meeseeks Box
Lawyer Morty
2-Pack: Buff Rick and Summer - 2017 ECCC

Estimated Release Date (#332-336)*: December 2017

Top eBay Listings

FUNKO POP! 256 Rick & Morty Tinkles Ghost In a Jar 2017 Summer Convention Exc.

Rick and Morty Mr Meeseeks Funko Pop TV Vinyl Figure Adult Swim #174 Non-Chase

Steven Funko Vinyl Figure Pop MORTY #113 Rick and Morty

NEW Funko Pop! Rick And Morty Mr. Meeseeks & Weaponized Rick CHASE Rare

Funko POP! Animation Rick and Morty WEAPONIZED RICK 172 MR. MEESEEKS 174

Funko POP Animation Rick and Morty Weaponized Morty Action Figure New

5" Rick and Morty Funko Pop Morty Articulated Action Figure

5" Rick and Morty Funko Pop Mr. Meeseeks Articulated Action Figure

5" Rick and Morty Funko Pop Poopy ButtHole Articulated Action Figure


Funko Pop! MR. MEESEEKS- Rick and Morty #174 Pop! Animation

Funko Pop Animation Rick & Morty - Morty Vinyl Action Figure Collectible Toy 113

Funko Pop! Rick and Morty - Tinkles Ghost in a Jar - SDCC 2017 - Box Damage

Funko Pop! Rick and Morty - Tinkles Ghost in a Jar #256 & Mr. Meeseeks #174

Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty - Mr. Meeseeks Vinyl Figure (Random Model)

Funko POP! Rick and Morty Bird Person #176
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  1. Your list skipped Meeseeks with Meeseeks box which was an BN exclusive.

  2. There is another one more : CORNVELIOUS DANIEL

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