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Ultimate Funko Pop Rides Vinyl Vehicles Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Rides Vinyl Vehicles Checklist and Gallery


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The television and movie landscape is riddled with classic vehicles and Funko Pop Rides is working to showcase some of them in an effort to complement their massive line of Pop! vinyl figures.

While the vehicles aren't huge, they are designed to hold a single Pop! figure and each includes one applicable option. When placed inside, the figures take on an even more amusing look and seem to grow larger than their typical 3 3/4" height. Adding to the appeal, most Funko Pop Rides offerings feature an exclusive variant or an entirely new character from that particular franchise. Among these variants collectors can find Michelangelo holding a slice of pizza and Deadpool pairing a chimichanga with his sword. There are also limited versions for several of the Rides that are exclusive to specific comic-con events.

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Debuting in the fall of 2013, the Batman '66 Batmobile was the first release in the Funko Pop Rides line. Since then, many more figures have been added. This includes iconic options like the DeLorean from Back to the Future and Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters, as well as more modern choices like The Crystal Ship from Breaking Bad, Daryl Dixon's Chopper from The Walking Deadand Daenerys & Drogon from Game of Thrones.

Given the size and the fact that they also come with a Pop! figure, these toys are more expensive than the basic Pop! vinyl. Collectors can expect to pay about $20-30 for a new piece and a bit more for the exclusive or retired editions.

There are currently several gaps in the numbering and those figures will be added when announced. Review the Funko Pop Rides master checklist below and see all the figures with the Gallery tab above.

Funko also makes a similar Ridez line for their Dorbz figures.

Ultimate Funko Pop Rides Vinyl Vehicles Checklist and Gallery 1

Funko Pop Rides Master Checklist

01 Batmobile - Batman '66
01 Blue Batmobile - Toy Tokyo 2013 NYCC
01 Chrome Batmobile - Toy Tokyo 2016
01 Gold Batmobile - Toy Tokyo 2014 NYCC
01 Red Batmobile - Tok Tokyo 2014 SDCC
02 Delorean Time Machine - Back to the Future
03 Tony's Convertible - Scarface
04 ECTO-1 (Winston) - Ghostbusters
04 ECTO-1 Slimed (Egon) - Toy Tokyo 2014 NYCC
05 Turtle Van - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
08 Daryl Dixon's Chopper - The Walking Dead
09 The Crystal Ship - Breaking Bad
10 Deadpool's Chimichanga Truck - Marvel
10 Deadpool's Chimichanga Truck X-Force- 2015 SDCC
10 Deadpool's Chimichanga Truck Red - 2015 NYCC
11 Mean Machine (Muttley) - Wacky Races
11 Mean Machine Metallic (Dick Dastardly) - 2015 SDCC
12 Director Coulson w/ Lola - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
13 Ant-Man and Ant-Thony
14 Jake Car w/ Finn - Adventure Time
15 Daenerys & Drogon - Game of Thrones
16 The Invisible Jet w/ Wonder Woman
17 1970 Charger w/ Dom - Fast & Furious
18 Merryn w/ S.S. Eirnin - Song of the Deep
19 Indy's Ride - Indiana Jones - Disney Parks / NYCC
20 Hogwarts Express Engine w/ Harry - Harry Potter
21 Hogwarts Carriage w/ Ron - Harry Potter
22 Hogwarts Carriage w/ Hermione - Harry Potter
23 Ecto-1 w/ Jillian Holtzman - Ghostbusters 2016
24 Ecto-1 w/ Slimer - Ghostbusters - 2016 SDCC
25 A-Team Van w/ B.A. Baracus - The A-Team
25 Marvin the Martian w/ Rocket - Funko Shop
26 Wolverine's Motorcycle - Marvel Collector Corps
28 The Flintmobile w/ Dino - Funko Shop
32 Baby w/ Dean - Supernatural - 2017 SDCC
33 Ghost Rider - PX Previews
33 Ghost Rider GITD - PX Previews
34 Rick's Ship - Rick and Morty Hot Topic
35 The Red One w/ Stitch - BoxLunch
37 Mad Max Rick - Rick and Morty
39 Park Vehicle - Jurassic Park
40 Tina on Unicorn - Bob's Burgers - 2018 SDCC
41 Zim & GIR on Pig - Hot Topic
42 Nux Car - Mad Max - 2018 SDCC
43 Hercules and Pegasus - Hercules
44 James Bond with Aston Martin DB5
58 Night King & Icy Viserion - Game of Thrones
59 Freddy's Ride Blue Buggy - Funko Shop
59 Freddy's Ride Red Buggy - 2016 SDCC
59 Freddy's Ride Yellow Taxi - 2016 NYCC

Ultimate Funko Pop Rides Vinyl Vehicles Checklist and Gallery 2
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