2015 Funko Frozen Mystery Minis

2015 Funko Frozen Mystery Minis

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You'd think that more than a year after a movie's release that the merchandise would slow down. Not so with a certain snow-heavy animated musical. 2015 Funko Frozen Mystery Minis give the blockbuster a blind box figure spin that includes all the main characters plus a couple of friends.

The 2015 Funko Frozen Mystery Minis lineup has 17 figures. More than half of these are of Elsa and Anna. There are some classic poses that might inspire some to try and cast a spell or break into a bellowing rendition of "Let It Go." The two princesses are also represented by their younger selves from the start of the movie. Olaf has three different figures and Marshmallow has a pair. Sven, Kristoff and one of the trolls round out the set.

As with a lot of Funko's Mystery Minis sets, some figures are harder to get than others. Common figures land 1:12. The troll and crown-wearing Marshmallow are the toughest ones to find, each inserted 1:72 boxes.

As a blind box product, you don't know which figure you're getting until you open it.

Each box has one figure. 2015 Funko Frozen Mystery Minis cases come with 12 boxes.

2015 Funko Frozen Mystery Minis 1

In addition to the 17 main figures, Hot Topic has three exclusive 2015 Funko Frozen Mystery Minis. There's one of Elsa with a snowflake and another with Anna holding a fan. The final Hot Topic-exclusive is of Olaf with a beach ball.

2015 Funko Frozen Mystery Minis 2

Product Configuration: 1 figure per box, 12 boxes per case

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2015 Funko Frozen Mystery Minis Checklist

Announced rarity noted for each figure.

  • Anna - Fan (Hot Topic)
  • Anna - Ice 1:36
  • Anna - Winter Outfit 1:12
  • Kristoff 1:12
  • Elsa - Casting Spell 1:12
  • Elsa - Coronation Dress 1:24
  • Elsa - Singing 1:12
  • Elsa - Snowflake (Hot Topic)
  • Marshmallow - Angry 1:24
  • Marshmallow - Crown 1:72
  • Olaf - Arms Out 1:12
  • Olaf - Beach Ball (Hot Topic)
  • Olaf - Head Upside Down 1:36
  • Olaf - Sitting 1:12
  • Sven 1:24
  • Troll 1:72
  • Young Anna - Sitting 1:24
  • Young Anna - Standing 1:12
  • Young Elsa - Hand Up 1:12
  • Young Elsa - Snowball 1:12

2015 Funko Frozen Mystery Minis 3

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