2014 Topps Frozen Trading Cards

2014 Topps Frozen Trading Cards

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Since becoming all the rage, Frozen has had all sorts of merchandise connected to it. There were stickers (eventually), but mainstream set of trading cards wasn't one of them. Until now. And if you live overseas. 2014 Topps Frozen Activity Cards was released by the card maker's European arm. Clearly aimed at young collectors, the checklist is filled with lots of colorful and interactive subsets.

In total 2014 Topps Frozen trading cards has a checklist of 170 cards plus a couple of exclusives. The sets feature not only CG art from the film, but some traditional hand-drawn takes on Anna, Elsa and company as well.

Besides basic cards, the set has a variety of insert-style cards. However, they are numbered as part of a full set. Among them are Glitter Cards, Holographic Foil, Ice Effect and Pop-Up cards. Color-Me and Dot-to-Dot cards let young fans do things with their cards, giving them more of a hands-on appeal.

2014 Topps Frozen Activity Cards boxes come in a couple of sizes. Both 24-pack and 50-pack options are available. There is also a collector's tin that come with 20 regular cards, a Glitter card, a Color-Me card, a Holographic Foil card and an exclusive card. The tin also has glow-in-the-dark snowflakes.

Like a lot of Topps European releases, there's also a starter kit. It has a small binder, a pack of cards, an exclusive card and an Olaf decoration.

Although the the product is intended for collectors outside of North America, boxes and packs are fairly available on eBay and online and can be shipped.

Product Configuration: 24 packs per box
Price Point: Low-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Frozen Fans, Young Collectors, Disney Collectors

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2014 Topps Frozen Activity Cards Checklist

Please note the following is a partial checklist. It is currently missing the base set and exclusives that might be included in the starter kit and tin.

Glitter Cards Checklist

8 cards.

97 Kristoff
98 Elsa
99 Olaf
100 Anna, Elsa
101 Elsa
102 Olaf
103 Anna
104 Anna, Elsa
2014 Topps Frozen Trading Cards 22

Holographic Foil Checklist

16 cards.

105 Anna, Elsa
106 Anna
107 Elsa
108 Elsa
109 Anna, Elsa
110 Anna, Kristoff
111 Elsa
112 Hans
113 Anna, Elsa
114 Sven
115 Olaf
116 Olaf
117 Kristoff
118 Kristoff, Sven
119 Olaf
120 Anna
2014 Topps Frozen Trading Cards 23

Ice Effect Checklist

8 cards/

121 Anna
122 Olaf
123 Anna
124 Sven
125 Elsa
126 Anna, Elsa
127 Elsa
128 Kristoff
2014 Topps Frozen Trading Cards 24

Color-Me Cards Checklist

16 cards.

129 Anna
130 Anna
131 Anna
132 Anna, Elsa
133 Elsa
134 Elsa
135 Elsa
136 Elsa
137 Anna, Elsa
138 Anna, Elsa
139 Olaf
140 Olaf
141 Anna, Elsa
142 Sven, Olaf
143 Kristoff
144 Kristoff
2014 Topps Frozen Trading Cards 25

Dot-to-Dot Checklist

8 cards.

145 Elsa
146 Elsa
147 Anna
148 Anna
149 Sven
150 Kristoff
151 Olaf
152 Olaf
2014 Topps Frozen Trading Cards 26

Note Cards Checklist

8 cards.

153 Best Friend
154 Favourite Activity
155 Favourite Character
156 Snowflake
157 Time of Year
158 Build Out of Snow
159 Favourite Veg
160 I Love
2014 Topps Frozen Trading Cards 27

Pop-Up Cards Checklist

10 cards.

161 Anna
162 Anna
163 Anna
164 Elsa
165 Elsa
166 Elsa
167 Olaf
168 Olaf
169 Kristoff
170 Sven
2014 Topps Frozen Trading Cards 28

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