Panini Frozen: Enchanted Moments Stickers

Panini Frozen: Enchanted Moments Stickers

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With the kids and sticker collectors wrapping up their first Panini Frozen sticker albums, there's another one to chase. Panini Frozen: Enchanted Moments Stickers is the second such release to focus on the Disney blockbuster.

Stickers feature a mix of movie scenes, characters and foils. In total, there are more than 160 stickers in Panini Frozen: Enchanted Moments.

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As always, Panini Frozen: Enchanted Moments has an album to house the stickers. They're arranged into several different sections, a lot of which center on specific characters like Elsa, Anna and Olaf. The center of the album includes a pullout posters. This has a create-a-scene portion where collectors can use the set's transparent stickers to make their own Frozen moments. There's also a personality quiz section somewhat like you'd find in a fashion magazine. It's not so much about who your ideal mate is but what character you're most similar to.

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Panini Frozen: Enchanted Moments Stickers are already available in Europe and other parts of the world. It's scheduled for a North American release in March, 2015. That said, keen collectors can already find boxes and stickers online from eBay and have them shipped.

Estimated Release Date: 3/15 (North America)
Product Configuration: 50 packs per box, 7 stickers per pack
Price Point: Entry-Level Entertainment Sticker
Target Audience: Young Collectors, Frozen Fans, Sticker Collectors

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  • 350 Total Stickers
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User Reviews

  1. Hi there:
    Where do the “S” stickers from the Enchanted Moments Album go?
    I’ve been getting several of these (S1, S2, etc) but there’s nothing on the album with those numbers.

  2. I am wondering where the “S” stickers go also. The article above states that there is a “create a scene” in the centre of the book. I have bought 3 books and none of them have this scene. The centre of the books is the place where the “F” stickers go. Any help would be awesome. Thank you.

  3. I believe the create a scene page is in the front of the book

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