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2013 Topps Mars Attacks Invasion Trading Cards

2013 Topps Mars Attacks Invasion Trading Cards

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Not many trading card properties can say they've been made into Hollywood blockbusters. Mars Attacks is a notable exception. More than 50 years after its debut, 2013 Topps Mars Attacks Invasion is the first set to focus solely on a new story line.

The modern take sticks with the original's tradition of fully painted artwork. The 100-card 2013 Topps Mars Attacks Invasion set takes on a new script. Artists include Earl Norem, Joe Jusko, Greg Staples, Glen Orbik and Ed Repka. These artists carry on the pulp tradition hobby legend Norm Saunders used in the original series, contributing more than 80 new pieces of art. Base cards have a borderless full-bleed design on the front. There aren't even any captions. This is in line with what franchise co-creator, Len Brown, originally envisioned. This way, none of the detailed art is lost or obscured.

The base set has multiple parallels. Heritage cards (1:4 packs) take on the classic look and feel with the new series. Gold Foil parallels land two per box. Concept parallels show cards as a work in progress. Join the Fight Graffiti parallels are a case hit.

Basic inserts place further emphasis on new artwork. Mars Attacks Masterpieces (five cards, 1:8 packs) feature images done by Dan Brereton, Jeff Miracola and Sanjulian. Anatomy of a Martian (five cards, 1:12 packs) use clear acetate stock. When combined, collectors can get a look inside a dissected Martian soldier. Join the Fight (four cards, 1:6 packs) are propaganda-style poster cards done by Steven Thomas. Earl Normem does the artwork for Early Encounters (six cards, 1:12 packs), an insert that looks at pre-invasion happenings.

Every 2013 Topps Mars Attacks Invasion box comes with a pair of premium inserts. Sketch Cards fall one per box. A total of 50 packs are Loaded Sketch Packs that have four-card puzzles. Double Sketch Cards work on their own but, if combined, form an over-sized piece of artwork. Finally, there are Creator Sketch Cards that come with a different design from regular cards.

Classic Autographs feature some of the biggest names in the franchise's history. They include Len Brown, Earl Norem, Zina Saunders and Simon Bisley. Comic Creator Autographs focus on contributors outside the realm of trading cards: John layman, John McCrea, Keith Giffen and Charles Adlard. Recognizing the impact of the Tim Burton film, a handful of the film's stars have Actor Autographs. Done in partnership with Warner Brothers, the cards have movie stills. Signers include Pam Grier and Frank Welker.

Other hits include Patch Relics, Medallion Relics and Printing Plates. A limited number of stamped 1962 Topps Mars Attacks buybacks have also been inserted in the product.

The Mars Attacks Facebook page is running behind-the-scenes looks at the creation of the set. We've also got a look at how Mars Attacks Invasion came together.

Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Low-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Mars Attacks Fans, Set Builders, Sketch Card Collectors

2013 Topps Mars Attacks: Invasion Box Break

  • 1 Sketch Card
  • 1 Autograph, Patch Relic, Medallion Card or Printing Plate
  • 9 Basic Inserts
  • 120 Total Cards

Art Gallery:

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Set Checklist

2013 Topps Mars Attacks Invasion Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Heritage 1:4 packs, Gold 1:12 packs, Concept 1:48 packs, Extra Gore 1:48 packs, Extra Gore Gold 1:1113 packs, Printing Plates 1/1


Anatomy of a Martian Set Checklist

Featuring 5 cards
1:12 packs
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates 1/1

1 Skeleton
2 Circulatory System
3 Musculature
4 Skin
5 Under Suit
6 Space Suit

Artist Autographs Set Checklist

The following artists have autographs in the set. They are done as base card parallels. Artists have autographs on multiple cards. Click here for a detailed autograph guide.
1:111 packs

Rafael Gallur
Alex Horley
Ralph Horsley
Joe Jusko
Tom Kidd
Jim Nelson
Glen Orbik
Dave Palumbo
Eric Peterson
Ed Repka
Ron Spears
Eric Wilkerson

Classic Creator Autograph Set Checklist

1:417 packs

Charles Adlard
Simon Bisley
Dan Brereton
Len Brown
Zina Saunders

Comic Creator Autograph Set Checklist

1:1670 packs

John Layman
John McCrea

Movie Autograph Set Checklist

1:167 packs

Willie Garson
Pam Grier
Brian Haley
O-Lan Jones
Frank Welker

Early Missions Set Checklist

Featuring 6 cards
1:12 packs
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates 1/1

1 Gang War
2 Disaster at Marshall Island
3 Alien Assassin
4 Abduction at Sea
5 Private Zar's War
6 Race to Space

Join the Fight Propaganda Set Checklist

Featuring 4 cards
1:6 packs
PARALLEL CARDS: Graffitti 1:192 packs, Printing Plates 1/1

1 Destroy the Human Menace
2 Join the Resistance! Send 'em Back to Mars!
3 Mars Needs Minds
4 Prepare! Because They Are Coming!

Masterpieces Set Checklist

Featuring 5 cards
1:6 packs
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates 1/1

1 Underwater Slaughter
2 Babes to the Slaughter
3 Frozen by Fate
4 The Martian Menace
5 Facing the Apocalypse

Medallion Relics Set Checklist

1:108 packs

MM-1 The Invasion Begins
MM-2 Beauty and the Beast
MM-3 Robot Terror
MM-4 Giant Robot
MM-5 High Voltage Execution
MM-6 Creeping Menace
MM-7 Terror in the Railroad
MM-8 Burning Flesh
MM-9 Last Licks
MM-10 The Skyscraper Tumbles
MM-11 Crushed to Death
MM-12 Destroy the City
MM-13 The Giant Flies
MM-14 Trapped
MM-15 Destroying a Dog
MM-16 Destroying a Dog

Munchkin Apocalypse: Mars Attacks Bonus Card Checklist

1 card.
1:111 packs

Asplode Their Heads

Patch Relics Set Checklist

1:109 packs


Sketch Card Checklist

1:25 packs.
Two-card puzzles inserted 1:1055 packs, Four-card puzzles inserted 1:3152 packs.


Creator Sketch Set Checklist

1:1670 packs


1962 Topps Mars Attacks Buybacks

1:1246 packs


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John S
John S

Thanks for answering my question. I snagged one in my last hobby box I purchased. Very cool

John S
John S


Is the Mars Attacks 1962 buyback card an original vintage card? Or is it a reprint of a classic card?

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

John S They are original cards with a foil stamp added to them.

Richard Zahn
Richard Zahn

Good morning – Just wondering what the procedure is for putting through an order for a case of the ‘Mars Attacks Invasion’?
Thanks for your time,

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Richard Zahn Clicking on the links will take you directly to the applicable eBay auction. Each is handled by the specific seller.

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