1962 Topps Mars Attacks Trading Cards

1962 Topps Mars Attacks Trading Cards


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With global tensions rising during the Cold War, Topps (under the name Bubbles Inc.) tapped into those fears with one of the most iconic trading card sets of all-time. Mixing horror, comedy and sci-fi, 1962 Topps Mars Attacks tells the story of a Martian invasion.

Featuring artwork from renowned pulp artist Norman Saunders, 1962 Topps Mars Attacks created a ton of controversy upon its release. Many of the cards feature gore that was extreme for the period. Some would argue some of the cards are extreme, even by today's standards. One particularly controversial card depicts an alien blasting a helpless dog. At least among parents and teachers. Kids ate them up. Their taboo nature is part of what made them so iconic in the first place.

1962 Topps Mars Attacks has a total of 55 cards. As with most sets from the era, the first and last cards carry a premium as they were often the ones to get the most wear and tear. The final card in the set is also the set's checklist. Unmarked copies are very tough to come by today.

Key 1962 Topps Mars Attacks Cards:

Card Gallery

1962 Topps Mars Attacks Trading Cards 7

Set Checklist

1962 Topps Mars Attacks Set Checklist

55 cards.

1 The Invasion Begins
2 Martians Approaching
3 Attacking An Army Base
4 Saucers Blast Our Jets
5 Washington In Flames
6 Burning Navy Ships
7 Destroying The Bridge
8 Terror In Times Square
9 The Human Torch
10 The Skyscraper Tumbles
11 Destroy The City
12 Death In The Cockpit
13 Watching From Mars
14 Charred By Martians
15 Saucers Invade China
16 Panic In Parliament
17 Beast And The Beauty
18 A Soldier Fights Back
19 Burning Flesh
20 Crushed To Death
21 Prize Captive
22 Burning Cattle
23 The Frost Ray
24 The Shrinking Ray
25 Capturing A Martian
26 The Tidal Wave
27 The Giant Flies
28 Helpless Victim
29 Death In The Shelter
30 Trapped!!
31 The Monster Reaches In
32 Robot Terror
33 Removing The Victims
34 Terror In The Railroad
35 The Flame Throwers
36 Destroying A Dog
37 Creeping Menace
38 Victims Of The Bug
39 Army Of Giant Insects
40 High Voltage Execution
41 Horror In Paris
42 Hairy Fiend
43 Blasting The Bug
44 Battle In The Air
45 Fighting Giant Insects
46 Blast Off For Mars
47 Earth Bombs Mars
48 Earthmen Land On Mars
49 The Earthmen Charge
50 Smashing The Enemy
51 Crushing The Martians
52 Giant Robot
53 Martian City In Ruins
54 Mars Explodes
55 Checklist
1962 Topps Mars Attacks Trading Cards 28

1962 Topps Mars Attacks Trading Cards 7

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User Reviews

  1. I have some where in the house a full set of Mars Attacks 1962-1964. I see on ebay that some cards go for 10.00-15.00, what is a full set worth and are there collectors out there who would want to buy a full set.

    Dick Evans Oxford UK

  2. I have about 35 cards of Mars Attacks that I bought as a kid. Not pristine but not folded – just rounded corners. My kids tell me I should sell them but when I take them to a card shop they offer me next to nothing even though they are drooling over them. I am not a collector so they just sit around in a closet. What is the best way to sell these?

  3. Michael Sweet If you’re able to, take them to a card show or comic store where you can get a second opinion. You could also see what similar condition cards sell for on eBay and perhaps list them there or on a site like Craigslist (eBay would give you a global reach).

  4. I have full set that I just found at my parents house with some doubles any idea what they would be worth

  5. Charles Restivo A lot would depend on the condition. They could range from a few dollars to, potentially, several hundred if graded by PSA, BVG or SGC.

  6. I have a collection of PSA graded cards I need to sell soon due to financial issues. Is there an average that the purchase price should be in comparison to PSA value?

  7. Paul Scholtes It would likely vary from card to card. The best place to check would be eBay completed auctions.

  8. I have most of this set from my early days. Excellent shape. Missing 15 cards and have many doubles. Any like person in the tri-state area (NY-NJ-CT)?

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