2013 Topps Baseball Proven Mettle Visual Guide

2013 Topps Baseball Proven Mettle Visual Guide


Who says you need an autograph or jersey swatch to add value to a box? For the past few years, the flagship Topps baseball set has been using more and more manufactured relics to compliment traditional hits. In many cases, these enhanced inserts are bringing better returns for sellers and giving collectors something that's different in the process. 2013 Topps Baseball Proven Mettle is one such example.

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Using a player coin as the card's centerpiece, these cards are big and carry some weight. The player's face is part of the coin. Each 2013 Topps Baseball Proven Mettle insert comes in three different versions: Copper (#/99), Wrought Iron (#/50) and Steel #/10).

Inserted in both 2013 Topps Series 1 and Topps Series 2, the 50-card checklist includes a nice split of current superstars, retired greats and Hall of Famers. Some of the biggest names include Babe Ruth, Derek Jeter, Willie Mays, Ken Griffey Jr. and Lou Gehrig. When Joe Morgan, Cliff Lee and Joey Votto are the "lesser" names in a set, you know a checklist is strong.

That's one of the benefits of manufactured relics. Companies don't need to worry as much about varied costs and availability that come with autographs and game-used memorabilia. It also negates the need for redemptions (except in extreme circumstances).

Collectors have been responding by paying strong prices. Generally, these sorts of cards start at $10. Rarer versions of superstars can go into the hundreds.

Manufactured relics combine to fall one per 2013 Topps Series 1 Baseball hobby case and one per jumbo box. The odds are the same for 2013 Topps Series 2 Baseball.

Click on the tabs above to get a complete gallery and checklist of 2013 Topps Baseball Proven Mettle cards from both Series 1 and Series 2.

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Series 1 Gallery

2013 Topps Baseball Proven Mettle Visual Checklist

PMC-AP Albert Pujols, Los Angeles Angels

PMC-BR Babe Ruth, New York Yankees

2013 Topps Baseball Proven Mettle Copper Babe Ruth

PMC-CK Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers

PMC-CL Cliff Lee, Philadelphia Phillies

PMC-DJ Derek Jeter, New York Yankees

PMC-EL Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay Rays

PMC-HA Hank Aaron, Milwaukee Braves

PMC-JH Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers

PMC-JM Joe Morgan, Cincinnati Reds

PMC-JR Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn Dodgers

PMC-JV Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers

PMC-JVO Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds

PMC-KGJ Ken Griffey Jr., Seattle Mariners

PMC-LG Lou Gehrig, New York Yankees

PMC-MC Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers

PMC-MK Matt Kemp, Los Angeles Dodgers

PMC-RB Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers

PMC-RC Roberto Clemente, Pittsburgh Pirates

PMC-RIH Rickey Henderson, Oakland Athletics

PMC-ROC Robinson Cano, New York Yankees

PMC-ROH Roy Halladay, Philadelphia Phillies

PMC-SK Sandy Koufax, Los Angeles Dodgers

PMC-SM Stan Musial, St. Louis Cardinals

PMC-TC Ty Cobb, Detroit Tigers

PMC-WM Willie Mays, San Francisco Giants

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Series 2 Gallery

2013 Topps Baseball Proven Mettle Visual Checklist

PMC-AG Adrian Gonzalez, Los Angeles Dodgers

PMC-AM Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates

PMC-BH Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals

PMC-BR Babe Ruth, New York Yankees

PMC-BRO Brooks Robinson, Baltimore Orioles

PMC-CR Cal Ripken Jr., Baltimore Orioles

PMC-CS CC Sabathia, New York Yankees

PMC-DW David Wright, New York Mets

PMC-GB George Brett, Kansas City Royals

PMC-HK Harmon Killebrew, Minnesota Twins

PMC-JB Johnny Bench, Cincinnati Reds

PMC-JF Jimmie Foxx, Boston Red Sox

PMC-JH Josh Hamilton, Los Angeles Angels

PMC-JV Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds

PMC-MM Manny Machado, Baltimore Orioles

PMC-MT Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

PMC-NR Nolan Ryan, Texas Rangers

PMC-OS Ozzie Smith, St. Louis Cardinals

PMC-PF Prince Fielder, Detroit Tigers

PMC-RJ Reggie Jackson, Oakland Athletics

PMC-TS Tom Seaver, New York Mets

PMC-TW Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox

PMC-WS Willie Stargell, Pittsburgh Pirates

PMC-WSP Warren Spahn, Milwaukee Braves

PMC-YD Yu Darvish, Texas Rangers

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