2013 Topps Baseball Million Dollar Chase Details and Guide

2013 Topps Baseball Million Dollar Chase Details and Guide

Many collectors dream of making their first million with baseball cards. The 2013 Topps Baseball Million Dollar Chase is providing such a chance.

2013 Topps Series 1 Baseball and 2013 Topps Series 2 Baseball have code cards similar to the 2012 Topps Baseball Golden Giveaway and 2012 Topps Football Game Time Giveaway. 2013 Topps Baseball Million Dollar Chase code cards unlock players. Each day, collectors use these unlocked players to pick someone they think will get a hit that day. If that player gets a hit, you start a streak. The first person to break the 56-game hitting streak wins the million-dollar grand prize.

Additional prizes are also available for other hit-streak milestones. These include thousands of autograph and coin cards. Season leaders qualify for more autographs and memorabilia.

2013 Topps Baseball Million Dollar Chase code cards are inserted approximately 1:6 packs.

2013 Topps Baseball Million Dollar Chase Details and Guide 1 2013 Topps Baseball Million Dollar Chase Details and Guide 2

Redeeming 2013 Topps Baseball Million Dollar Chase Codes and Playing Essentials

  1. Go to www.topps.com/thechase.
  2. Register and enter your codes.
  3. Unlock players.
  4. Initiate a streak by picking a player you think will get a hit that day.
  5. If they do get a hit, your streak continues.
  6. You may have three open streaks at one time.
  7. You can schedule the start of a streak up to five days in advance.
  8. The longer the streak, the bigger the prizes you win. However, you only win the prize for the top milestone reached. For example, if your streak ends at 21 games, you receive the 20-game streak prize of a set of coin cards. You do not get the 15-game streak prize of an autograph or anything below that.
  9. Be the first to get "hits" in 57 consecutive games and win $1 million.

2012 Topps Million Dollar Chase Prizes

Each prize level has a limited quantity. Prizes go to those who reach it first.

  • 5-Game Streak: Free code. Entered into a daily raffle for autograph cards. Raffles held 179 consecutive days. You are entered into the raffle only on the day you streak ends. Ten cards will be awarded each day.
  • 10-Game Streak: Exclusive coin card (Quantity: 2,500).
  • 15-Game Streak: Exclusive autograph card (Quantity: 1,000).
  • 20-Game Streak: Set of coin cards (Quantity: 20).
  • 25-Game Streak: Set of autograph cards (Quantity: 10).
  • 57-Game Streak: $1,000,000 (Quantity: 1).
  • The ten longest streaks at the end of the season get an autographed bat.

Additional Rules:

  • Codes must be redeemed before October 1, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST.
  • Promotion is open to residents in the US and Canada except Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii and Quebec.
  • Click here for a full list of rules.
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User Comments

  1. That million dollar chase is way harder than it seems. I’m not sure if they still do it, but mlb.com fantasy had the same promotion/task. I remember seeing a couple people go above 40 in a row…my personal record was 19 over a 3 year period.

  2. 56 games is going to be tough, but with the chance to win prizes in between, thats pretty tight!

  3. Make it easier to enter codes. I hear a lot of comments that its to hard to enter and people throw away there enteries.

  4. Do you need a 1million dollar card for each day or do you just use 1…… And do you have to have them all at the same time or can you just go out and get another one like a week later??

  5. The site isn’t live yet, so I can’t say 100% sure – but I’m 99% sure you’ll need a different code for each day. Those codes will also only unlock certain players.

    The idea behind these programs is to get people to keep buying product (or you can buy the code cards directly from the secondary market).

  6. I think this is going to be pretty easy all you have to do is pick a player that you think is going to get a hit and your streak continues. If i understood correctly??? Thanks for the chance to win prizes topps…

  7. Too funny. We were literally just updating our post when you posted this. Have fun and good luck!

  8. According to the site it also states that some codes will unlock an exclusive autographed Million Dollar Chase card. This is cool too in case you don’t get a streak…

  9. lawry arnold Not sure what you’re trying to register for? The Million Dollar Chase? That’s Topps, not us.

  10. Any idea of the direct hit odds from the website (without achieving a streak)? I’ve entered about 100 codes and have only received players for my roster – no cards.

  11. Can I use the same player 2 or more games in a row if he gets a hit? Or only the one game?

  12. I’m Very concerned about #1 you can ONLY use 9 codes? is this correct? so what do we do with free codes and what about all the extra code cards?
    #2 what about around the allstar game the first game of the year and the last game of the year there are only 1 or 2 or 3 games played, if we have no players does our streak end??

    Please let me know, would be great, thank you!!


  13. OK – a couple of things. First, in the Topps Million Dollar Chase, you have to reach 60 consecutive hits (just read it in the “How to Play” on the official website) to win $1 million (not 57, as stated at the top of this page). Second, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to reach that goal with only the 100 players provided to choose from – minus the injured players (i.e., Jeter, Texeira) and the Minor Leaguers (i.e., Profar), AND you’ll need to enter approximately 250 redemption codes to receive the full list of players (again, only 100) to choose from, AND if the player you pick does not get a hit, you lose that player for good (until you enter a code that provides that player to you again)….. If nobody can reach the 57 games required to win the big money (now $5.6 million) on MLB.com out of the millions of people who have played that game over the years with the ability to choose from a bigger pool of major league ballplayers, I do NOT know how someone will do it on Million Dollar Chase.

  14. Its season opner day, and I still can’t pick a player to start my streak. Maybe b/c I dont have any Rangers/Astros yet? I only have 9 cards online, so I hope those players do awesome or I’ll have to get more codes! I have two Alex Gordon’s so I might use him first. But I also have Mike Trout, so I might start with him and just hope he hits in every single game of the season, right!

  15. I can no longer add players to streaks. Is their a phone help line?

  16. I have four players right now. None of them play on April 11. If I leave that space blank am I done for on my 3 streaks.

  17. Following up on my question, I read that you can have 3 open streaks at one time. Does that mean you don’t have to be a player for a certain date ? Is this for the purpose if all of your players aren’t playing that day ? That happens to me on April 11, not that I’ll get that far ! : )

  18. How do you redeem the Chase cards with the number and letters on the back Is this a game or can you redeem the cards using the numbers on the back

  19. I registered and have many players on my team. Cannot figure out how to designate a hitter to start a streak. Please help! Thanks!

  20. Frank Schaukowitch When you’re logged in, click on My Streaks. Pick a player by clicking it on the carousel and then add them to Streak 1, 2 or 3. It’s not the easiest of interfaces.

  21. They said I won a 5streak autograph and code card but it doesn’t show me the picture of the autograph card I won. They will be mailing out cards in may. Why it doesn’t show you the picture of the card you won? It just have a blank photo and a 95×150 in size. What’s up with this?

  22. navolin Congrats on winning. You would have to ask Topps why there’s no picture.

  23. Ryan – Thanks for the help. I’m not 100% sure how I did it this time, but I think it worked.

  24. Can you only have three streaks going at one time???

  25. Frank Schaukowitch I believe so. There’s only the three slots.

  26. Buying/Selling chase cards voids them. It’s stated clearly in Topps rules. So selling them is pretty immoral and buying them… useless. It would suck to streak 60 hits then have to forfiet the prizes from using illegal chase cards Rules read:
    Codes are valid only for the Promotion and may only be used in accordance with these Official Rules. Any other use/attempted use of Codes is prohibited. Codes have no cash value and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash or credit. Any attempt to purchase/sell, trade, transfer, assign or exchange Codes is void.

  27. pablo streeter Although I’m no lawyer, I don’t think they can stop the sale of the cards that have the codes on them. Topps knows people buy and sell code cards. While you’d want to check with Topps themselves, it may be a matter of not wanting people selling their virtual portfolios.

  28. I started a streak with Ryan Braun on 5/1. He has a streak in process. However, I did not enter his name on 5/2, 5/3, etc. Did I need to do that or does Topps know his streak is still going???

  29. Frank Schaukowitch I’m pretty sure they keep going until you pull them.

  30. I am 55 years old bought my first pack of baseball cards in 25 years and started playing that Topps Streak game I was the 4th person this year to make it to 25 my streak is currently active at 27 . I didn’t play today for only the second time as my strategy now is extreme caution! LOL Also my current streak leads the world! WOW how exciting to say the least and fun ,I think 57 straight is possible but the odds are most likely in the tens of thousands to 1

  31. Dan, all,

    How do you know the stats – like “I was the 4th person this year to make it to 25” and “my current streak leads the world.” I’ve hit 10 a couple of times. How do we know there are still coins/autos still available – b/c they’re limited to 2,500 and 1,000 respectively. I don’t want to keep playing if there’s nothing left worth playing for… Lastly, it says on the topps chase site the cards will be available to ship in May. Does that mean they’ll automatically ship them, or you have to pay for them to be shipped like last year?

    Any help would be most appreciated,

  32. Tommy Lantz You’d have to check with Topps about availability. I don’t think there is a shipping fee as the cards are a prize. That’s how it has been in the past. The vintage giveaway cards had a fee because they were a giveaway and guaranteed with each code.

  33. Fair enough. I called topps this morning and sat on hold for close to an hour before someone told me they don’t know about availability of the chase coin and auto cards. Can anyone shed some light on the topic of “am I wasting my time with the chase game if the first few thousand have already been awarded?’

  34. Ok if you registered you can log in and see the leaderboard ,streaks ,rules,roster ,your prizes . Right now I am guessing the first 20 for the coin set is gone as of week of 5-13-2013 . It says you can only win 1 prize per streak so after I passed 25 I don’t get the 20 coin card set, I get the/20 in a set auto cards .As of today 5/2013 6 have reached 25 . I had one streak end at 14 to start the season so I get 1 coin card for it after 2 straight misses after that streak ended ive got 28 straight so tomorrow ill be on top . Man is this fun sad when it will end real sad . My goal was to try to get into the 30s for a bat ill bet a streak of 32 should be a top ten . Well my real goal was 25 just to get the autographs cards is more than I expected. You cant research luck much but you can research the hitters track records and go from there and pitching matchups .Ill post here again maybe in a couple days . The autogragh bat has a retail value of 50$ set auto cards 200$ set coin cards 50$ but 57 straight 1 million or how about this MLB.com has a streak game too the jackpot has rolled over to 5.6 million and no one has won it I read up a few messages? I am just playing this for fun ive never even owned an autograph lol I pulled a 1/1 platinum Didi Gregorius after 6 packs after not buying since late 80s and here I am with a 28 game hitting streak ,I might need blood pressure pills before this is over see yahs

  35. yeah Thanks Mike ,didn’t see it yesterday …my streak is still active at 29 . not sure if ill go for 30 tonight yet

  36. Oh I have a question for anyone that sees this when you register for this Topps streak game do you see the 2 leaderboards? I never saw the leaderboards myself till the streak was 18 and made the list

  37. Yes we can all see the list of the leaderboard, you guys are doing a GREAT job i seem to not be able to get past 7-8 games myself :( Good luck and have fun!

  38. Did Topps have this game last year? Ive had a lot streaks end before 5 let alone 10 . After 6 you really need the best players in the game and use them wisely . Don’t use your best players in the game for streaks less than 7 . I change my name Dan here from above ,my streak reached 30 today . Not sure on next move its a secret lol

  39. Yeah I saw that game on MLB.com Beat The Streak where you pick 2 players ,haven’t even read the rules yet. But 5.6 Million jackpot lol that makes me fell bad my current streak for this Topps game is now 32 and did it with 1 guy per day if I could pick 2 players in this game id be in the forties right now most likely since I had a 14 streak on streak 1 also oh well

  40. Are those the Auto cards on top of this page that you win with a streak of 25? If they are they are junk and worthless ,and not even authentic just something made from a printing machine

  41. Skyeye109 It’s a digital mock-up Topps produced to give people an idea of what they will look like pending approval.

  42. Does any one know when Topps will actually start shipping prizes for the Million Dollar Chase? I have won 5 Prizes. It states that they will start mailing in May. Well its past May. But i have yet to receive any prizes . Has anyone received there prizes yet? Please anybody, Help!!!

  43. They said I won two autograph cards and haven’t received nothing yet. Have anybody received anything yet? Do they call u or email you for winnings guranted?

  44. navolin Your best bet would be to call Topps. It’s doubtful they will call you. I’ve heard from other prize winners who have had the items appear on their doorstep. You may also want to check the contest fine print to see if they’re holding off sending out all prizes when the promotion ends rather than bits and pieces at a time.

  45. Me too ive won 22 auto cards and 2 coin cards but haven’t gotten nothing yet

  46. I finally got my picture of autograph cards but they haven’t gave me a piccture of the cal ripkens jr. Coin card. Do anybody know the stats on the shipping out. I have add my cards to the cart and sayn processing.

  47. Some of these cards are starting to show up on eBay and not as pre-sells. Has anyone seen a checklist for the cards?

  48. Finally received one autographed card boone logan. Don’t know if it came from my wrapper redemption or the cards I won on the million dollar chase giveaway. Should have two of those plus cal riken jr. Coin card. Who have received any auto’s yet?

  49. For about three weeks now I see that others on the east coast and Illinois have received their autographs and coin cards (verified by ebay sales), but for some reason, I have not received mine. It still says “Processing” on the website. I have two autos and two coin cards that are supposed to be sent to me. Very inconsistent mailings…

  50. Can anybody please answer this question???? I have a streak going and my player isn’t playing on a certain date (which has happened a bunch of times) now do I leave that date blank and will it just pass keeping my streak going??? or do i substitute with another player for that day so i dont lose my streak??? or do i just lose my streak??? hope somebody sees this

  51. Response to MLB-Mike: It should keep your streak going. Doesn’t matter though, apparantly all the prizes are gone. Now people in California and Utah have had their coins and autographs mailed but so far me in Wyoming and at least one guy in Reno have yet to receive our winnings, even though we both requested mailings on the first available day.

  52. When I registered for the Topps Million Dollar Chase game they have my phone number and address .So wheres my set of auto cards already? I am not calling them they have my number I had a streak of 34 I see some people on e bay already got theres ? Common this is taking too long . Do not call my house I am almost bankrupt and getting endless calls from bill collectors that I refuse to talk too

  53. To Ryan..et al

    Are there any spontaneous code “prizes” that Topps has seeded
    among the universe of 1m code cards?

  54. Hey Guys Should I calls Topps Cust Svc. about my ? and wait 45-60 mins.?

    Help me out … this game is too much for ,,, got 55 codes to input… thanx

  55. Hey Ryan and Mike ! I got my 23 Auto Cards on Friday and the 28 total Coin Cards the next day and was pretty surprised which led to shock lol . Its like wow really high quality and numbered cards too on the Autos and what there selling them for on e bay . I hope they have this game next year too as I will play again . This is the first time I played these streak games and my 34 streak after I had lost a 14 .I actually had 2 streaks end at 14 ,but this was a fun game to play and cant thank Topps enough for all this . You guys really have a dream job . Topps has really been kinda like my favorite toy since the 60s ……Thanks again

  56. I know it appears the major prizes are gone, but shouldn’t the daily raffle prizes – autographed cards – still be available? They are holding 179 straight raffles, with up to 10 cards per day, so there should still be cards available, if the first drawing happened April 4, right? I hope so, because I still have codes!

  57. Wooohoo just won an Autographed Adam Dunn Card from the 5 streak daily raffle and it currently shows the picture of the card, status went from pending to processing after verifing my address and I also received a email verification regarding my prize, so far so good and will be interesting to see when this card arrives at my location in San Diego CA. Will be sure to post a comment once it does regarding time frame. Also I hope Topps wraps all of these redemption issues up soon and there is a couple of ways this can be achieved but would cost Topps more then the negative feedback is currently effecting profits. Sounds like the first issue in need of attention is the customer service not being up to par and as is with most large companies. Regardless of size, products offered or how good/bad PR of a particular company is, there will always be room for improvement and is no simple task when it comes to finding employees trained/experianced in C.S. let alone knowledgable of the products, current promotions, current issues, and so on at any given time or for every phone call, let alone that employee having the authority to offer/promise/deny the “Customer is always right” individual who is already frustrated with you because you finally took them off hold……Topps is still the best!

  58. Awesome MLB season! Just wanted to give Daniel Cuthbert, what was it skyeye…, a giant screw-you(just joking great streak) for pushing me into losing my streak at 37 with albert poolhouse(HE’S FAT). Really would have liked to undue that pick right after I entered it. I should have been more patient. Looks like my guinea pig rescue will have to wait until next season, assuming Topps does it again. Would have liked to break 40 at least, but like Cubs fans say “we’ll get em’ next year” We miss You SweetP(the rapping guinea piggy) and you will not be forgotten. Much love to Topps, my fellow collectors and Piggies everywhere! win4sweetP will be back next season and will win the $1M to save as many piggies as a million dollars can!

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