2010 Topps Finest Baseball

2010 Topps Finest Baseball



Good: Lots of guaranteed hits, refractors, and rookie cards per box.

Bad: Base card design is pretty bleak and uninspiring.

Summary: 2010 Topps Finest Baseball is the best Finest set to hit store shelves since the early 2000's. While it pales a bit in comparison to the red hot 2010 Bowman Baseball set, it has enough going for it to justify buying a box or two of it.

Staff Rating:
3.5 / 5.0

Enjoyability: I haven't been a big fan of Finest baseball in recent years but this years set was a pleasant surprise. I didn't win the Heyward auto redemption sweepstakes but did come away with an Ike Davis Blue Refractor Redemption, a Joe Mauer Manufactered MLB Logo Patch and a Buster Posey Refractor Lettermen Autograph, as well as a number of other nice cards. All and all it was a consistently fun break all the way to the last pack.

This set has tons of value packed into it. Each hobby box yields 2 Autographed Rookie Lettermen Patches, 1 MLB Logo Manufactured Patch, 1 Finest Rookie Redemption, and a wide variety of refractors, rookie cards, and base cards - all for just over $100.

The secondary market demand for the Finest Rookie Redemptions and MLB Logo cards are so strong that it is possible to recoup a large portion (possibly all) of the box price by selling these two inserts on ebay and keeping all your other pulls. Such was the case for me. My Redemption and Logo pulls were by no means exceptional, yet still managed to offset the majority of the box's cost by generating a combined $75 on the eBay auction block. That left me with only $35 out of pocket expense for all the remaining cards in the box, which is a really phenomenal deal.

The biggest issue I have with 2010 Topps Finest Baseball is the base card design. I can kind of see where they were trying to go with it but they definitely fell short. The base cards have an almost gothic look to them. Thankfully the colored refractors and Lettermen Patch cards look infinitely better.

The 2010 set stays true to the Topps Finest formula of being an early season rookie card packed upper mid end product. All of the the big name (and not so big name) 2010 MLB rookies are present along with the regular cast of stars and veterans. Rookies who missed qualifying for inclusion in the set (a list that so far includes Jason Heyward and Ike Davis) make cameo appearances via the popular Finest Rookie Redemption program.

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Set Checklist

2010 Topps Finest Baseball Set Checklist

Visual 2010 Topps Finest Baseball Rookie Redemption Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Refractor #/699
Blue Refractor #/399
Green Refractor #/99
Gold Refractor #/50
Red Refractor #/25
Purple Refractor #1/1

Card #Player Name
1Tim Lincecum
2Evan Longoria
3Alex Rodriguez
4Ryan Braun
5Grady Sizemore
6David Wright
7Albert Pujols
8Derrek Lee
10Justin Morneau
11Johan Santana
12Matt Kemp
13Daisuke Matsuzaka
14Derek Jeter
15Mark Buehrle
16Chipper Jones
17Prince Fielder
18Ryan Howard
19Vladimir Guerrero
20Alexei Ramirez
21Joba Chamberlain
22Russell Martin
23CC Sabathia
24Adam Dunn
25Jose Reyes
26Michael Young
27Joe Mauer
28Mark Teixeira
29Jason Bartlett
30Johnny Damon
31Miguel Cabrera
32Adam Wainwright
33Brandon Webb
34Carlos Pena
35Jorge Posada
36Pablo Sandoval
37Manny Ramirez
38Robinson Cano
39Nick Markakis
40Justin Upton
41Adrian Gonzalez
42Ian Kinsler
43Ryan Zimmerman
44Mark Reynolds
45Raul Ibanez
46Jason Bay
47Kendry Morales
48Todd Helton
49Dan Uggla
50Adam Lind
51Victor Martinez
52Mariano Rivera
53Chase Utley
54Kevin Youkilis
55Carlos Lee
56Josh Hamilton
57Brad Hawpe
58Brandon Inge
59Bobby Abreu
60Nelson Cruz
61James Loney
62Jason Kubel
63Russell Branyan
64Curtis Granderson
65Ken Griffey Jr.
66Troy Tulowitzki
67Jermaine Dye
68Paul Konerko
69Josh Johnson
70David Ortiz
71Hideki Matsui
72Dustin Pedroia
73John Lester
74Joey Votto
75Josh Beckett
76Billy Butler
77David DeJesus
78Nick Swisher
79Brian Roberts
80Felix Hernandez
81J.A. Happ
82Marco Scutaro
83Hanley Ramirez
84Lance Berkman
85Dan Haren
86Yunel Escobar
87Justin Verlander
88Carlos Beltran
89Shane Victorino
90Carl Crawford
91Adam Jones
92Jason Marquis
93Everth Cabrera
94B.J. Upton
95Ted Lilly
96Ubaldo Jimenez
97Aaron Hill
98Kousuke Fukudome
99Jorge Cantu
100Jose Lopez
101Rick Porcello
102Matt Cain
103Chone Figgins
104Tommy Hanson
105Jacoby Ellsbury
106Clayton Kershaw
107Miguel Tajada
108Yovani Gallardo
109Andrew McCutchen
110Felipe Lopez
111Asdrubal Cabrera
112Roy Halladay
113Hunter Pence
114Gordon Beckham
115Cole Hamels
116Brian McCann
117Michael Cuddyer
118Cliff Lee
119Roy Oswalt
120A.J. Pierzynski
121Jayson Werth
122Mike Lowell
123John Lannan
124Luis Castillo
125Andy Pettitte

Rookie Set Checklist

Patch Variation Cards Exisit #/50

Card #Player Name
126Neil Walker
127Brad Kilby
128Chris Johnson
129Tommy Manzella
130Sergio Escalona
131Chris Pettit
132Kevin Richardson
133Armando Gabino
134Reid Gorecki
135Justin Turner
136Adam Moore
137Kyle Phillips
138John Hester
139Dusty Hughes
140Victor Marte
141Jeff Manship
142Dan Runzler
143Pedro Viola
144Craig Gentry
145Brent Dlugach
146Esmil Rogers
147Josh Butler
148Dustin Richardson
149Matt Carson
150Henry Rodriguez

Auto Patch Rookie Set Checklist

Serial #/299 or Less

Card #Player Name
151Brandon Allen
152Tyler Colvin
153Tyler Flowers
154Daniel Hudson
155Juan Francisco
156Drew Stubbs
157Michael Brantley
158Carlos Carrasco
159Eric Young Jr.
160Tobi Stoner
161Josh Thole
162Michael Dunn
163Daniel McCutchen
164Eric Hacker
165Luis Durango
166Cesar Ramos
167Madison Bumgarner
168Buster Posey
169Wade Davis
170Ian Desmond

Finest Moment Autograph Set Checklist

Red Parallel #/25
Purple Parallel #1/1

Card #Player Name
FMA-GBGordon Beckham
FMA-AHAaron Hill
FMA-CCSC.C. Sabathia
FMA-CFChone Figgins
FMA-CGCurtis Granderson
FMA-CKClayton Kershaw
FMA-CYChris Young
FMA-DPDustin Pedroia
FMA-DSDenard Span
FMA-DWDavid Wright
FMA-HRHanley Ramirez
FMA-JCJohnny Cueto
FMA-JJJosh Johnson
FMA-MRManny Ramirez
FMA-PFPrince Fielder
FMA-RBRyan Braun
FMA-RHRyan Howard
FMA-THTommy Hanson
FMA-TTTroy Tulowitzki
FMA-UJUbaldo Jimenez

In The Name X-Fractor Signed Book Set Checklist

Exclusive 1/1

Card #Player Name
IN-BABrandon Allen
IN-JTJosh Thole
IN-TCTyler Colvin
IN-MDMichael Dunn
IN-TFTyler Flowers
IN-DMDaniel McCutchen
IN-DHDaniel Hudson
IN-EHEric Hacker
IN-JFJuan Francisco
IN-LDLuis Durango
IN-DSDrew Stubbs
IN-CRCesar Ramos
IN-MBMichael Brantley
IN-MBMadison Bumgarner
IN-CCCarlos Carrasco
IN-BPBuster Posey
IN-EYEric Young Jr.
IN-WDWade Davis
IN-TSTobi Stoner
IN-IDIan Desmond

RC Autograph Letterman Patch Set Checklist

1 per minibox
Parallel Refractor Versions
* Refractor #/75
* Blue Refractor #/25
* Gold Refractor #/10
* Red Refractor #/5
* Purple Refractor #1/1
* Printing Plates (4) #1/1

Card #Player Name
151Brandon Allen
152Tyler Colvin
153Tyler Flowers
154Daniel Hudson
155Juan Francisco
156Drew Stubbs
157Michael Brantley
158Carlos Carrasco
159Eric Young Jr.
160Tobi Stoner
161Josh Thole
162Michael Dunn
163Daniel McCutchen
164Eric Hacker
165Luis Durango
166Cesar Ramos
167Madison Bumgarner
168Buster Posey
169Wade Davis
170Ian Desmond

Product Details

Product Configuration:

  • (5) cards per pack
  • (6) packs per mini-box
  • (2) mini-boxes per master box
  • (8) master boxes per case

2010 Topps Finest Baseball Product Highlights:

  • Autographed Patch Rookie Cards Featuring On-Card Signatures.
  • Hobby Exclusive
  • In the Name X-Fractor Rookie Book Cards

Each 2010 Topps Finest Baseball Master Box Contains:

  • 2 Numbered Autographed Rookie Patch Card. 1 Per Mini Box!
  • 10 Numbered Parallel Cards. 5 Per Mini Box!
  • One 2010 Rookie Card Redemption

Product Breakdown:

Each card numbered* to 299 or less is highlighted with an autographed letter patch from the last name of any one of 20 rookie subjects. All autographs are signed on-card.

  • New! Purple - One of One!
  • New! Printing Plate - One of One!
  • Red - Numbered* to 5
  • Gold - Numbered* to 10
  • Blue - Numbered* to 25
  • Refractor - Numbered* to 75


  • One of One

The 25 rookies in a variation version, flaunting an MLB Rookie Card Logo Patch along with an RC logo and numbered* to 50. Available in a One of One Purple Refractor version!

Get a first look at 10 of the top 2010 Rookies. Each rookie is represented with randomly inserted, numbered, redemption cards, which can be redeemed for an actual 2010 rookie card of the player.

    • Gold - Numbered to 50*
    • Blue - Numbered to 199*

20 players each sign their cards which depict a highlight from the 2009 MLB season.

    • NEW! Purple - One of One!
    • Red - Numbered* to 25

125 top MLB veterans and 25 rookies!

    • New! Purple - One of One!
    • Framed Printing Plates - One of One!
    • Red - Numbered* to 25
    • Gold - Numbered* to 50
    • Green - Numbered* to 99
    • Blue - Numbered* to 399
    • Refractor - Numbered* to 699

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2010 Topps Finest Baseball, reviewed by Jennifer Smeth on 2009-12-03T14:57:49-05:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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