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2000 Inkworks Simpsons 10th Anniversary Trading Cards

2000 Inkworks Simpsons 10th Anniversary Trading Cards

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The Simpsons has had its share of anniversaries and milestones. 2000 Inkworks Simpsons 10th Anniversary trading cards not only look back at the show's first decade but includes a significant hobby milestone for the show. This set gave collectors their first taste of Simpsons autographed trading cards.

The 81-card base set largely revolves around characters. Other cards look at the premiere episodes of the first 11 seasons, art spoofs and couch gags.

Autographs come from five of the major voice actors: Nancy Cartwright (Bart), Dan Castellaneta (Homer), Yeardley Smith (Lisa), Harry Shearer (Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns) and Marcia Wallace (Mrs. Krabappel). Inkworks never released official autograph odds, but they are believed to be one in every two or three boxes.

2000 Inkworks Simpsons 10th Anniversary has a few basic inserts that stress fun over anything else. Cut-Up cards (nine cards, 1:11 packs) feature die-cut images of key characters in dynamic poses.Nuclear Neon (six cards, 1:17 packs) are notable for their bright green coloring.

Four Diorama-Rama cards (1:27) work together to form interactive scenes. The first two cards act as backgrounds. The other two are clear and can be placed on the backdrops. The idea is to mimic the animation process.

2000 Inkworks Simpsons 10th Anniversary has a custom binder that's die-cut along the top in the shape of Bart's classic spiked hair.

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2000 Inkworks Simpsons 10th Anniversary Checklist

Base Set Checklist

81 cards. Decoder inserted 1 per pack and often included with set. Shop for base sets on eBay.
2000 Inkworks Simpsons 10th Anniversary Trading Cards 1

1 The Simpsons
2 Good Night
3 Making Faces
4 Shut Up Simpsons
5 Simpsons Premieres
6 First Emmy
7 Bart Gets an F
8 Do the Bartman
9 Stark Raving Dad
10 Kamp Krusty
11 Homer's Barbershop Quartet
12 Bart of Darkness
13 Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Pt Two)
14 Treehouse of Horror VII
15 The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson
16 Lard of the Dance
17 Beyond Blunderdome
18 Global Fan Fest
19 Marge
20 Grampa
21 Homer
22 Maggie
23 Bart
24 Lisa
25 Snowball II
26 Selma & Patty
27 Santa's Little Helper
28 Mr. Burns
29 Waylon Smithers
30 Seymour Skinner
31 Edna Krabappel
32 Dr. Julius Hibbert
33 Chief Wiggum
34 Krusty the Clown
35 Sideshow Bob & Sideshow Mel
36 Itchy & Scratchy
37 The Flanders
38 Apu
39 Otto
40 Groundskeeper Willie
41 Moe & Barney
42 Lenny & Carl
43 The Thugs
44 Sissies
45 Milhouse
46 Dali
47 Hopper
48 Botticelli
49 Roy Lichtenstein
50 Munch
51 Michelangelo
52 Tips
53 Know-how
54 Trivia
55 Pick Pocket
56 Super Dad
57 In the Groove
58 Pie-Pi
59 Mischief Maker
60 Homework Helper
61 Kiss the Cook
62 Couch Potato
63 At the Beach
64 Patty & Selma
65 Bart Demure
66 Kiss My...
67 Low Rider
68 Howdy Homer
69 Sweet Homer
70 M in Mr. Burns
71 Marge Arises
72 Forbidden Fruit
73 Bongo Bart
74 Saxy Lisa
75 Cool Maggie
76 Big Foot
77 Wall Mount
78 Family Skeletons
79 Reverse Order
80 Underwater
81 Checklist Thingy
T1 Decoder

Autographs Checklist

5 cards. Insertion rates not released.

A1 Harry Shearer
A2 Dan Castellaneta
A3 Yeardley Smith
A4 Nancy Cartwright
A5 Marcia Wallace
R1 Redemption Card
2000 Inkworks Simpsons 10th Anniversary Trading Cards 2

Cut-Up Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:11 packs.

C1 Homer - Duff Beer
C2 Lisa
C3 Bart
C4 Maggie
C5 Marge
C6 Homer - TV Remote
C7 Grandpa
C8 Krusty
C9 Sideshow Bob
2000 Inkworks Simpsons 10th Anniversary Trading Cards 3

Diorama-Rama Checklist

4 cards. Inserted 1:27 packs.

D1 Kitchen, Backyard
D2 Bar, Nuclear Plant
D3 Bart Mooning
D4 Homer Snoozing
2000 Inkworks Simpsons 10th Anniversary Trading Cards 4

Nuclear Neon Checklist

6 cards. Inserted 1:17 packs.

2000 Inkworks Simpsons 10th Anniversary Trading Cards 5

Case Topper Checklist

2000 Inkworks Simpsons 10th Anniversary Trading Cards 6

SC-1 Greetings from Springfield, USA

Promo Card Checklist

P-1 Bart
P-2 Homer
P-3 Marge
P-4 Bart
NSU-1 Homer and Marge
PS-i Bart - Slingshot
SD2000 Simpsons Family
WW2000 Bart - Slingshot
2000 Inkworks Simpsons 10th Anniversary Trading Cards 7

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