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1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series II Trading Cards

1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series II Trading Cards

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Even if you've given up on the latter seasons of The Simpsons, there's no denying the creativity and wit of the early seasons. 1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series II is a testament to this. It's a set that focuses on fun, art and interactivity. And while it might not have the excitement of SkyBox's first release that had Matt Groening sketch cards or the later Inkworks sets that had both autographs and sketches, this is still one of the top sets Simpsons trading cards produced.

The base set is broken down into four sections, each with their own design and numbering: Characters (S1-S40), Itchy & Scratchy (I1-I20), Bartman (B1-B10) and Radioactive Man (R1-R10). All told, a complete set has 80 cards. It compliments the previous year's set very well, offering similar subsets but no overlap. For the characters, this means a lot more supporting roles than leads. But it's The Simpsons, and the rich list of characters makes it work.

1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series II Trading Cards 1 1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series II Trading Cards 2

1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series II Trading Cards 3 1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series II Trading Cards 4

1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series 2 has a varied roster of inserts. The most popular are the Arty Art cards, which give a high-art spin on lead stars. Inserted 1:180 packs, they're tough to find and can be pricey.

Other inserts let collectors do something with the card rather than just look at them. There's Disappearing Ink (four cards, 1:36), scratch and sniff Smell-O-Rama (ten cards, 1:3) and lenticular Wiggle cards (nine cards, 1:6).

Completists should expect something of a challenge if they opt to chase all of the promo cards. Some are quite common while others don't surface very often and can cost significant amounts. Long-time baseball card collectors will likely appreciate the two Willie "The Dupe" Dipkin promos. The card is designed to spoof the infamous 1989 Fleer Billy Ripken "F*** Face" card.

1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series II Trading Cards 5 1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series II Trading Cards 6

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1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series II Checklist

Base Set Checklist

80 cards. Each subset has different numbering. Shop for base sets on eBay.


S1 Seymour Skinner
S2 Otto
S3 Lou & Eddie
S4 Human Fly
S5 Ned Flanders
S6 Laura Powers
S7 Montgomery Burns
S8 Waylon Smithers
S9 Marvin Monroe
S10 Bleeding Gums Murphy
S11 Dr. Hibbert
S12 Sherri & Terri
S13 Reverend Lovejoy
S14 Tattoo Guy
S15 Todd Flanders
S16 Santa's Little Helper
S17 The Devil
S18 Baby Bart
S19 Herman
S20 Hans Moleman
S21 Emily Winthrop
S22 Mr. Teeny
S23 Martin Prince
S24 Moe
S25 Mayor Quimby
S26 Leon Kompowski
S27 Snake
S28 Mrs. Bouvier
S29 Herb Powell
S30 Benjamin, Doug, & Gary
S31 Lionel Hutz
S32 Kearney
S33 Mindy Simmons
S34 Pepi
S35 Lunchlady Doris
S36 Ralph Wiggum
S37 Llewellyn Sinclair
S38 Kodos
S39 Jebediah Springfield
S40 Checklist

Itchy & Scratchy

I1 Mow, Mow, Mow Your Throat
I2 Pop Goes the Scratchy
I3 This Spurting Life
I4 Stare at the spirals...
I5 Down the Hatchet
I6 My Scratchy Dies Over the Ocean
I7 The Only Way To Fry
I8 Opti-Kill Illusions
I9 Aorta Be in Pictures
I10 Take Me Out to the Maul Game
I11 The Cat Who Slew Too Much
I12 Can you read Itchy's mind?
I13 The Blast Picture Show
I14 A Tomb with a Mew
I15 O Solo Meow
I16 In Scare-E-O
I17 That Was Then, This Is Pow!
I18 Field of Screams
I19 All the Cat's Horses...
I20 Checklist


B1 Houseboy
B2 The Revenge of Lisa the Conjuror
B3 Maggeena
B4 The Origin of Bart Dog!
B5 The Angry Scotsman
B6 Bart Simpson, Archenemy of Evil!
B7 The Penalizer
B8 Untold Tales of the Bart-Signal!
B9 Half-Nelson
B10 Checklist

Radioactive Man

R1 Brain-O
R2 Bug Boy
R3 Plasmo
R4 Larceny Lass
R5 Black Partridge
R6 Bleeding Heart
R7 Hypno Head
R8 Captain Squid
R9 Weasel Woman
R10 The Containment Dome

1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series II Trading Cards 28

Arty Art Checklist

4 cards. Inserted 1:180 packs.

A1 Mary Fleener
A2 Sam Kieth
A3 Gary Panter
A4 Jim Valentino - Shadowbart, Homer Hawk
1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series II Trading Cards 29

Disappearing Ink Checklist

4 cards. Inserted 1:36 packs.

D1 Principal Skinner
D2 Itchy to Scratchy
D3 Bartman
D4 Bart Simpson
1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series II Trading Cards 30

Smell-O-Rama Checklist

10 cards. Inserted 1:3 packs.

1 Marge's Guide to Glamour
2 Springfield's Top Tourist Attractions
3 Homer Simpson's Rules to Live By
4 Snowball II's Bottom 13
5 Maggie Simpson's Bottom 14
6 Moe's 10 Most Hated Prank Phone Calls
7 Patty and Selma's Surefire Guide to Trapping Yourself a Man
8 Apu's Bottom 10
9 Barney's Brain Twizzlers
10 Lunchlady Doris
1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series II Trading Cards 31

Wiggle Cards Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:6 packs.

W1 Homer Donut
W2 Bartman
W3 Itchy & Scratchy
W4 Krusty
W5 Larva Kiss
W6 Chainsaw Scratchy
W7 Princess Kashmir
W8 Itchy & Scratchy
W9 Hypno Head
1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series II Trading Cards 32

Promo Cards Checklist

1994 SkyBox Simpsons Series II Trading Cards 33

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