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1996 Topps Mars Attacks Widevision Trading Cards

1996 Topps Mars Attacks Widevision Trading Cards

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How many card sets can say they've made the transition to the big screen? If you ignore the monstrosity known as The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, the list has just one major entry: Mars Attakcks! It was only natural that the Hollywood film, which was directed by Tim Burton, get its own set of cards. That would be 1996 Topps Mars Attacks Widevision.

Taking on an over-sized tall boy format made popular by a series of similar Star Wars sets, the idea was to capture images as they'd be seen on the big screen. With so many strange Burton shots, it makes for a fun base set of 72 cards.

Fronts are inspired by the original 1962 Topps Mars Attacks design. While the images themselves run a full-bleed format, the green nameplates are clearly based off the set that inspired the movie. It consists of a green bar, a yellow flying saucer icon with the card number and a red caption.

Card backs take full advantage of the larger format. They come with a pair of additional images, both of which get write-ups as well.

1996 Topps Mars Attacks Widevision Trading Cards 1 1996 Topps Mars Attacks Widevision Trading Cards 2

1996 Topps Mars Attacks Widevision has just one insert set. Six Destruct-O-Rama cards cards use some of the most iconic art to come from the original set. The holo-foil design gives them a decidedly modern twist.

Although this set doesn't have autographs, the Mars Attacks movie was revisited in 2013 Topps Mars Attacks Invasion with Movie Autographs inserts. While none of the film's many big names are among the signers, the list does include Pam Grier and some other familiar faces.

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1996 Topps Mars Attacks Widevision Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1996 Topps Mars Attacks Widevision Trading Cards 3

1 Life on Mars...Grotesque Death for Earth!
2 Burning Cattle!
3 Unearthly Visage!
4 First Contact Calamity!
5 Blasted by the Aliens!
6 A Message from Earth!
7 Within the Control Room!
8 Discussing the Message!
9 A Mag for Men and Martians!
10 Message from the President!
11 Lure of the Girlie Mag!
12 Scoffing at Earth's Plea!
13 Beast and the Beauty!
14 The Leader's Plan!
15 Examining Human Artifacts!
16 A Visit to Capitol Hill!
17 The Martian Ambassador Speaks!
18 The Martian Ambassador Fires!
19 Blasted into Oblivion!
20 The Martians Kill Congress!
21 Victims of the Death Ray!
22 Congressional Massacre!
23 Jerry Gets the Point!
24 Keeping an Eye on Jerry!
25 A Martian in Disguise!
26 The Assassin Revealed!
27 Mission: Fry the First Family!
28 Rusty's Last Stand!
29 Roasting a Retriever!
30 Blown Away by Mitch!
31 The Invasion Begins!
32 Death of a Tour Guide!
33 Martians in the White House!
34 No Respect for Our Heritage!
35 Invading the Oval Office!
36 A Martian Bites the Big One!
37 Kids to the Rescue!
38 Blasted by Their Own Blaster!
39 Target: Las Vegas Casino!
40 Getting Into the Act!
41 Alien Show Stoppers!
42 Observing Earth's Customs!
43 Trailer Park Imperiled!
44 Death in a Junkyard!
45 A Gunslinging Martian!
46 Heartland Holocaust!
47 There's Martians Everywhere!
48 Retirement Home Horror!
49 Grandma's Unexpected Visitor!
50 The Plan to Waste Grandma!
51 Rolling in the Death Ray!
52 Targeting a Senior Citizen!
53 Oblivious to Impending Doom!
54 Grandma Faces the Fiends!
55 Slim-Slamming the Enemy!
56 Meeting with the Martians!
57 The Incredibly Shrunken General!
58 Martians on the Runway!
59 Byron's Supreme Sacrifice!
60 Mankind Clobbers the Martians!
61 Behind-the-Scenes
62 Behind-the-Scenes
63 Behind-the-Scenes
64 Behind-the-Scenes
65 Behind-the-Scenes
66 Behind-the-Scenes
67 Behind-the-Scenes
68 Behind-the-Scenes
69 Behind-the-Scenes
70 Behind-the-Scenes
71 Behind-the-Scenes
72 Checklist

Destruct-O-Rama Holo-Foil Checklist

6 cards. Inserted 1:9 packs.
1996 Topps Mars Attacks Widevision Trading Cards 4

MA-1 Martians Approaching
MA-2 Beast and the Beauty
MA-3 Burning Flesh
MA-4 Crushed to Death
MA-5 Prize Captive
MA-6 Destroying a Dog

Promo Card Checklist

1996 Topps Mars Attacks Widevision Trading Cards 5

Martian Face - Green Logo
Martian Face - Red Logo
Martian Reading


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