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1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards

1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards


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The original Marvel Masterpieces line is one of the most impressive ever for comic trading cards. With high art the focal point, it's tough to go wrong. And while 1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces might not command huge prices or carry a massive checklist, it lives up to the brand's name.

The entire set features artwork by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt. This is similar to the first Masterpieces set released a couple of years earlier that had card fronts from Joe Jusko. 1993 saw a large roster of artists contribute cards.

The 1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces base set has 140 cards. Focusing exclusively on characters rather than events, the artwork is trademark Hildebrandt. Highly detailed and colorful, their interpretations take a more realistic approach.

Card fronts use art as the focal point. Paintings are presented with a full-bleed layout. The only additions are a small nameplate and a Masterpieces logo, both in gold foil.

1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 1 1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 2

Backs are a little busier. One side has a close-up image of the character's face. It's the same painting as the one used on the front. The other side has a very short writeup on the character as well as a quote from the Hildebrandts.

1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces has some inserts but the checklist isn't huge.

Every hobby pack comes with a Gold Foil Signature parallel. The only differences over the base cards are a facsimile signature of the Hildebrandts and a small stamp at the top of the card noting it's a parallel.

Holofoils spotlight ten top heroes and villains. Featuring a speckled front, each of the cards has three versions. Silver Holofoils are inserted in hobby packs. Bronze Holofoils are exclusive to Walmart packs. Jumbo packs have Gold Holofoils.

PowerBlast inserts have horizontal images. The draw with these is etched foil.

Hobby cases came with a set of ten Masterprints. These over-sized cards measure 6 1/2" by 8".

Given its premium nature, 1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces isn't often found at closeout prices. That said, it's still very affordable given the quality. It was printed in high enough quantities that supply isn't an issue and even sealed boxes are relatively easy to find.

1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 3
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1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 20


1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces Checklist

Base Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Gold Foil Signature 1:1

1 Apocalypse
2 Archangel
3 Beast
4 Bishop
5 Black Bolt
6 Black Cat
7 Black Knight
8 Black Panther
9 Black Widow
10 Blackout
11 Blackwulf
12 Blade
13 Blaze
14 Blood Wraith
15 Bloodaxe
16 Bloodhawk
17 Cable
18 Captain America
19 Captain Universe
20 Carnage
21 Century
22 Cerebra
23 Chamber
24 Colossus
25 Cyclops
26 Daredevil
27 Darkhawk
28 Deadpool
29 Deathlok
30 Demogoblin
31 Dr. Doom
32 Domino
33 Doom 2099
34 Elektra
35 Evilhawk
36 Exodus
37 Fin Fang Foom
38 Firestar
39 Nick Fury
40 Galactus
41 Gambit
42 Ghost Rider
43 Ghost Rider 2099
44 Green Goblin
45 Jean Grey
46 Grim Reaper
47 Guardian
48 Havok
49 Hawkeye
50 Hulk
51 Hulk 2099
52 Human Torch
53 Husk
54 Iceman
55 Invisible Woman
56 Iron Man
57 Jack of Hearts
58 Jubilee
59 Juggernaut
60 Junkpile
61 Justice
62 Kingpin
63 Klaw
64 Krystalin
65 Kymaera
66 Legacy
67 Lilith
68 Loki
69 M
70 Magneto
71 Mandarin
72 Meanstreak
73 Medusa
74 Mephisto
75 Metalhead
76 Mr. Fantastic
77 Mr. Hyde
78 Mondo
79 Morbius
80 Morg
81 Namor
82 Nebula
83 Night Thrasher
84 Nightcrawler
85 Nightwatch
86 Nova
87 Odin
88 Penance
89 Phoenix
90 Professor X
91 Prowler
92 Psi-Lord
93 Psylocke
94 Punisher
95 Punisher 2099
96 Quasar
97 Random
98 Ravage 2099
99 Red Skull
100 Rhino
101 Rogue
102 Sabretooth
103 Sauron
104 Scarecrow
105 Scarlet Witch
106 Shadowcat
107 Shatterstar
108 She-Hulk
109 Siege
110 Silver Sable
111 Silver Surfer
112 Skin
113 Skullfire
114 Solo
115 Spider-Man
116 Spider-Man 2099
117 Spider-Woman
118 Storm
119 Strange
120 Synch
121 Terrax
122 Thanos
123 Thing
124 Thor
125 Thunderstrike
126 Typhoid Mary
127 Tyrant
128 Ulik
129 U.S. Agent
130 Vengeance
131 Venom ["copyright 1944"]
132 Vision
133 War Machine
134 Warlock
135 Werewolf
136 White Queen
137 Wolverine
138 Wrecker
139 Xi'an
140 Checklist
1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 21

Holofoils Checklist

10 cards.

Each has three versions: BRONZE 1:4 WalMart packs, GOLD 1:4 jumbo packs, SILVER 1:3 hobby packs

1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 22 1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 23 1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 24

1 Captain America
2 Carnage
3 Daredevil
4 Hulk
5 Iron Man
6 Punisher
7 Scarlet Witch
8 Spider-Man
9 Venom
10 War Machine

PowerBlast Checklist

9 cards. 1:6 hobby packs, 1:1 Walmart packs.
1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 25

PB1 Apocalypse
PB2 Archangel
PB3 Cable
PB4 Cyclops
PB5 Gambit
PB6 Magneto
PB7 Rogue
PB8 Sabretooth
PB9 Wolverine

Masterprints Checklist

10 cards. Sets issued as case toppers. Cards measure 6 1/2" by 10".

Captain America
Human Torch
Silver Surfer
War Machine
1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 26

Author Ryan Cracknell  |  E-Mail Author
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

  1. Author

    I have a full set of the cards including chase cards, how much are they worth?

  2. Author

    Hello. I have some that are marked “Diamond 1 of 1 Edition”. Does anyone know what they are worth?

  3. Author

    I found black and gold , metal cards from the 1992 marvel master .
    Can’t find them on line.
    Do you know what they are

  4. Author

    How much is a complete set of the signature cards? I have about 15 full sets, and have never seen an actual value for the signature set.

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