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1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards

1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards


1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 1 $30.001993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 2
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Today, 1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces should be appreciated more for its beauty than its potential monetary value. The second release in the line's run, every card featured a detailed painting that's unlike anything you'll find in most every comic book.

1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces has a 90-card base set. Covering both the major and not-so-major characters of the Marvel landscape, card fronts come with painted images. The artist list is big. Names include George Perez, Julie Bell, Joe Chiodo and Joe Jusko. The full-bleed shots are accent by a striped foil name bar at the bottom. The Marvel Masterpieces name is also in foil along the top of the card.

Backs have a write up on the featured character including their real name and group affiliation. The side of the card includes an image of the first panel they appeared in.

1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces has just one insert set, X-Men 2099 Dyna-Etch. Inserted 1:9 packs, the set has eight cards. As the name suggests, it highlights characters from the X-Men 2099 comic that debuted in 1993.

Boxes are numbered to 350,000. At the time, such large print runs were common. The fact that each box is numbered is a nod to its premium aspirations. Not surprisingly, there is no shortage of 1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces sets and boxes. It also means very reasonable prices for those looking to pick up one of the most  attractive comic sets ever produced.

1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces boxes have 36 packs, each with six cards.

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1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1 Hulk
2 Human Torch
3 Thor
4 Iron Man
5 Spider-Man
6 Wolverine
7 Cyclops
8 Doctor Strange
9 Namor
10 Storm
11 Silver Surfer
12 Vision
13 Ghost Rider
14 Thing
15 Captain America
16 Archangel
17 Beast
18 Cable
19 Carnage
20 Hulk 2099
21 Doctor Doom
22 Daredevil
23 Iron Fist
24 Psylocke
25 Morbius
26 Punisher
27 Rogue
28 Sabretooth
29 Forge
30 She-Hulk
31 Gambit
32 U.S. Agent
33 Spider-Woman
34 Stryfe
35 Thanos
36 Blade
37 Adam Warlock
38 Colossus
39 Magneto
40 Vulture
41 Spider-Man 2099
42 Punisher 2099
43 Doom 2099
44 Ravage 2099
45 Venom
46 Domino
47 Annihilus
48 Rhino
49 Puma
50 Cannonball
51 Polaris
52 Longshot
53 Cyber
54 Omega Red
55 Deadpool
56 Kingpin
57 Bishop
58 Absorbing Man
59 Darkhawk
60 Mystique
61 Abomination
62 Wasp
63 Scorpion
64 Captain Britain
65 Black Knight
66 Sasquatch
67 Black Widow
68 Typhoid Mary
69 War Machine
70 Hawkeye
71 Deathlok
72 Nightcrawler
73 Thunderstrike
74 Vengeance
75 Jean Grey
76 Shatterstar
77 Beta Ray Bill
78 Night Thrasher
79 Red Skull
80 Lilith
81 Falcon
82 Hercules
83 Nova
84 Havok
85 Phoenix
86 Crystal
87 Drax
88 Terrax
89 Vulture 2099
90 Checklist
1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 21

X-Men 2099 Dyna-Etch Checklist

8 cards. Inserted 1:9 packs.

S1 Meanstreak
S2 Cerebra
S3 Krystalin
S4 Metalhead
S5 Serpentina
S6 Bloodhawk
S7 Skullfire
S8 Xi'an
1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 22

Promo Card Checklist

30 She-Hulk
P8 Venom
Hulk 2099
1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 23

1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 3
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