1992 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards

1992 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards


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1992 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces can be credited with taking mainstream comic cards to a new level. Offering a premium spin on the genre, every card in the set is painted by the legendary Joe Jusko. The end result is a set that celebrates fine art and lets collectors look at Marvel characters in a more realistic way.

The 1992 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces base set has 100 cards with all but the last card, a checklist, focusing on a specific Marvel character. What stands out instantly is the level of detail in Jusko's work. His lifelike approach gives even the most over-the-top characters a much more lifelike take. Card backs have a fairly lengthy writeup as well as a picture of the first issue the character appeared in.

1992 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 3

At the time of its release, inserts were starting to show up more, but they were still secondary to the base set. This is reflected in 1992 Skybox Marvel Masterpieces as there is just one insert set. Spectra-Etch Battle cards present some of the most epic fights in Marvel's history in a very intense manner.

Each 1992 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces box has a gold foil seal that's numbered out of 350,000. This was, obviously, a very different time in the hobby. Every box has 36 packs of six cards. It shouldn't be surprising that unopened boxes are still somewhat available today. The sheer quantity has kept prices, overall, in check. That said, it's still more expensive than a lot of other Marvel trading card sets from the era.

SkyBox also produced tin factory sets. Numbered to 35,000, each came with five exclusive "Lost Marvel" cards. Although numbered differently, they're like a small expansion of the main set.

The Marvel Masterpieces line would continue to push the envelope for high-end comic cards until 1996. It remains one of the most influential and respected brands in comic cards. So much so that Upper Deck brought it back in 2007 and used it for three sets.

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Set Checklist

1992 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1 Blob
2 Blaze
3 Black Widow
4 Black Panther
5 Black Cat
6 Bishop
7 Beast
8 Archangel
9 Apocalypse
10 Adam Warlock
11 Darkhawk
12 Daredevil
13 Cyclops
14 Colossus
15 Captain Britain
16 Captain America
17 Cage
18 Cable
19 Bullseye
20 Dazzler
21 Enchantress
22 Elektra
23 Electro
24 Dr. Strange
25 Dr. Octopus
26 Dr. Doom
27 Dormammu
28 Deathlok
29 Gambit
30 Galactus
31 Human Torch
32 Hulk
33 Hobgoblin
34 Hawkeye
35 Havok
36 Green Goblin
37 Ghost Rider
38 Iron Man
39 Invisible Woman
40 Iceman
41 Lizard
42 Leader
43 Kingpin
44 Kang
45 Juggernaut
46 Jean Grey
47 Mandarin
48 Major Victory
49 Magneto
50 Loki
51 Moon Knight
52 Mole Man
53 Mojo
54 Mephisto
55 Meggan
56 Namorita
57 Namor
58 Mr. Sinister
59 Mr. Fantastic
60 Morbius
61 Nightmare
62 Mightcrawler
63 Night Thrasher
64 Nick Fury
65 Psylocke
66 Professor X
67 Phoenix
68 Nova
69 Northstar
70 Nomad
71 Quicksilver
72 Quasar
73 Punisher
74 Shatterstar
75 Shadowcat
76 Sauron
77 Sandman
78 Sabretooth
79 Rogue
80 Red Skull
81 Silver Sable
82 She-Hulk
83 Thanos
84 Super Skrull
85 Strong Guy
86 Storm
87 Spider-Man
88 Speedball
89 Sleepwalker
90 Silver Surfer
91 Thing
92 Thor
93 Wonder Man
94 Wolverine
95 White Queen
96 Weapon Omega
97 Venom
98 Ultron
99 Tombstone
100 Checklist
1992 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 25

Battle Spectra-Etch Checklist

5 cards.

1-D Thing vs. Hulk
2-D Silver Surfer vs. Thanos
3-D Wolverine vs. Sabretooth
4-D Spider-Man vs. Venom
5-D Captain America vs. Red Skull
1992 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 26

Lost Marvel Checklist

5 cards. Available only in factory tin set.

LM-1 Scarlet Witch
LM-2 Feral
LM-3 Deathbird
LM-4 Typhoid Mary
LM-5 Jubilee
1992 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 27

Promo Card Checklist

The three dealer promos are marked "Prototype."

Captain America
Silver Surfer
Dealer Promos
36 Hulk
86 Spider-Man
98 Wolverine
1992 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 28

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User Reviews

  1. I have a misprint from the 1992 marvel masterpieces set. It has been kept in a plexus glass case and on the Front is a Perfect Kingpin and on the back there is a Marvel Masterpieces Checklist turned upside down. I believe this is the only one know to exist does anyone know about it???? Please help

  2. Can I get Battle Spectra-Etch cards from the standard 1992 marvel master pieces box?

  3. Yep. They are inserts in the 1992 Marvel Masterpieces boxes.

  4. Thanks for prompt reply. Can you tell me how common it is to get Sabre tooth vs wolverine card and why some of those cards fluctuate in prices please?

  5. I don’t know the exact rates at which individual cards are found. Nearly all card prices fluctuate and it usually deals with supply and demand.

  6. An unparalleled set from the early 90’s with superlative art and quality

  7. Absolutely beautiful artwork on this set. This set and the 1990 Impel are my two favorites.

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