1912-13 C57 Hockey Cards

1912-13 C57 Hockey Cards


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The second era of cards being issued with tobacco products wound down in the United States by 1912. The companies in the American Tobacco Company were split by government regulations. As this happened, they focused more on coupon-based premiums. In Canada, the government regulations weren't an issue. But the competition was, so cards disappeared from packs shortly afterward. 1912-13 C57 Hockey was the final major set of that era was issued and exhibited the migration away from cards as a tobacco-selling tool.

1912-13 C57 Hockey fronts feature a black and white player photo surrounded by a white border. The player's name and team appear in the border area below his picture. Backs are similar to C56 cards, having a "Hockey Series" design with two crossed sticks and a puck. The card number appears below that, and then the player's name and team. A short biography follows.

Like all the C-series hockey sets of the era, 1912-13 C57 Hockey has no advertising on the card itself. It's obvious that they were made by the makers of the C56 set due to the similarly-designed backs, so it's generally assumed that Imperial Tobacco produced them for their cigarettes. There are 50 cards in the set, which is considered the toughest of the three main C-series sets to complete.

George Vezina appears on the key card of the set. Collectors also covet those of Art Ross, Cyclone Taylor and Newsy LaLonde.

Key 1912-13 C57 Hockey Cards:

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Set Checklist

1912-13 C57 Hockey Cards Set Checklist

50 cards.

1 Georges Vezina
2 Harry "Punch" Broadbent RC
3 Clint Benedict RC
4 A. Atchinson RC
5 Tom Dunderdale
6 Art Bernier
7 G. Dallaire
8 George Poulin
9 E. Payan
10 Steve Vair
11 Bobby Rowe
12 Don Smith RC
13 Bert Lindsay
14 Skene Ronan
15 Sprague Cleghorn
16 Joe Hall
17 J. MacDonald
18 Paddy Moran
19 Harry Hyland
20 Art Ross
21 Pud Glass RC
22 Walter Smail
23 Gordon Roberts
24 James Gardner
25 Ernie "Moose" Johnson
26 Ernest Russell
27 Percy Lesueur
28 Bruce Ridpath
29 Jack Darragh
30 Hamby Shore
31 Fred Lake
32 Alex Currie
33 Albert Kerr
34 Eddie Gerard RC
35 C. Kendall RC
36 Jack Fournier RC
37 George "Goldie" Prodgers RC
38 Jack Marks RC
39 G. Broughton RC
40 A. Boyce RC
41 Lester Patrick
42 Joe Dennison RC
43 Fred "Cyclone" Taylor
44 Edward "Newsy" Lalonde
45 Didier Pitre
46 Jack Laviollette
47 Ed Oatman
48 Joe Malone
49 Marty Walsh
50 Odie Cleghorn
1912-13 C57 Hockey Cards 20

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