1910 C56 Hockey Cards

1910 C56 Hockey Cards


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The first major set of hockey cards was issued along with cigarettes and predated the NHL. Instead, 1910 C56 Hockey features players from the National Hockey Association. This league directly preceded the NHL from 1909 through 1917. During the league's second season in 1910-11, the cards appeared and offer a glimpse into what was still an evolving game.

1910 C56 Hockey cards feature a lithographed player picture with a white border. The player's last name and team appear in the border area below the picture, while a card number appears in the upper left corner. Backs feature a "Hockey Series" design with two crossed hockey sticks and a puck, followed by the player's name, team and a history of his past teams.

Although there is no advertisement on the cards, like American tobacco cards have, but the issuer is considered to be Imperial Tobacco. There are 36 cards in the complete set, which is considered to be slightly scarcer than the C55 set.

The key cards in 1910 C56 Hockey feature Cyclone Taylor, Newsy LaLonde and Art Ross, who has two cards in the set.

Key 1910 C56 Hockey Cards:

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Set Checklist

1910 C56 Hockey Cards Set Checklist

36 cards.

1 Frank Patrick
2 Percy Lesueur
3 Gordon Roberts
4 Barney Holden
5 P. Glass
6 Edgar Dey
7 Marty Walsh
8 Art Ross
9 Angus Campbell
10 H.M. Hyland
11 Herb Clark
12 Art Ross
13 Ed Decary
14 Tom Dunderdale
15 Fred "Cyclone" Taylor
16 Jos. Cattarinich
17 Bruce Stuart
18 Nick Bawlf
19 J. Jones
20 Ernest Russell
21 Jack Laviollette
22 Riley Hern
23 Didier Pitre
24 Skinner Poulin
25 Art Bernier
26 Lester Patrick
27 Fred Lake
28 Paddy Moran
29 C. Toms
30 Ernie "Moose" Johnson
31 Horace Gaul
32 Harold McNamara
33 Jack Marshall
34 Bruce Ridpath
35 J. Marshall
36 Edward "Newsy" LaLonde
1910 C56 Hockey Cards 20

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