The National Sports Collectors Convention Survival Guide

The National Sports Collectors Convention Survival Guide

Whether you are a grizzled veteran or a rookie call-up making their first appearance at the big show, attending the National Sports Collectors Convention is like Disneyland for collectors. The scale of the show itself is massive: duration (five days), number of dealers and corporate partners (over 300), and square footage of the exhibit space (over 250,000). These combines to mean one very important thing for collectors: you better come with a game plan.

Here are some things to consider when making your plans for attending the National.

What Are You Looking to Accomplish?

  • Are you attempting to complete sets? Add to your player or team collection?
  • Are you attending to purchase new wax?
  • Are you planning to take advantage of manufacturer promotions like wrapper redemptions?
  • Is your intent to purchase from one of the auctions or to consign your items?
  • Are you submitting cards for grading?
  • Is your focus to get your items autographed and take advantage of photo opportunities?

Having an answer to these questions before you get to the show will save you both time and money.

What to Bring?

Must-Have Items

Cash: Larger wax retailers and dealers will take plastic but most dealers work strictly on a cash-only basis. Remember to stick to your budget.

Backpack or Small Roll-Behind Suitcase: You will want a hands-free way to stash and carry your plunder.

Want List(s): It's easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of material available to you. Stay focused and remember to check off your list so you don't mistakenly buy duplicates.

Good Walking Shoes: This can't stress this enough. It may seem rudimentary but you're going to be doing a lot of walking, bending over tables, and standing in lines.

Bottles of Water: Staying hydrated, even while indoors, is key. Who wants to take time away from the show floor to wait in line for a $3.00 bottle of water? A couple of bottles of water will go a long way.

Autograph Items: If you're purchasing tickets for guests at the Autograph Pavilion, it's a good idea to get photos, balls and other items to be signed before the show and bring them with you. Bringing the particular pen or Sharpie you want the item signed with is also wise. Dealers at the event will likely charge more at the event.

Cards for Grading: All the top grading companies attend The National and will be taking submissions. Most offer a show discount of some kind.

Consignment Items and Vintage Cards for Sale: If you have a piece of game-used piece equipment or a stack of near-mint vintage cards that you're looking to part with for quick cash to spend on the show floor, only bring your good stuff. Dealers don't want your junk. Remember, they're buying it to make a profit so be flexible in your negotiations or just walk-away if you feel you're getting unrealistically low-balled. No one has a gun to your head to sell your items.

Storage Items: Chances are that you have these at home anyway, so bring some. Different sized top loaders, penny sleeves, team bags, and snap tights or magnetic holders should all be brought for any freebies and pack pulls. It will save you money and you won't have to waste precious time hunting them down. Don't expect dealers to have any.

Miscellaneous: pen, paper, camera.

Optional Items:

Collapsible Chair with Sleeve and Shoulder Strap: If you're looking to buy singles to fill sets, this is something to strongly consider. Dealers have to pay for chairs and most will not have extra ones available for patrons. A few hours of leaning over 5,000 count boxes, coupled with all the walking, will wipe out your back by the end of the first day.

Sack Lunch: Convention center food is expensive and bland. Would you rather spend $12-$15 a day on cards or a mediocre sandwich and bag of chips?

What Not to Bring?

Junk Wax: Nobody wants it and you'll be stuck lugging it around or wasting time returning it to your car.

Commons: For the most part, no dealers will be buying 5,000-count boxes of base cards. When you do see these transactions taking place, they have usually been brokered ahead of time, most likely in response to an online or print ad.

Off-Condition Vintage Cards: Condition is everything to vintage dealers and chances are they will pass on all sub-par conditioned items. Unless you've got some of the most iconic cards ever made, don't bother bringing anything that would grade less than VG/EX.

Large Luggage: You don't want to be the guy people have to navigate around with your monstrous roll-behind. It happens every year.

Highlights, Events and Other Activities

After you put your initial game plan together, be sure to visit The National's official website for up-to-the-minute additions and changes to the show schedule and planned events. Here is a brief rundown of some of the opportunities available to collectors.

VIP Party: This is the official kickoff event of the 32nd Annual NSCC (VIP or Super VIP badge holders only). The event includes a live auction of Topps Vault items. Wednesday 2:30 – 4:00pm

Sneak Peek Event: The official grand opening of the NSCC open to all patrons. Wednesday 4:00 – 8:00pm

Olympic Pavilion: The first-ever Olympic Pavilion at the National will host 100 exhibitor booths. The Pavilion is located in Hall B of the Convention Center. Exhibitors will be buying, selling and trading Olympic collectibles of all types.

Negro League Legends: Numerous Negro League players will be appearing at booth #867 August 3rdthrough the 7th including; Hank "Baby" Presswood, John "Lefty" Washington, Nathan "Sonny" Weston, "Ernie" Westfield, Bob Riggins, Louie "The Grey Cat" Clarizio, Julius "Satchel" Sledge and Heron "Lee" O'Neal. Come pay tribute to these groundbreaking players.

Kids Free Week at the 32nd National: All youngsters 12 and under will be admitted free all five days of the show, courtesy of the National.

Santa to Sign on Sunday: Cardboard Connection Radio has announced that Santa will be signing at the Corporate Booth #659 on Sunday, August 7 from 1-3 PM. Cardboard Connection Radio will be broadcasting live all week from the National. Come listen to the show as they interview many athletes and industry professionals. Be sure to stop by for regular giveaways throughout the week.

Leaf Hunt for Shoeless Joe: Visit Leaf's booth #838 on August 6 at 2PM to see which lucky collector holding a pre-pulled Lucky Clover card from 2010 Leaf Sports Icons wins the Shoeless Joe Jackson cut signature card, one of only a few Jackson autographs known to exist.

Final Thoughts

Don't jump on the first card you see that you are looking for. Chances are you will find it eight tables down for less money. Instead, make a note of the item and booth number and circle back.

Don't be afraid to counter-offer the marked price of an item. Dealers are used it and the worst that can happen is they decline.

Unless you're a high-roller with deep pockets or like overpaying for cards, don't even bother with dealers who do not have their items clearly marked. You will most likely waste your time asking.

Deals can be made fast and furious in the latter hours of the show on Sunday. Dealers are looking to show a profit from the cost of exhibiting and are often willing to wheel and deal more than usual.

If you have autograph tickets, head to the autograph pavilion about 30 minutes before your scheduled signer is set to appear. The event organizers line you up according to the number on your ticket so it isn't a free-for-all. You would hate to miss your spot and have to wait in line at the back of the queue.

To get the most out of the National, dress comfortably, have a game plan and stick to your budget. Most importantly, have fun! That's why you collect in the first place, right?

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