2018 National Sports Collectors Convention Guide

2018 National Sports Collectors Convention Guide


Cleveland rocks for sports collectors! The 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention calls Ohio home for the 39th annual mega-event. No matter what it is that you collect, the sprawling NSCC is very likely to have some (or lots) available for you to peruse and take home. Plus, it gives many the chance to meet up with their collecting friends. And you can't forget the many in-person signers, exclusive cards and hobby events taking place in "the Cleve" at the beginning of August.

While sports collectible shows may seem like a thing of the past, there are actually quite a few going on throughout the year and in many different regions. However, the 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention stands above the rest based on the sheer size of the event and the exposure from the rest of the collecting world.

Looking ahead, after Chicago hosted the 2017 National, it gets the call again in 2019. Following that, in 2020, it's Atlantic City, which was also the site for 2016.

As there is a lot to see and do, it can be an overwhelming experience, especially for first-timers. With that in mind, be sure to check out our National Sports Collectors Convention Survival Guide so you know what to expect and how to prepare.

Important 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention Details

Date: Wednesday, August 1 to Sunday, August 5

Where is it?: International Exposition Center (I-X Center) in Cleveland, Ohio. See complete directions and parking info for the I-X Center as well as the NSCC schedule of events. The National site also provides discounted hotel rooms and rates if you book ahead.

If you like to be able to see exactly where you are going, review a detailed Google map for the area around the 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention below.

2018 National Sports Collectors Convention Show Dates and Hours

  • Wednesday, August 1 - 4PM to 8PM (sneak peek)
  • Thursday, August 2 - 10AM to 6PM
  • Friday, August 3 - 10AM to 6PM
  • Saturday, August 4 - 10AM to 6PM
  • Sunday, August 5 - 10AM to 5PM

Admission Details: *Ticket Sales Start March 5, 2018*

Obviously, you need a ticket to get into the 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention. If you want the most basic option, it's $19 per day if pre-purchased (or $22/day at the show), and don't forget that kids 12 and under get in free for the entire event. There are also more expensive packages which come with extra perks, so you have to decide what works best for you.

In addition to exclusive freebies and show admission for all five days, VIP tickets offer free autographs, as well. The main VIP package is good for 12 autographs from a designated group, while the Super VIP includes all 18 signers. The Super VIP also features free parking in a special parking lot, so that might be especially appealing for some. Even more expensive, the All-Access packages match the VIP perks and have first-in-line privileges.

Collectors can get a better price on most ticket options by purchasing before they get to the show.

Full details for the 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention ticket pricing and packages can be viewed on the National's website. 2018 NSCC admission tickets officially go on sale Monday, March 5.

2018 National Sports Collectors Convention Tickets Snapshot

  • General Admission: $19/day in advance, $22/day at the show
  • Children (12 and under): Free all week
  • VIP Package: $139 in advance, $149 at the show
  • Super VIP Package: $199 in advance, $209 at the show
  • All-Access VIP: $259
  • All-Access Super VIP: $309

Other Events

Topps is also having its annual VIP party for VIP ticket holders. This gets going at 2:30 PM on Wednesday and includes free autographs from Calvin Murphy (NBA Hall of Fame), Mike Hargrove (former Cleveland Indians Manager), and Luis Tiant (former Cleveland Indians pitcher).

Another fun aspect about the 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention being in Cleveland is that collectors can explore the city. If you are looking for something else to do in addition to the NSCC festivities, there are several options

Baseball fans are in luck as the Los Angeles Angels are in town to play the Cleveland Indians on August 3, 4 and 5. In fact, the Sunday game has a giveaway for a Topps promo set.

It is also worth noting that the 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement takes place the same weekend in Canton, Ohio, which is only about 60 miles away. The actual Hall of Fame game between the Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Ravens is on August 2.

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Autograph Guests

2018 National Sports Collectors Convention Autograph Signers Schedule

The TriStar Autograph Pavilion is a top draw at the 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention. While most autographs cost extra, this is where the VIP tickets can be used for free autographs from a select group.

The tentative 2018 NSCC signers list schedule is shown below. Please note that all signers are subject to change. The TriStar website will have full information posted, including specific prices, signing times and ticket sales, closer to the event. Autograph sales begin on June 8.

*VIP guests are noted below. **Hargrove, Petrocelli, Tiant and Calvin Murphy signing free during Sneak Peak on Wednesday. 

2018 NSCC Autograph Signers List

Subject to change.


Al Kaline
Alan Trammell
Albert Pujols
Andre Dawson
Benito Santiago *
Bob Gibson
Brooks Robinson
Cal Ripken Jr.
Corey Kluber
Craig Biggio
Dale Murphy
Darryl Strawberry
Dave Concepcion
Dave Winfield
Dennis Eckersley
Dwight Evans
Eddie Murray
Francisco Lindor
Frank Robinson
Frank Thomas
Fred Lynn
Gaylord Perry
George Foster
Goose Gossage
Gregg Jefferies *
Jack Morris
Jim Rice
Jim Thome
Joe Charboneau *
Joe Morgan
Johnny Bench
José Rijo *
Ken Griffey Sr
Kenny Lofton
Len Barker *
Liván Hernández *
Luis Tiant **
Mark Grace
Marty Cordova *
Mike Hargrove **
Ozzie Smith
Pete Rose
Randy Jones *
Reggie Jackson
Rickey Henderson
Rico Petrocelli **
Roberto Alomar
Robin Yount
Rod Carew
Roger Clemens
Rollie Fingers
Steve Carlton
Tim Raines
Tom Browning *
Tommy Helms *
Tony Perez
Wade Boggs


Andre Reed
Andy Russell
Anthony Muñoz
Archie Griffin
Barry Sanders
Bernie Kosar
Billy Sims *
Bob Griese
Bob Lilly
Bobby Bell
Bruce Smith
Charles White *
Charlie Joiner
Curley Culp
Dave Casper
Deion Sanders
Dermontti Dawson
Dick Butkus
Donnie Shell
Earl Campbell
Eddie George
Emmitt Thomas
Eric Metcalf *
Franco Harris
Hines Ward
Ickey Woods *
Isaac Curtis *
Jack Ham
Jack Lambert
Jack Youngblood
Jan Stenerud
Jason Taylor
Jerome Bettis
Jerry Kramer
Jim Brown
Jim Kelly
Jim Marshall
Joe Greene
Joe Theismann
Joe Thomas
Kellen Winslow
Ken Anderson
Lawrence Taylor
Lenny Moore
Marshall Faulk
Marv Levy
Mel Blount
Michael Irvin
Mike Wagner
Randall Cunningham
Randy White
Ray Guy
Rickey Jackson
Robert Brazile
Rocky Bleier
Rod Woodson
Roger Wehrli
Ron Yary
Ross Browner *
Steve DeBerg *
Steve Largent
Thurman Thomas
Tom Cousineau *
Troy Smith
Walter Jones
Warren Sapp
Willie Brown
Willie Lanier


Artis Gilmore
Calvin Murphy **
Charlie Scott
Christian Laettner
Dennis Rodman
Dominique Wilkins
Julius Erving
Lenny Wilkens
Mike Fratello
Oscar Robertson


Brett Hull
Jim Craig
Phil Esposito
Ray Bourque


Mike Tyson
Roy Jones Jr.


Barbara Eden
Corbin Bernsen
Hanson Brothers
Tom Berenger


2018 NSCC Autograph Signers Schedule

Subject to change. * Notes VIPs, ** Notes free Sneak Peek signers.

Wednesday (Aug. 1)

Anderson, Ken
Brazile, Robert
Hanson Brothers
Hargrove, Mike**
Kramer, Jerry
Metcalf, Eric*
Moore, Lenny
Murphy, Calvin**
Stenerud, Jan
Tiant, Luis**
Woods, Ickey*
Yary, Ron

Thursday (Aug. 2)

Barker, Len*
Bell, Bobby
Bettis, Jerome
Blount, Mel
Brown, Willie
Browner, Ross*
Campbell, Earl
Carew, Rod
Casper, Dave
Cousineau, Tom*
Culp, Curley
Cunningham, Randall
Curtis, Isaac*
Dawson, Dermontti
Faulk, Marshall
Gilmore, Artis
Greene, Joe
Guy, Ray
Ham, Jack
Harris, Franco
Jackson, Rickey
Joiner, Charlie
Kelly, Jim
Kosar, Bernie
Lambert, Jack
Lanier, Willie
Largent, Steve
Levy, Marv
Lindor, Francisco
Marshall, Jim
Russell, Andy
Sapp, Warren
Smith, Bruce
Theismann, Joe
Thomas, Emmitt
Wehrli, Roger
White, Randy
Winslow, Kellen
Woodson, Rod
Youngblood, Jack

Friday (Aug. 3)

Boggs, Wade
Bourque, Ray
Browning, Tom*
Carlton, Steve
Craig, Jim
Dawson, Andre
DeBerg, Steve*
Eckersley, Dennis
Eden, Barbara
Esposito, Phil
Evans, Dwight
Fingers, Rollie
Gibson, Bob
Gossage, Goose
Hernandez, Livan*
Hull, Brett
Irvin, Michael
Jones Jr., Roy
Kluber, Corey
Laettner, Christian
Lynn, Fred
Murphy, Dale
Murray, Eddie
Perry, Gaylord
Raines, Tim
Rice, Jim
Robinson, Frank
Rodman, Dennis
Rose, Pete
Sanders, Deion
Smith, Ozzie
Taylor, Lawrence
White, Charles*
Wilkens, Lenny
Wilkins, Dominique
Winfield, Dave
Yount, Robin


Saturday (Aug. 4)

Alomar, Roberto
Berenger, Tom
Bernsen, Corbin
Biggio, Craig
Brown, Jim
Clemens, Roger
Cordova, Marty*
Fratello, Mike
George, Eddie
Grace, Mark
Griffin, Archie
Henderson, Rickey
Jackson, Reggie
Jefferies, Gregg*
Jones, Randy*
Kaline, Al
Lofton, Kenny
Morris, Jack
Pujols, Albert
Rijo, Jose*
Ripken Jr., Cal
Robertson, Oscar
Robinson, Brooks
Sanders, Barry
Scott, Charlie
Smith, Troy
Strawberry, Darryl
Thomas, Frank
Thomas, Joe
Thome, Jim
Trammell, Alan

Sunday (Aug. 5)

Bench, Johnny
Bleier, Rocky
Butkus, Dick
Charboneau, Joe*
Concepcion, Dave
Erving, Julius
Foster, George
Griese, Bob
Griffey Sr., Ken
Helms, Tommy*
Jones, Walter
Lilly, Bob
Morgan, Joe
Muñoz, Anthony
Perez, Tony
Reed, Andre
Santiago, Benito*
Shell, Donnie
Sims, Billy*
Taylor, Jason
Thomas, Thurman
Tyson, Mike
Wagner, Mike
Ward, Hines


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