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Top Peyton Manning Autograph Cards

Top Peyton Manning Autograph Cards

Very few players can match the overall success and career longevity of Peyton Manning. The Hall of Fame quarterback made the Indianapolis Colts into one of the greatest franchises of the 2000s and brought the Denver Broncos back to the elite levels of the NFL. Peyton Manning autograph cards are the clear favorites among his best cards.

Although he came into the NFL right before the time that autographed cards began to dominate the hobby, there is no shortage of his signed cards. The first Peyton Manning autographs came during his rookie season and have been included in every season's products since then.

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When talking about Peyton Manning autographs, the most popular options are his earliest cards with the Colts and his on-card autographs with the Broncos. While some are more popular and valuable than others, the reality is that any authentic Peyton Manning autograph is a worthwhile addition.

The following list looks at some of the best Peyton Manning autographed cards available to collectors. Given the sheer number of signed cards, it is by no means definitive.

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Top Peyton Manning Autograph Cards

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1998 Bowman Rookie Autograph Peyton Manning #A1

These early Peyton Manning autographs were no easy pull and the 11-card checklist combined to fall 1:360 packs.  In addition to the base blue foil version, there is a silver foil and gold foil parallel.

Top Peyton Manning Autograph Cards 1

1998 Bowman's Best Autograph Peyton Manning #7

Another first-year signature for Manning, Bowman's Best Autographs included rookies and veterans in the small checklist. Every player, including Manning, has two on-card autographed cards, each with different images. There are also Refractor and Atomic Refractor parallels.

Top Peyton Manning Autograph Cards 2

1998 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Autograph Peyton Manning RC #87

Any list of top Peyton Manning cards would have to include his Playoff Rookie Ticket. This is one of the most iconic modern football cards and one of the top Peyton Manning cards ever made.

The announced print run of the card is just 200 copies. Since it was released in 1998, there aren't very many of these floating around. This rarity combined with a condition-sensitive stock and fading signatures makes Gem Mint editions very elusive.

Top Peyton Manning Autograph Cards 3

1998 Topps Autographs Peyton Manning Autograph #A10

While the actual design of the card may not look that notable, the fact that his first-year card for Manning is signed on-card is enough to drive collectors crazy. Unlike the rest of the checklist, this Manning card can be found with either gold or bronze foil on the front.

Top Peyton Manning Autograph Cards 4

1998 Stadium Club Co-Signers Peyton Manning, Dan Marino Autograph #CO1

Although Dan Marino was on his way out when Peyton Manning joined the league, any shortlist of top quarterbacks would likely include both players. Stadium Club Co-Signers features the two elite QBs with on-card autographs.

Top Peyton Manning Autograph Cards 5

1999 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch #1 Peyton Manning, Johnny Unitas Autograph (100 copies)

Another dual signed card for Manning, this Passing the Torch autograph includes one signature on each side of the card. While Johnny Unitas is on the front and Manning is on the back, it is likely those spots would be reversed now.

The print run of 1,500 is a bit misleading since only the first 100 copies were signed and the rest were just a numbered insert. There is another signed version that features only Manning, also limited to 100.

Top Peyton Manning Autograph Cards 6Top Peyton Manning Autograph Cards 7

1999 SP Authentic Player's Ink Peyton Manning #PM-A

Although it is a card with a simple design, this 1999 release for SP Authentic is a refreshing example of how less can be more. The green version is more common of the two and the purple version is hand-numbered to 100.

Top Peyton Manning Autograph Cards 8

2009 Exquisite Rookie Patch Flashback Peyton Manning #78J Autograph Jersey #/25

If you enjoy high-end cards, Upper Deck's Exquisite Collection has earlier NFL and collegiate autographs for Manning. Celebrating the popular 2003-04 Exquisite NBA design, the flashback card features Peyton with the Vols.

Top Peyton Manning Autograph Cards 9

2013 National Treasures Jumbo Prime Booklet Signatures Peyton Manning Autograph #22 #/25

Jumping ahead a few more years, Manning joined the Broncos in 2012 but on-card autographs were largely unavailable until 2013. One of the top options includes his Jumbo Prime Booklet Signatures card found in 2013 National Treasures. While the on-card autograph is great, the large game-used jersey patch takes it to the next level.

Top Peyton Manning Autograph Cards 10

2013 Topps Five Star Autographs Peyton Manning Autograph #FSS-PM #/115

For several years in the football collecting world, Five Star and National Treasures stood near the top. The brand power of Five Star and the appealing look of the card makes it a clear winner even though it has one of the higher print runs of signed cards issued at this point in his career.

Top Peyton Manning Autograph Cards 11

2013 Topps Museum Collection Framed Autographs Peyton Manning Autograph #MCFA-PM #/10

As the rarest card on the list, this Framed Gold Autograph for Peyton Manning is pure class. The ornate look with silver ink makes it stand out among even the nicest Peyton Manning autographs. Gold ink might have made more sense but that is a small issue for such a great card.

Top Peyton Manning Autograph Cards 12

The Manning Family Autographs

When your dad and brother are also pro athletes in the same sport and at the same position, it is no surprise that this fact would be documented on a card or two. There are quite a few signed options that pair Peyton with Archie and/or Eli and they can be a cool reminder of how important the Manning family has been to football.

Top Peyton Manning Autograph Cards 13

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