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Top Javier Báez Prospect Cards

Top Javier Báez Prospect Cards

As one of the top prospects in baseball, Javier Baez is no stranger to the spotlight. The Puerto Rican fielder has largely excelled during his time in the minor leagues and it was recently announced that the Baez would join the Chicago Cubs' Major League roster. Although that means collectors will have to wait a little longer for his official rookie cards to debut, there are quite a few Javier Baez prospect cards to pick from, including several autographs.

After moving to the United States form Puerto Rico as a kid, Javier Baez turned his attention to baseball. His excellent play in high school caught the attention of scouts and he was named an Aflac All-American. Soon after, Baez was drafted by the Chicago Cubs with the ninth overall pick in the 2011 MLB Draft.

Since then, Javier Baez has worked his way through the Cubs' minor league system, and by 2014, he was generally regarded as one of the top overall prospects in baseball. In early-August, the Cubs announced they were calling up Baez from Triple-A Iowa.

Although the Chicago Cubs have suffered through a considerable title drought, the future is bright based on their impressive amount of prospects, including Kris Bryant, Addison Russell and Jorge Soler, in addition to Baez. This has many collectors and fans of the Cubs very excited.

The first pack-pulled cards for Javier Baez appeared in 2011 products and there have been plenty produced since then. The following list looks at the top prospect cards for Javier Baez. It is not, by any means, a complete checklist of his prospect cards. Instead, it highlights some of the best options.

Top Javier Baez Prospect Cards

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2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects Javier Baez #BDPP6

Bowman Chrome carries considerable weight among prospect collectors. As his first Bowman Chrome card, this will be one of Javier Baez's most popular base cards, even when his rookie cards are released. Because it is still a common card, values will remain lower, but the many parallels offer much more rarity and higher prices.

Top Javier Báez Prospect Cards 1

2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects Autographs Javier Baez #BCPA-JBA

Like his first Bowman Chrome card above, Baez's first Bowman Chrome autograph will remain popular even after his rookie cards hit the market. The on-card signature and Chrome name make this one of the most valuable cards available for Javier Baez.

Top Javier Báez Prospect Cards 2

2011 Bowman Sterling Prospects Javier Baez #34

Another base option, this prospect card from 2011 Bowman Sterling presents an appealing design and budget price. Not nearly as easy to find as the Bowman Chrome base card, various parallels offer more card options.

Top Javier Báez Prospect Cards 3

2011 Bowman Sterling Prospect Autographs Javier Baez #BSP-JB

Despite the sticker autograph, the 2011 Bowman Sterling Prospect Autograph for Baez is a much more affordable early option for collectors that still want the official uniform look.

Top Javier Báez Prospect Cards 4

2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Prospects Javier Baez #115 Autograph #/565

While aesthetically it might not be the most desirable card, the on-card autograph and bold design make this 2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition card a great option for Javier Baez collectors who don't mind a generic look.

Top Javier Báez Prospect Cards 5

2011 Leaf Metal Draft Autograph Javier Baez #AU-JB2

2011 Leaf Metal Draft keeps things very simple and this is not a bad thing. Heavy foil and on-card signature offer a solid look that won't break the bank. Collectors looking for a little more of a design should check out Baez's 2011 Leaf Valiant Draft autograph.

Top Javier Báez Prospect Cards 6

2011 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Javier Baez #RT13 Autograph

Although the baseball Rookie Tickets do not carry the same clout as their football counterparts, this short-printed autograph in 2011 Playoff Contenders Baseball presents an intriguing alternative for collectors. The faux-wood border may not work for everyone, but the on-card signature and rarity make it a top prospect card. Panini revealed that there are 299 total signed cards for Javier Baez.

Top Javier Báez Prospect Cards 7

2014 Bowman Inception Prospect Autographs Javier Baez #PA-JB

One of his last cards before getting called up, 2014 Bowman Inception Prospect Autographs offers a distinct look and on-card signature. Certainly not his most valuable prospect card, this might be the best looking option and the reasonable price is just icing on the cake.

Top Javier Báez Prospect Cards 8

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