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Tyreke Evans Rookie Card Guide

Tyreke Evans Rookie Card Guide

1. 2009-10 Playoff National Treasures #204 Tyreke Evans Jersey Auto RC /99

Tyreke Evans Rookie Card Guide 1
National Treasures is the crown jewel of the Tyreke Evans rookie auto collection. The cards value consistently hovers around $500, it has an extremely low print run of 99, and features a high quality jersey patch and auto. National Treasures is to be considered the new Exquisite Collection in the world of basketball cards.

2. 2009-10 Playoff Contenders #104 T.Evans SP Auto RC Exchange

Tyreke Evans Rookie Card Guide 2

Playoff Contenders is a sports card institution, although that tradition was forged in Football Cards it should most certainly become one in basketball as well. The Contenders Evans currently hovers around $120-$200. The nice thing about Contenders is that it should appreciate in value nicely due to the strength of the set as a whole. Set builders contribute to card value more than any other collector.

3. 2009-10 Exquisite Collection #46 Tyreke Evans RC

Tyreke Evans Rookie Card Guide 3

Outside of Hockey, it's near impossible for a non-auto rookie to fit into a crowd of autographed cards, unless you are 09-10 Exquisite Basketball. Although Exquisite was a shadow of the all powerful product it once was, it was still able to fit in a one last stand of sorts. Due to Panini's exclusive rights to the NBA and Tyreke Evans' signature, Upper Deck wasn't able to secure an autograph for this card. However, the low print run of 225 and the Exquisite brand name were enough to create a $150-$220 card.

4. 2009-10 Threads #104 Tyreke Evans Auto RC Exchange

Tyreke Evans Rookie Card Guide 4

The Threads Rookie Class Letterman autographs might be the most collected Letterman in the entire hobby. Whether or not you spell out "Tyreke Evans", the Rookie Class Auto should retain it's value due to the low print of 150. Right now, the Evans Threads Auto RC hovers around $90-150.

5. 2009-10 Crown Royale #101 Tyreke Evans AU/ 407 RC

Tyreke Evans Rookie Card Guide 5

The "monarchy" inspired card design of Crown Royale is oddly alluring. If you like die-cuts and cards that stand out in a crowd, then the Crown Royale Evans Auto is definitley one you'll want to look into. It carries a relatively low print run of 399 (some estimate 407 but I am not sure where that comes from) and goes for around $50-$90.

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