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Top 1992 Baseball Cards to Collect

Top 1992 Baseball Cards to Collect

In addition to being an influential year for card collecting, there are many things that people remember about 1992. Notable events include a presidential election with three major candidates. Most sports fans likely recall Michael Jordan and the rest of the Dream Team at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. For MLB fans, the Toronto Blue Jays became the first team from outside the United States to win the World Series. Meanwhile, the baseball card hobby enjoyed a tremendous year, offering collectors some of the most memorable products from the early part of the decade. Look back at some of the top 1992 baseball cards to collect.

Following the release of 1989 Upper Deck Baseball, the major card manufacturers entered into a race to create innovative and premium baseball cards. The influence of the early-1990s products on the modern era cannot be understated. The concepts of chase cards, serial-numbered inserts and pack-pulled autographs were all present in various 1992 card releases. They made for highly-collectible cards that are still relevant, with many being considered classics within this era of the hobby.

The growth of certified autographs along with the rebranding of the Bowman brand were the biggest innovations of 1992. Upper Deck had started inserting autographs in packs earlier in the decade, but '92 saw the concept stretch to other manufacturers and beyond with an incredible list of names. Meanwhile, the reinvigorated Bowman brand featured cards with the same finishing touches as the premium Stadium Club product— improved photography and a glossy finish—but also marked the brand's decision to turn its focus to prospects.

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The hobby world was still in the "junk wax era" in 1992, but the lineup of great cards from this year is extraordinarily deep and strong. Baseball cards from the early 1990s are often criticized for their overproduction, rather than the evolution in the quality of products and positive changes that are still present in the hobby today. This list includes rookie cards of Hall of Famers, standout inserts, and a few of the best autographs that have ever been produced.

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Top 1992 Baseball Cards to Collect

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10. 1992 Bowman Mike Piazza RC #461

The Mike Piazza rookie card in 1992 Bowman is one of the most popular cards for the Hall of Fame catcher, as well as one of the best overall rookie issues from the 1990s. Part of Piazza's legend was that the Dodgers selected him in the 62nd round of the 1988 MLB Draft, but he performed at a high level in the Minors and was a notable prospect by the time 1992 rolled around. That made Piazza perfect for the rebranded 1992 Bowman checklist. There were other Piazza rookie cards produced in 1992, but the depth of rookie cards in the Bowman set really helped the standing of this card in the hobby. This Piazza card remains plentiful on the secondary market and offers a wide variety of pricing points for collectors.

Top 1992 Baseball Cards to Collect 1

9. 1992 Donruss Elite Legends Rickey Henderson #/7,500

The Donruss Elite cards were back for their sophomore year with the same format as the original 1991 Donruss Elite set, led by a group of hard-to-pull inserts, each with a print run of 10,000 copies. If you did not collect cards during the junk wax era, you might view those print runs as being really large. However, the Elite cards are scarce and quite pricey on the secondary market. The Legends Series is anchored by Hall of Famers Ken Griffey Jr., Frank Thomas and Kirby Puckett.

Similar to the original, Donruss created one Elite Legends card for the set that was short printed to just 7,500 copies. Rickey Henderson earned the honor. This was the Hall of Famer's second Elite card after appearing as a regular Elite insert card in 1991. It is not an overly difficult Rickey Henderson card to find, but it is very popular and can be costly.

Top 1992 Baseball Cards to Collect 2

8. 1992 Fleer Ultra Tony Gwynn Commemorative Series Autograph

The marketplace for premium baseball cards was growing in 1992 and Fleer decided to take their Ultra brand up a notch for its second year. Fleer brought in Padres Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn as the spokesman for the high-end baseball card product. The first series included a 10-card Tony Gwynn Commemorative insert set. Gwynn also autographed a total of 2,000 cards, featuring an embossed Fleer stamp, which were inserted into Series 1 packs. None of these were hand-numbered.

"Mr. Padre" was generous with his signature over the years, leaving collectors looking for his autographs with plenty of choices. Although the 1992 Fleer Ultra autographs are always amongst his most popular, they do not carry much of premium above other Gwynn autographs.

Top 1992 Baseball Cards to Collect 3

7. 1992 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan Autograph #/2,500 #AU5

Upper Deck put autographs of Reggie Jackson, Nolan Ryan and Hank Aaron into packs of the 1990 and 1991 sets. In 1992, Upper Deck added more great signers, including a dual signature card. Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan made a terrific on-field duo with the 1970s Cincinnati Reds "Big Red Machine" teams and also made a great signature pairing. The print run of 2,500 would suggest that this card is plentiful, but many of those copies have already found their way into card collections, so they aren't easy to locate.

While Morgan and Bench have had several autographs over the years, this 1992 Upper Deck card is the most popular and sought-after dual autograph of these Hall of Fame teammates.

Top 1992 Baseball Cards to Collect 4

6T. 1992 Classic Four Sport Derek Jeter Autograph #/1,125

The New York Yankees selected Kalamazoo Central High School shortstop Derek Jeter in the first round of the 1992 MLB Draft. The major card manufacturers would wait until 1993 to capture the future Hall of Fame shortstop on cardboard. However, three less-known brands produced Jeter cards the same year he was drafted. Classic 4 was a multi-sport product that featured the top 1992 draft picks from MLB, NBA, NFL and the NHL. Not only did Classic include Jeter in the base set, but also in the autograph lineup. This pre-rookie autograph has gained in popularity over the years.

Top 1992 Baseball Cards to Collect 5

6T. 1992 Front Row Draft Picks Derek Jeter Autograph #55

The 1992 Front Row product was sold as a boxed set, which included 100 base cards for players selected in the 1992 MLB Draft. Autographs were also randomly inserted. Hall of Famers Brooks Robinson, Yogi Berra and Willie Stargell appeared alongside the draft picks on the autograph checklist. While none of the early Derek Jeter autographs are cheap, this tends to be one of the more affordable options.

Top 1992 Baseball Cards to Collect 6

6T. 1992 Little Sun Signature Series Derek Jeter Autograph

Little Sun was another oddball set maker in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Several of the sets focused on high schoolers selected in the MLB Draft, including their final set in 1992, the Little Sun Signature Series. Collectors received a 30-card factory set of various high schoolers picked near the top of the draft. The total print run of the sets is 3,000 copies. The back of the autograph cards note that four players—Derek Jeter, Jason Kendall, Dave Landaker and Chad Roper—each signed 250 cards. The Jeter base card and autograph are both highly desirable and pricey. 

Top 1992 Baseball Cards to Collect 7

5. 1992 Donruss Elite The Signature Series Cal Ripken Autograph #/5,000

Cal Ripken was arguably one of the most popular baseball players during the 1980s and 1990s. The decision to include the Orioles great in the Donruss Elite set as the lone signature was an absolute home run. The Elite Ripken autograph is numbered to just 5,000 copies, making it twice as tough as the standard Elite issue numbered to 10,000. This is one of Ripken's best cards and arguably one of the top autographs from the 1990s.

Top 1992 Baseball Cards to Collect 8

4. 1992 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Ted Williams Autograph #/2,500 #AU4

Even though he retired in 1960, Ted Williams was a prominent figure in 1992 Upper Deck Baseball. The Red Sox great was featured in a pair of inserts, but the real attraction was his certified autograph. The boxes and packs of cards even touted the autograph with a stamp on the front that encouraged collectors to "Find The Williams." The Ted Williams autograph was serial-numbered to just 2,500 copies, same as the Bench and Morgan dual autograph, but this card had much more demand and a higher price tag. This is not the only certified autograph of "The Splendid Splinter," but the vast majority of cards outside of this one are oddballs, cut signatures or short-prints with very limited production.

Top 1992 Baseball Cards to Collect 9

3. 1992 Score Joe DiMaggio Autograph #/2,500

Joe DiMaggio was another all-time great with a certified autograph in 1992. The 1992 Score offering has become a top choice of collectors looking for autographs of the Yankees Hall of Famer. Even with 2,500 Joe DiMaggio autographs, the supply has long dried up. There are five different cards that DiMaggio signed (on the back), and all were produced in equal quantities. Copies do appear on the secondary market from time to time, but the price is high. Although there are still inexpensive wax boxes of 1992 Score available, the odds of finding one of these cards still in a pack is astronomical.

Top 1992 Baseball Cards to Collect 10

Top 1992 Baseball Cards to Collect 11

2. 1992 Bowman Mariano Rivera RC #302

1992 Bowman was a groundbreaking product. Topps greatly improved the quality of the cards and revamped the checklist, loading the set with first-year cards of Mike Piazza, Manny Ramirez and Trevor Hoffman, as well as important early cards of Pedro Martinez and Chipper Jones. While more modern Bowman sets have pictures of draft picks and notable prospects in uniform, the early 1990s Topps products featured these same players away from the ballpark. The cards were dramatically upgraded with Topps using better photography and glossy finishing. Over the years since its release, the Mariano Rivera rookie has come to define this set and the Bowman brand, ranking as one of the great rookie cards from this era.

Top 1992 Baseball Cards to Collect 12

1. 1992 Score The Franchise Players Stan Musial, Mickey Mantle, Carl Yastrzemski Autograph #/500

Certified autographs in packs were still in their infancy when Score dropped this triple signature card of Stan Musial, Mickey Mantle and Carl Yastrzemski into 1992 Score Series 2. The autograph trio of all-time greats created a jaw-dropping card that was chased far and wide at the time of its release and remains in high demand to this day. Limited to just 500 copies, it is not common on the secondary market, but the cards still show up on occasion.

All three players have their own autograph in the 1992 Score set, as well, each with a print run of 2,000 copies. There is an obvious premium on the solo Mantle with his limited overall quantity of certified autographs.

Top 1992 Baseball Cards to Collect 13

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