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Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect

Kevin Durant is one of the hobby's most popular players and a favorite for many collectors. A superstar in multiple cities, Durant is poised to take his rookie values to new heights if he can bring a title to Phoenix to go along with his championships for the Warriors.

Starting with his early days in Seattle for the SuperSonics, Kevin Durant rookie cards (and later his sneakers) have been heavily collected. The face of the Oklahoma City Thunder for quite some time, Durant saw several losing seasons as he gained experience and a viable team was built around him. Although he was surrounded by talent in OKC, including James Harden and Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant elected to team up with the Warriors, and Steph Curry, for a better shot at a title, which he accomplished (twice). He later joined the Brooklyn Nets and Phoenix Suns.

While he is one of several notable NBA players that are exclusive to Panini products, this was not the case during Durant's rookie season in 2007-08. Therefore, there are over 30 Kevin Durant rookie cards across several brands and price ranges for collectors to pursue, with the very top selections documented below.

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The following Kevin Durant rookie cards include some of the best options available and all the main signed rookies. All featured cards are the base rookies or the rookie autographs that are part of the base set, meaning parallels or inserts are not part of the ranking process. Value and rarity are also important, but are not the only criteria utilized. Popularity and brand relevance are taken into account, as well.

Regardless of design preference, collectors should be able to find several that would fit nicely in their collections. However, these cards stand above the rest and a few can get very, very pricey.

For a larger group of choices, see our complete Kevin Durant rookie card checklist.

You can also track the most-watched Kevin Durant cards on eBay with a real-time KD hot list.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards

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15. 2007-08 Upper Deck Kevin Durant RC #234 SP

This flagship UD Kevin Durant rookie card is a key choice for collectors on a budget. Featuring a draft day image of Durant, the solid layout is hurt slightly by the cluttered text at the bottom of the card. Because several of the high-profile rookie players were included as short prints, Durant among them, this relative rarity helps keep the values a shade higher.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 1

14. 2007-08 Finest Kevin Durant RC #71

When it comes to Finest basketball, there is rarely anything subtle about design. This tradition continues with 2007-08 Finest Basketball. If the bright red prominently featured in the base card does not suit your tastes, several Refractor parallels are available that swap the colors.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 2

13. 2007-08 Bowman Chrome Kevin Durant RC #111 #/2,999

Despite a higher print run, Kevin Durant's Bowman Chrome rookie remains a solid option. The Chrome name always carries credibility in the hobby and collectors seem to gravitate to shiny items. I could personally do without the draft board image that is used as the background for the card. Bowman Chrome also features several parallels that remain popular.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 3

12. 2007-08 Topps Chrome Kevin Durant RC #131

Like Finest and Bowman Chrome, Topps Chrome is another mid-end product with strong parallel variety. Featuring the simplest design on the list, the Kevin Durant Topps Chrome rookie includes a large action photo and a foil border. Key parallels include Refractor (#/1,499), Orange Refractor (#/199), White Refractor (#/99), and X-Fractor (#/50) versions.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 4

11. 2007-08 Topps Triple Threads Kevin Durant RC #135 #/99

As the rarest base Kevin Durant rookie card, 2007-08 Topps Triple Threads makes up for the lack of autograph with a small print run. While 99 copies is a fairly low total, the overall number is over 200 cards when accounting for the parallels. Nevertheless, these are tough to find.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 5

10. 2007-08 UD Sweet Shot Kevin Durant RC #101 Autograph #/299

Trapped autographs rarely seem to work out well and the 2007-08 Upper Deck Sweet Shot card is a perfect example of why this is normally the case. Instead of a signature on the card or on a sticker, a piece of material is autographed and then inserted into the card design. This can lead to obscured signatures like the Sweet Beginnings card below, and even problems with fading. Nevertheless, this KD rookie will always have interest even if it's normally his cheapest rookie autograph.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 6

9. 2007-08 Fleer Hot Prospects Kevin Durant RC #123 Autograph Patch #/399

Although its spot on the list suffers from the higher print run and sticker autograph, the Hot Prospects rookie for Durant is still a solid-looking card. The flip side to this, of course, is that these cards are more readily available and prices are more reasonable. Red (#/25) and Blue (#/10) parallels bring the rarity way down.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 7

8. 2007-08 SPx Kevin Durant RC #101 Autograph Jersey #/299

There is a lot happening on this 2007-08 SPx card. Heavy foil and dark images combine to form a Kevin Durant rookie card that you either love or hate. A small X-shaped jersey piece adds a little extra but the sticker autograph is a disappointing addition. Like the Hot Prospects card above, it appears that he signed the sticker using a regular Sharpie, which just does not look as good on such a small canvas. Tougher to find are the Radiance (#/25) and Spectrum (#/10) parallels.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 8

7. 2007-08 SP Rookie Threads Kevin Durant RC #49 Autograph Jersey #/199

Somewhat offbeat among Kevin Durant rookies, the 2007-08 SP Rookie Threads card incorporates plastic stock which can present fading issues for the autograph. While signed directly on the card, the Signature Threads autograph is noticeably set above the die-cut jersey piece. More rarity is found in the Gold (#/50) and Silver (1/1) parallels.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 9

6. 2007-08 Upper Deck Premier Kevin Durant RC #101 Autograph Jersey #/199

UD Premier is hardly a giant in the hobby but the Upper Deck line still put out some nice cards during its NBA run. It checks most boxes with the hard-signed offering limited to only 199 copies. The large, die-cut jersey does dominate focus and the tiny image of Durant tucked in the corner feels like an afterthought.

UD Black also has a very similar layout further down the list, but the scheme skews darker.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 10

5. 2007-08 Chronology Kevin Durant RC #215 Autograph #/99

Serial numbered to 99, Chronology features an action image inside of a framed border. This great-looking card is further enhanced by an on-card, silver ink autograph.

Several signed Kevin Durant cards populate the large checklist, including #104 (Mastery - #/25), #135 (Green jersey - #/99), and #159 (Draft photo - #/99). However, card #215, featuring the yellow uniform, is generally considered his official rookie. Each version also has a gold foil parallel with a green border.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 11Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 12
Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 13Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 14

4. 2007-08 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Kevin Durant RC #115 Autograph #/150

2007-08 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection is a terrific option for collectors who are looking for a low-numbered card with an on-card autograph. While the base is limited to just 150 copies, the Gold (#/50) and Foil (#/10) parallels give collectors something else to chase.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 15

3. 2007-08 SP Authentic Kevin Durant RC #152 Autograph Patch #/299

The SP Authentic Kevin Durant rookie card is arguably the best value on the list. With an on-card autograph, jersey piece and appealing design, the card has everything collectors want in a rookie card. A print run of 299 copies helps keep values from running wild but they are already quite high.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 16

The signed retail edition keeps the main design but ups the print run to 399 and removes the relic.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 17

2. 2007-08 UD Black Kevin Durant RC #106 Autograph Jersey #/99

Based on sheer jersey size, UD Black is the top option. The large relic swatch uses die-cut numbers to spell out "2007." Limited to just 99 copies, UD Black takes it a step further by using gold ink for the hard-signed autograph.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 18

1. 2007-08 Exquisite Collection Kevin Durant RC #94 Autograph Jersey #/99

Last, but certainly not least, the 2007-08 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Kevin Durant rookie card is the top option for many collectors. The Exquisite legacy combined with an on-card autograph, patch piece and low print run, leaves all other Kevin Durant rookie cards fighting for second place.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards to Collect 19

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