Top 10 2012 Topps Mars Attacks Sketch Card Sales

Top 10 2012 Topps Mars Attacks Sketch Card Sales

The Martians of Mars Attacks have returned to the hobby in a huge way with 2012 Topps Mars Attacks Heritage. The release goes beyond simply reprinting the original set and extending the checklist with some fresh new art. What's got many collectors excited is the prospect of the first-ever Mars Attacks sketch cards.

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And while none have gone for extremely huge sums when compared to what some Star Wars sketches go for, several are still seeing strong returns. Detail, color and creativity are common themes that run throughout the top Mars Attacks sketch card sales. This should hardly be surprising.

The level of detail varies greatly among the set's sketch cards. Some artists literally did sketches -- quick drawings with little extra. Others, though, did meticulous work. Those are the ones that collectors hope for when they're opening packs. Those are the ones that draw the most attention when they're put up for sale.

The lasting appeal for Mars Attacks is, in large part, due to its mixing of horror, comedy and science fiction. Many of the highest selling Mars Attacks Heritage sketch cards touch on those, comedy in particular. People love to smile For Mars Attacks fans, they're willing to pay for it.

Since it's release a couple of weeks ago, Mars Attacks Heritage sketch cards have sold on eBay for as high as $400 and as low as a couple dollars. Generally, the less detail, the lower the price. The average eBay selling price is around $25.

One sketch card is guaranteed in every 24-pack 2012 Mars Attacks Heritage hobby box. Odds are longer in retail packs.

Top-Selling 2012 Topps Mars Attacks Heritage Sketch Cards

(Data based on eBay sales through July 25, 2012.)

10. Nik Neocleous - $155.99

9. Nik Neocleous - $168.50

8. Ted Dastick Jr. - $172.50

7. Sean Pence - $179.97

6. Gary Kezele - $181.50

5. Tim Proctor - $200

4. Neil Camera - $202.94

3. Tim Proctor - $225

2. Russell Walks - $235.72

1. Ted Dastick Jr. - $400

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