Top 10 2012 Topps Star Wars Galaxy 7 Sketch Card Sales

Top 10 2012 Topps Star Wars Galaxy 7 Sketch Card Sales

During its first week of sales, 2012 Topps Star Wars Galaxy 7 is moving well. This shouldn't be a surprise as it's always one of the best received entertainment products of the year. Leading the way are the sketch cards. With a huge mix of artists, styles and subjects, it will be a long time before the property feels stale. The first week of sales reflects this, with huge amounts being spent on some of these mini masterpieces.

The top sketch card sale so far belongs to long-time hobby favorite, Katie Cook. Featuring Princess Leia in her Boushh disguise from Return of the Jedi, the sketch card netted nearly $900. The next three spots belong to Sean Pence, whose work aims for photo-realistic details. Combined, the three cards sold for $2,200 (two for $750 and another at $700). Rounding out the top five is a Boba Fett by Gary Kezele.

It is also worth noting that not all the sketch cards are bringing prices worthy of a month's mortgage. 2012 Topps Star Wars Galaxy 7 sketch cards have sold as low as $2.35 plus shipping. A lot of it depends on the amount of detail put into the card. The artist, the amount of color and the character can also impact the price of a sketch card. Because different artists do varying amounts of cards, rarity can also swing prices as many collectors go after samples from every artist in a release.

Sketch cards are the big chase in 2012 Topps Star Wars Galaxy 7, falling one per hobby box.

Here is a list of the top 10 eBay sales of 2012 Topps Star Wars Galaxy 7 sketch cards during the first week of release. These are sketch cards only and do not include any Sketchagraph cards that mix an artist's drawing with an actor's autograph.

1. Katie Cook - $897.52

2. Sean Pence - $750

3. Sean Pence - $750

4. Sean Pence - $700

5. Gary Kezele - $650

6. Charles Hall - $549.99

7. Veronica O'Connell - $499.99

8. Eli Rutten - $449.99

9. Nigel Sade - $399.99

10. Kilian Plunkett - $350

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  1. Dumb question, I’m a card noob. Are these original sketches,or just reproduced like any other card?

  2. kidnicky (ID 42453) These sketch cards all feature original art drawn directly on the individual card. Each is different (although some artists do draw similar images).

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